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Learn to Add Header and Footer in MS Word: Give Professional Touch to Your Documents

Headers and footers are found in most professional and educational documents, implicating essential details related to the document. While it contains information like the name of the document, page numbers, and other coherent details, headers and footers can also be added to such documents. With the world transitioning to digital systems, the use of PDFs has increased. Thus, for this article, we will learn how to add a header and footer in MS Word and PDF.

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Part 1: What are Header and Footer in MS Word?

Headers and footers, as stated, are used to represent some essential details related to the document. They can be found in major documents such as research papers, patents, books, and annual reports, where headers and footers can vary the information they hold. While adding a header and footer in MS Word, you will find multiple details during the search. In some cases, you may only add the document title as a header to display the basic purpose of the document for readers who are starting to read it. It proves helpful in situations where long texts and documents can be easily assessed by looking into the header and what it represents.

Along with that, footers usually provide details such as page numbers and author names, potentially serving as a manual bookmark in situations where you forget to mark one. Furthermore, the existence of footers also helps you keep a check on the document and where you are standing while reading through. Being a reader, the need for a header and footer is reasonably necessary to keep track of the text that you are going through. Thus, different types and formats of headers and footers exist, which can be used in legal documents, business proposals, research papers, and theses.

Part 2: How to Add Header and Footer in Word?

Do you wish to know how to add a header and footer in Word? With the steps provided, you will see how you can execute this process without putting yourself in any difficulties.

Step 1: Open Microsoft Word and click on the "Open" button on the left panel to navigate the document that is to be edited.

Step 2: As it opens, proceed to the "Insert" tab from the top and select the option of "Header" or "Footer", as required. Select any template from the available list to add it to your Word file.

header and footer in ms word

Step 3: You can also consider using the option of "Edit Header" or "Edit Footer" to manually create a header and footer on your Word document.

Part 3: Word vs. PDF Format

Different file formats are commonly used in the market for managing and transferring documents. Although Word format was a leading file format in the market, PDF changed the dynamics with its solid characteristics. We will be outlining a comparative analysis of Word and PDF formats and show you how PDF is much better than the Word format in usability:

  • They can be universally accessed by users on any device, which makes the format user-friendly and accessible. Word files, on the other hand, can only be opened in platforms that support DOC or DOCX format.
  • PDF files can be easily created and managed with the help of PDF editors. Compared to Word processing software, PDF files are much easier to manage and develop as the learning curve is far easier for this format.
  • The documents created in PDF format are much more interactive than in Word. It usually happens that the Word file loses its actual formatting during excessive transfer to different devices. PDF, on the other hand, never loses its formatting quality.
  • PDF files are much more secure than Word, where you can use PDF editors to protect your files and secure them from illegal access or editing.

Part 4: How to Add Header and Footer in PDF

Do you seek a good PDF editor to manage your PDF documents? UPDF is a great PDF editor designed to provide digital solutions for enhancing the quality of PDF files. From editing to annotating PDFs, you can easily use the tool to develop the perfect file. There are many other PDF management tools available on the platform, which makes it a great option in the market. If you wish to know why you should select UPDF, look into the following features for a better understanding of the tool:

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the best pdf editor - updf
  • You can easily secure the PDFs with open and permission passwords, which can vary according to your control of the document.
  • It allows you to add and remove watermarks from PDFs while providing a variety of parameters to set.
  • You can also crop the pages of your PDF document with customized margins, which allows you to set their dimensions according to the requirements.
  • The annotation tools available on UPDF are incredibly diverse, where you can add comments, sticky notes, highlights, stamps, and stickers to the PDF document.

With an overview of the perfect PDF editor, we will now observe how you can add header and footer to PDF documents.

Step 1: Access Page Tools Section

You can open the PDF document on UPDF and redirect to the "Page Tools" tab on the left column. With the options that appear, select "Header & Footer" to proceed.

add header and footer

Step 2: Create Header and Footer

Tap on the "Add" button found at the bottom of the right column to proceed toward creating the header and footer of the PDF file.

how to add header and footer

Step 3: Define the Properties of the Header and Footer

Starting with the parameters, you may first set the "Layout", which would state whether you are adding a header or a footer. Write down the content and set its style and color in the provided settings. Define the "Page Number Format" out of the available options and select the font size of the header or footer. Provide the margins where you wish to add it in the PDF and click the "Double-Arrow" icon on the top-right to set the page range where you want to apply the header and footer.

how can i add header and footer

Step 4: Apply the Header and Footer

On creating the template successfully, click the "Save" button on the bottom right to proceed. Tap on the "Apply" button to add the header and footer to the PDF.

save header and footer

Video Tutorial on How to Add and Remove Header and Footer in PDF on Mac


This article has clearly defined the guidelines for adding a header and footer in MS Word. With a guide on how to insert a header and footer in Word, we have set a comparison between the PDF file format and Word to understand the better format among them. An overview of adding headers and footers on PDF files using UPDF has also been worked through, which will help you manage this element on your documents.

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