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AI PDF Summarizer: 12 Best Tools You Need to Know About

Are you still summarizing the long contents in PDF files manually after finishing reading them? It wastes a lot of time. Why not use a PDF summarizer to make the process easier? Many AI PDF summarizers can be found in the market. However, you cannot use all of them, and picking up the desired one is not an easy task. To make your life easier, we narrow down the long list into 12 AI PDF summarizer tools. You can pick the one after reading the detailed descriptions.

Part 1. Top 12 PDF Summarizers with AI - The Most Popular Choices

1. UPDF - No.1 AI PDF Summarizer on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS (Accuracy: 99%)

UPDF is a powerful AI PDF summarizer. With its UPDF AI, you can summarize PDF files and other formats like Word, Excel, PPT, etc as it has creating features that allow you to import these file formats. If you have scanned documents or images that you want to summarize, you may feel annoyed as you may not find effective ways to do it. No worry, UPDF AI can help you here. It has OCR that can help you extract contents from your scanned PDF or images, then, you can use UPDF AI to summarize them. What may surprise you is that UPDF AI can summarize the selected contents or paragraphs, the specific page, or the whole document per your requirement.

It offers two methods to summarize PDF content: using a chatbox or selecting and summarizing directly. If you choose the chatbox method, you can summarize by pages and manually input prompts to request summarization of the entire PDF document, a specific paragraph, or a specific sentence.

You do not need to worry about the device you have as UPDF AI can work on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. With so many benefits, why not download UPDF AI now with the below button to test it on your own? It is free to use if you ask less than 30 questions and upload up to 3 PDF files.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

summarize PDF using UPDF

Alternatively, you can directly access the online version of UPDF AI and let this amazing PDF summarizer summarize lengthy PDFs for you!


UPDF AI is more than one PDF summarizer. Below are the other features it can offer:

Amazing AI Features in UPDF

  • Translate: It can help you translate your document into any language you need.
  • Rewrite PDF: This feature will also enable you to rewrite the content according to your required customizations.
  • Write: You can even use it to create unique and SEO-optimized content.
  • Explain: UPDF will also help you explain the terms that you think are difficult and cannot clearly understand them.
  • Ask for PDF: You can ask any questions about the PDF and extract the info you need after uploading your PDF file to UPDF.
  • Chat: You can give a prompt to UPDF AI, and it can give you the desired reply. Here is how to use the prompt with UPDF AI for you to understand how to benefit from this chat feature.

Except for the AI features, UPDF has many other features related to PDF files.

Other Key Features of UPDF

  • Edit PDF Documents: With the help of UPDF, you can edit your summarized PDF documents by changing text or adjusting font style, size, or color. Moreover, you can also modify images and links. The options also include adding watermarks or background colors to documents.
  • PDF File Conversion: You can easily convert your summarized PDFs into different file formats like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, CSV, RTF, Text, Image, XML, and HTML. With batch processing, you can convert multiple PDF files at once.
  • Annotate PDF: Make your summaries more intuitive and interesting using UPDF annotation. Hence, you can use UPDF markup tools to add comments, highlights, strikeout text, sticky notes, stamps, stickers, shapes, and signatures.
  • OCR PDF Text: If you have summaries in scanned PDFs or paper documents, UPDF OCR technology can scan the files to make them readable yet searchable. There is support for more than 38 languages. The OCR editing is possible with three layouts.
  • There is also an option of UPDF Cloud by which users worldwide can collaborate on essential document tasks. Meanwhile, this universal tool can be accessed on iOS, Windows, Android, and macOS platforms.

Want to know more about UPDF? We recommend you read this UPDF review article from TechAdvisor. What an amazing tool with so many features. Don't wait anymore, click the download button below to summarize PDFs easily. If you want to know how to summarize PDF, you can watch the below video tutorial.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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2. Smallpdf AI

Smallpdf is an online platform offering various PDF tools, including an editor, converter, and annotator. Recently, it introduced an online AI assistant that allows users to summarize their PDF documents in seconds.

However, this feature sometimes lacks accuracy and a deep understanding of the document, resulting in summaries that may not always be helpful. Despite this, it’s worth trying since it’s free.

In comparison to UPDF's AI, Smallpdf does not provide an interactive way to chat and summarize PDFs.

summarize PDF using Smallpdf

3. Intellippt - Online AI PDF Summarizer (Accuracy: 90%)

Intellippt is an intelligent AI PDF summarizer that can effectively summarize your detailed content into helpful short and summarized text. Apparently, this AI-powered tool uses advanced algorithms to provide summarized text with better readability and understanding. This is done by simplifying long, complex sentences into small sentences.

The good part about this tool is that it supports uploading PDFs, Word, Docx, and copying and pasting the specific contents to summarize. Meanwhile, you can also adjust the summary size from the available slider.

The really bad part about this tool is that in the free version, you will get 3000-character support for summarizing text in a single time, and uploading files in the free version, is limited to up to 1MB. What is annoying is that it only shortens the length and does not care about the logic of the contents and if you want to switch to AI summarizer mode, you have to sign up.

intellippt online ai pdf summarizer

4. Paraphrasingtool.AI - The Paid Online AI PDF Summarizer (Accuracy: 88%)

Paraphrasingtool.AI PDF summarizer is the same as Intellippt. It has two modes: original words summary and AI Summary. It is completely free to use for the original word summary and does not have any limitations. However, the summarized contents are not readable. Although the AI summarizer works well, you need to unlock it for $15 per month. What surprises us is that it supports extracting contents with URL directly and you are allowed to show the summarized contents in paragraphs or bullet points per your needs.

What we do not like is that it has many ads on the website. That will be annoying as you may click the ads by mistake. And it does not support importing PDF files to summarize directly which means you have to open PDF and copy the contents to this tool to summarize.

paraphrasingtool.ai online ai pdf summarizer

5. Quillbot PDF Summarizing Tool - The Online PDF Summarizer (Accuracy: 93%)

Quillbot is an online PDF summarizer similar to the two online tools introduced below. After uploading your PDF, you can select the summary size from the available slider. This AI summarizer will scan documents and analyze text to ensure important information is extracted.

What we like about this PDF summarizer is that you can copy the contents or upload the PDF files to summarize. Also, you can choose the summarizing content display mode between paragraph and bullet points. The biggest difference this tool has when compared with other tools is that it allows you to select the keyword to optimize the content and get the desired result.

What we do not like is its word number limitations and the expensive price. It only allows you to summarize 600 words if you do not want to sign up and 1200 words after signing up for the free version. And to upgrade to the pro version, it costs $19.95 per month.

6. Summarizer.org - The Online PDF Summarizer (Accuracy: 80%)

This PDF summarizer also has two tools: one is a general summarizer and the other is an AI summarizer. In the general summarizer mode, it is free to use with 1200 words limitation and it only works to shorten your article instead of summarizing. In the AI summarizer, you need to pay and it also has 2000 word limits. To help you better understand the summarized content, it allows you to get your summary in either bullet points or a single line. It supports uploading txt, word, and PDF files to summarize. You can copy, download, or clear the summarized contents after finishing the proceeding. What may make you annoying when using it is that it has many ads.

summarizer online ai pdf summarizer

7. Scholarcy - The Powerful PDF Summarizer (The Accuracy: 90%)

By using Scholarcy, you can effectively summarize your PDF documents into a short text. This PDF summary generator can read your documents within seconds and conveniently derives summarized text.

With this PDF summarizer, you can upload Word, PPT, HTML, text, and Latex, paste the content, and enter the URL to summarize. As it does not support PDF files, you have to copy the contents from the PDF file and paste them to summarize it.

What makes this tool stand out is that you can customize the settings like summary length, summarizing by section, numbers to highlight, etc to get the desired summarized contents. Once you click the summarize button, you can get different results like key concepts, synopsis, highlights, summaries, and more.

In the free version, you can only get two tasks to try and the price for the pro version costs $9.99 per month.

scholarcy online ai pdf summarizer

8. SummarizeBot - The AI PDF Summarizer for Different File Formats (Accuracy: 85%)

If you want to summarize PDF files and many other file formats like MP3, Doc, TXT, images, etc, you should choose SummarizeBot. This free online PDF summarizer is a blockchain-powered document summarizer that can summarize your long-detailed content into summarized text. It also supports summarizing the website with a link. And in an upcoming update, it will support multi-document summarization, video summarization, chat summaries, and more.

However, to use this tool, you have to connect it with Facebook messager or Slack.

summarizebot online ai pdf summarizer

9. Summary Box - The Best PDF Summarizer With Online and Chrome Extension Version (Accuracy: 90%)

Summary Box AI PDF summarizer is a PDF summarizer that can work online with text, URL, PDF, Audio, and YouTube and with Chrome extension versions for websites. You have three levels to adjust the summarised content length. They are shorter, middle, and longer. In the free version, you can use it for 5 days, only upload a PDF file that is smaller than 10 MB, and summarize the first 40 pages only.

What may surprise you is that it allows you to summarize the page you need by selecting "All Pages" or "Specific Pages".

summary box online ai pdf summarizer

10. My Assignment Help - The PDF Summarizer for Students (Accuracy:85%)

As the name suggests, this PDF Summarizer tool is ideal for students who have assignments pending and have to search online articles, research papers, and other reference material. Meanwhile, this PDF summarization feature allows you to transform your long content into shorter summarized text. It allows you to copy and paste, and import PDF, txt, word, and RTF files to summarize. There is also an option to adjust the summary size as per requirements.

Although it has one free version, it only allows you to summarize 1000 characters which cannot help you in most cases.

my assignment help online ai pdf summarizer

11.  GetDigest - The Simple PDF Summarizer (Accuracy: 50%)

GetDigest is a PDF summarizer tool that can take away the hassles of reading lengthy documents in less time. After all, this tool can convert your long and detailed documents into short forms. The summary size could easily be adjusted as per your requirements. You just have to add in the PDF file and define the percentage of the source that you wish to see in the summary.

After performing a summarization of your PDF file, you can generate a TXT file of the summary.

It does not only support PDF, but also Word and txt. Moreover, it can also allow you to enter the URL.

getdigest online ai pdf summarizer

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12. ChatPDF

ChatPDF is an innovative artificial intelligence PDF summarizer that transforms how you interact with your PDF files, making it feel like a knowledgeable assistant has processed the content. This tool excels at summarizing PDF documents such as legal contracts, financial reports, manuals, training materials, scientific papers, academic articles, and books. With ChatPDF, you can quickly extract essential information and get answers to your urgent queries, making it an invaluable resource for efficient document analysis.

summarize PDF using ChatPDF

Part 2: The Real-Life Uses of a PDF Summarizer

You may feel confused about in what cases a PDF summarizer can help you. Here is the detailed user case for you.

1. Healthcare

Healthcare professionals like doctors and nurses are required to review medical reports of their patient's data. In most cases, patients have a long medical history; their medical reports are also detailed. PDF summarizers can help medical staff to preview a summary of their patient's data. This way, they don't need to read long reports and keep other patients on a waiting list.

2. Academia

As part of their academic assignments, students and researchers are often required to read articles, blogs, dissertations, and research papers. Meanwhile, reading all this content can be helpful, but it requires more struggle to read the detailed content. Since there is dedicated submission time, reading long-form content could be challenging. Ideally, a PDF summarizer can be a great solution to extract essential data.

3. Business and Finance

People involved in business and financial tasks often need to review financial reports, analyze market positions through data, or interpret other business documents. All this process could be hectic as well as time-consuming. By using a PDF summarizer, business workflows could be effectively streamlined. Thus, a PDF summarizer can help extract crucial insights, trends, and patterns to simplify decision-making.

4. Legal

Legal documents like briefs, contracts, and law cases are important because of the sensitive data they incorporate. Therefore, reading these documents is necessary even if the content is detailed. However, there are always particular points within a document with more relevance to your requirements. PDF summarizer will extract these details or key points and put them in the summary.

5. Media Journalism

Media journalists and editors are tasked to collect important information on specific topics to make news segments or programs. For this purpose, they have to consult online articles, publications, books, and other stuff. Moreover, the information in these resources could be lengthy and challenging to read. A PDF summarizer can identify crucial points and draft a summary for better understanding.

Part 3. The Benefits of Using a PDF Summarizer

In this modern world, digital documents, particularly PDFs, are rapidly increasing. This means more data is being stored and transferred through these files. However, reading PDFs could become problematic if the document possesses long content with detailed text. A PDF summarizer can help in this regard. Let's discover how it benefits as a whole:

  • Saves Time: With a PDF summary generator, you can make a summary from your lengthy documents. Hence, you don't need to read the entire document and ultimately save valuable time.
  • More Productivity: Individuals can stay productive because they don't need to read detailed texts in different documents. PDF summarizer will help generate short summaries to read and improve efficiency.
  • Easy Decision-Making: Using short summaries, users can better analyze long documents that may assist in easy decision-making. After all, critical information is extracted that can benefit a lot.
  • Scalability: Using a PDF summarizer, industries can summarize multiple long-form documents into shorter versions with better readability. This allows them to summarize their essential information easily.

Part 4. FAQs on PDF Summarizers

1. What is the best AI PDF summarizer?

UPDF is the top AI PDF summarizer since it can write human-like summaries quickly. The tool is easy to use, and it gives the option to write summaries in bullet points or paragraphs. Moreover, lengthy documents can be summarized with great accuracy.

2. Is the PDF summarizer free?

Some AI PDF summarizer tools are free, while some may charge an amount. However, most of the paid tools offer free trials for the users. Hence, they can convert their trial period to the paid version after being satisfied with the services. UPDF AI offers a free trial and you can upload 3 files to summarize for free. If you are satisfied with UPDF AI, you can upgrade to the premium version with a 60% exclusive discount.

3. How to select a good PDF summarizer?

You need to consider several factors while selecting a good PDF summarizer. These include past ratings, the accuracy of the summarizer, customization it offers, tool integrations it provides, document security, ease of use, and the level of customer support it provides. According to all the aspects, you will find that UPDF is the best choice.

4. Is ChatGPT a PDF summarizer?

No, ChatGPT is not a PDF summarizer since you cannot upload any document on it. You can provide a link to your text and ask it to summarize. You can even paste the text as an input command prompt and ask ChatGPT to summarize the text. However, none of the methods are straightforward. The most convenient method is to use UPDF AI directly, and this tool can help you summarize PDF directly with one click!


Reading long content can be annoying as well as boring. Using a PDF summarizer AI tool can be beneficial to overcome this issue. Moreover, in this article, you discovered 12 popular AI PDF summarizer applications that can summarize your length documents. Among the list, UPDF stands out due to its rich features, and high technology, which represents the next-level PDF document management facility. Download to try it now!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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