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Google Docs Update: Now Markup in Google Docs on Android with Handwritten Notes

Google is introducing a new feature to Google Docs. Now you can markup documents on Google Docs on Android with handwritten notes. This is a long overdue feature for users looking to write and draw digitally on documents, especially when giving feedback. Google says the new markup feature will be functional for Android smartphones and tablets. So, let's uncover all about this new feature and see how to markup in Google Docs on Android with handwritten notes.

Part 1. A New Android Feature: What Is Google Docs Markups in Android?

Google Docs markups in Android is a new addition to Google Docs capabilities. Announced by Google on Feb 26, 2024, it allows Android users to use a stylus or finger to write notes, circle words, or highlight text.

markup google docs on android google docs

The mark up feature in Google Docs on Android provides different markup tools to choose from, including pen, highlighter, and eraser. The default markup colors to use with pen and highlighter are black, green, yellow, red, and blue, but you can pick your own ones from the color wheel.

The Google Docs markup feature is useful for many scenarios, such as:

  • Colleagues giving handwritten feedback on charts, reports, proposals, etc.
  • Teachers giving handwritten feedback to students on their reports, essays, etc.
  • Homeowner providing handwritten feedback on contractor's design.

In simple words, the markup Google Docs on Android feature is going to facilitate many users who prefer giving colorful handwritten notes. However, this feature is accessible on only limited Android devices that can support Google Docs.

In contrast, UPDF for Android is another powerful handwritten markup app that offers more markup and annotation options and supports a wide range of Android devices. So, if you want to have a more enhanced markup experience, then download the UPDF Android app right away.

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Mark up PDF with UPDF

Part 2. How to Draw Handwritten Markups in Google Docs on Android?

Google Docs offers a simple and quick way to draw handwritten markups. Follow the below steps to annotate in Google Docs with handwritten notes:

Step 1. Open the document with the Google Docs Android app.

Step 2. Select the "markup" mode from the menu bar and then choose the pen or highlighter tool.

Step 3. Add handwritten notes to the document. You can change the color of the markups of your choice.

Step 4. Once you have inserted all the handwritten notes, close or share the file with others.

This way, you can easily use markups in Google Docs on Android and add handwritten notes with unique colors.

Part 3. Alternative heading: Part 3. A More Powerful and Widely Compatible Handwritten Markup Tool for Android Users

The new annotation feature in Google Docs looks handy for handwritten notes, but there is a similar tool that offers more feature-rich markup options with wide compatibility for Android devices. The tool is known as UPDF.

UPDF for Android is a PDF reader, annotator, and editor tool that provides an easy way to view, annotate, edit, and print PDFs and other documents. Talking specifically about its annotation features, UPDF offers a wide range of markup options. It provides different styles of pens and highlighters to add handwritten notes. Moreover, you can also adjust the thickness and transparency of the pen/highlighter for enhanced markups.

markup google docs on android

The key features of UPDF for Android include:

  • 5 types of pens and highlighters to add handwritten notes.
  • Adjustable thickness and transparency of pen/highlighter.
  • Support other PDF annotations, including highlighting, underlining, strikethrough, or adding stamps/sticky notes.
  • Fill and sign PDFs easily.
  • Edit PDF text and images.
  • Organize PDF pages.

In short, UPDF for Android is a full-fledged tool to view, markup, and customize documents from your smartphone or tablet effortlessly. However, there is another reason why it is the perfect alternative to markup Google Docs on Android, i.e., its wide compatibility.

UPDF requires Android 6.0 or up to operate, while Google Docs requires Android 8.0 or up to operate. This makes UPDF accessible on more Android devices than Google Docs. Secondly, the UPDF markup feature is accessible to all users, unlike the Google Docs markup feature, which is not available for all users, as of today.

Overall, if you have a frequent need for handwritten notes on documents, then hit the below download button to install UPDF for Android and get the best markup experience.

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Follow the below steps to use the UPDF Android app to markup PDF with handwritten notes:

Step 1. Install the UPDF app and open the PDF file to markup. If you are going to mark up a Word document, then simply save it as a PDF and open it with UPDF for Android.

Step 2. Click the "pencil-shaped" icon from the top menu bar to enter the annotation mode.

markup google docs on android pencil shaped icon

Step 3. Click the "markup" icon from the top bar.

markup google docs on android pencil icon

Step 4. Select the pen or highlighter of your choice. Long press it to change the color and thickness.

markup google docs on android select pen

Step 5. Add handwritten notes where you want. Once done, click the "3 dots" icon from the top right corner and click "Save" to save the file.

markup google docs on android save

This way, the UPDF for Android app provides a powerful and instant way to add handwritten notes to documents. So, install the UPDF app and add markups effortlessly.

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While UPDF offers a free trial for users who download it, you can upgrade to the pro version to unlock more powerful features, including AI capability, which helps you read documents with deep understanding quickly.


Adding handwritten notes is a popular practice whenever someone has to give feedback. The recent addition of markup Google Docs on Android feature has enhanced the annotation capabilities of Google Docs. However, its limited compatibility with Android devices can hinder the experience for any user. Alternatively, UPDF for Android offers more enhanced markup options with other PDF annotation and editing features along with wide compatibility. Therefore, we recommend you install the UPDF Android app for an enhanced markup experience.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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