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Top 5 AI Paragraph Summarizers to Smoothen Your Revisions

If you're a dedicated researcher navigating through extensive PDF paragraphs daily, you might find it valuable to add an AI paragraph summarizer into your routine. This summarization process will facilitate a smoother review process. This technology is equally advantageous for students seeking to efficiently revise lengthy PDF notes, especially during exam nights.

The sheer volume of content in PDFs can be overwhelming, making a PDF paragraph summarizer an essential solution. This article introduces you to the top 5 shortened paragraph generators, allowing for more effective time and energy management.

Part 1: Top 5 Paragraph Summarizers

When it comes to summarizing the content, writers want a quality summarized version of their document. That is why choosing the right AI paragraph summarizer can help you provide quality summarized paragraphs. In the following section, we'll discuss the top 5 paragraph summary generators that can assist you in summarizing text without any plagiarism.


UPDF is a powerful AI paragraph summarizer tool that can help you condense hundreds of pages into concise summaries within seconds. Moreover, the paragraph summarizer tool deeply understands your content and provides you with efficient results. It can also simplify the complex forms of data.

Furthermore, UPDF AI can summarize long, complex paragraphs from PDF files, text, and articles. You can directly summarize paragraphs by selecting them on your PDF pages while viewing them in the "Reader" or "Comment" mode. The UPDF AI can further simplify the paragraphs into bullets if you provide it with proper instructions. Other than that, users can also add the summarized paragraph as sticky notes for future reference.

paragraph summarizer updf


  • UPDF can simplify lengthy paragraphs into simple content if you prompt UPDF AI to perform this task.
  • It delivers high-quality summaries within 30 seconds, which is perfect for students and professionals who are working through deadlines.
  • Students and researchers can benefit from using UPDF summarizer as it provides concise summaries of webpages as well.

Pricing Plans

  • Yearly Plan: US$35.99
  • Perpetual Plan: US$55.99
  • UPDF AI Add-on: US$59/year

2. ZeroGPT

ZeroGPT is an AI paragraph summarizer that accurately summarizes your text with high accuracy. Furthermore, this tool can easily shorten your paragraphs into readable text while maintaining the original context. With ZeroGPT, you can change the length of your desired summary from 15% to 60% for more or less summarized content. Plus, there is an option to choose the style either as a text or bullet points.

zerogpt ai paragraph summarizer


  • With ZeroGPT, you can get summaries in the form of either text or bullet points.  
  • Your data is neither saved on ZeroGPT nor stored on the website, which is why you don't need to worry about it being used anywhere.


  • This tool only supports up to 1500 words, and to access more word count, you need to subscribe to their subscription plans.

Pricing Plans

  • ZeroGPT Pro: US$9.99 per month
  • Zero GPT Plus: US$29.99 per month

3. Pre Post SEO

The Pre Post SEO shorten paragraph generator is equipped with a simple summarizer where you can condense your paragraph by words or percentages. Additionally, users can summarize their paragraphs in bullets by utilizing this tool. This AI tool has the best sentence feature that sequences your content into more accurate wording or sentences. Moreover, the algorithm of this tool scores your paragraphs in structure, accuracy, and optimization.  

prepost seo ai paragraph summarizer


  • The percentage feature of Pre Post SEO can help you set the percentage of any length between 20% and 75% using its simple version according to how much you want to summarize your content.
  • With the best sentence feature, this tool pinpoints the highest-scoring sentence, aiding in efficient selection from a longer text.


  • The free version only has a word limit of 1500, which you can summarize using its AI paragraph summarizer tool.

Pricing Plans

  • Basic Plan: US$10 per month
  • Standard Plan: US$20 per month
  • Company Plan: US$45 per month

4. QuillBot

If you want your summarized content to be plagiarism-free, you can use QuillBot, which is a free paragraph summarizer tool. Users can summarize any text, from articles to essay paragraphs, with great accuracy and with no room for errors. Additionally, you can set your summary length from short to long, depending on how much you want to summarize your content.

QuillBot ai paragraph summarizer


  • QuillBot is an ideal paragraph summarizer tool that can also extract keywords from your paragraphs and let you add them in summaries.
  • Students can yield accurate summaries in bullet points within seconds by using QuillBot summarizer.    


  • You cannot summarize webpages by adding the link in the QuillBot AI paragraph summarizer.

Pricing Plan

  • Monthly paid version: US$19.95
  • Semi-annual paid version: US$79.95 billed every 6 months (US$13.33 per month)
  • Annual: US$99.95 billed every 12 months (US$8.33 per month)

5. Pharaphraser

Pharaphraser simplifies your content-written paragraphs into digestible and easy-to-understand summaries with just one click. This AI summarizing paragraph generator provides you with concise summarized text within seconds. You can receive compelling and plagiarism-free content by leveraging the power of Pharaphraser AI.

Pharaphraser ai paragraph summarizer


  • There are options to summarize the content into bullets and in paragraph forms with precision and accuracy.
  • The algorithm of Pharaphraser analyzes your copied paragraphs and summarizes them into the most critical and easy-to-understand points that save time and energy.  


  • You cannot upload a PDF document, webpage, or article into this Pharaphraser AI paragraph summarizer. 

Pricing Plan

  • Monthly: US$7
  • Annual: US$60

Part 2: Which Paragraph Summarizer is the Best One?

Now, you are aware of all the features and advantages of these AI paragraph summarizers. It is time to compare them side by side to get an idea about the best tool among them. You just have to go through this comparison table to pick the right shortened paragraph generator to aid your research.

MetricsUPDFZeroGPTPre Post SEOQuillBotPharaphraser
PricingAnnual Plan: US$35.99
Perpetual Plan: US$55.99
UPDF AI Add-on: US$59 per year
ZeroGPT Pro: US$9.99 per month
Zero GPT Plus: US$29.99 per month
Basic: US$10 Per month
Standard: US$20 Per month
Company: US$45 Per month
Monthly: US$19.95
Semi-annual paid version: US$79.95
Annual: US$99.95  
Monthly: US$7
Annual: US$60
AI Summarizer
Summarize PDFs
Summarize Webpages
Summarize Custom Document Pages
Word LimitationsNo Limitation1500Simple: 2500
AI: 1500
Safe to Use
Other AI FeaturesTranslate, Explain, Rewrite, Interact with PDFGrammar Check, ParaphraseEssay Writing, ParaphraseProofread, ParaphraseRewrite, Social Media Post Generation, Rewrite

After going through this comparison table, we can say that UPDF is the best paragraph summarizer. It allows you to translate paragraphs of any length without any word limitation. In addition, you can get the following benefits while using UPDF to summarize the paragraph text.

  • Students and young professionals can boost the effectiveness of their research and article writing through cost-effective AI solutions offered by UPDF.
  • You don't have to wait minutes to get accurate summaries with the help of the fast processor of this AI paragraph summarizer.
  • The regular updates introduced on this AI platform let users enjoy features that are up to the latest industry standards.
  • Other than the AI PDF summarization feature, this multi-dimensional tool allows you to translate, explain, rewrite, and interact with documents.

Considering all these benefits, hit the "Free Download" button below to add this efficient paragraph summary generator to your toolset. Also, you can choose to upgrade to the premium version of this tool to enjoy limitless operation.


Part 3: How to Use Paragraph Summary Generator?

As discussed throughout the article, UPDF is the best AI paragraph summarizer out there in the market. Let's learn how to use this effective shortened paragraph generator to smoothen the research process for academic and professional success.

Step 1: Import PDF on UPDF and Copy Paragraph for Summarization

Once you launch the UPDF interface on your device, hit the "Open File" button to import the PDF you want to summarize. Now, copy the paragraph from the PDF document while viewing its content in the "Reader" mode.  

Step 2: Access the Chat Mode on the UPDF AI Window

After copying the paragraph from the PDF document, hit the "UPDF AI" icon on the bottom right of the UPDF interface. Next, press the "Chat" tab and paste the paragraph you have copied previously in the text box of this mode. Moreover, you can also copy-paste any paragraph from outside the PDF to get it summarized.

Step 3: Prompt UPDF AI to Summarize Your Paragraph

Upon pasting the content, click the "Prompt" icon to access an in-built set of prompts. From this menu, click on the "Summarize" prompt to get an accurate summary of your pasted paragraph. In addition, you can write the prompt by yourself for an efficient summarization process. 

paragraph summarizer updf chat mode

Another method to summarize paragraphs in PDF with UPDF AI:

  1. Select the paragraph in PDF.
  2. Tap "Summarize" on the pop-up menu.
  3. The paragraph will be summarized directly.
  4. After summarizing it, you can place the summarized text like a sticky note.
paragraph summarizer updf


In conclusion, we have discussed some of the best AI paragraph summarizers available for students and professionals. By utilizing these tools, anyone can get the most accurate summaries to aid their research process. Now, you don't have to read paragraph after paragraph to consume information about a particular research topic.

However, if you want to utilize the best-shortened paragraph generator, UPDF should be your top priority. With its affordable rates and simple interface, this tool has made paragraph summarization accessible to everyone. So, press the download button below to make your revision and article research a breeze. Plus, you can visit this link here to get a more comprehensive and honest review of UPDF.


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