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The Best Ways to Rename PDF Files in 2024 [Full Guide]

Imagine you have just edited a PDF file. Now you wish to save it as a new file with a new unique name. But here is the catch. Your PDF software does not let you assign a name for the file and you have no idea how to rename a PDF file after saving. Frustrating, right?

But don't worry! Renaming PDF files is possible and we're here to show you how.

We will provide a step-by-step guide on renaming PDF files on different operating systems and online. Whether you are a Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android user, this article answers, "How do you rename a PDF file" in easy steps.

So, let's start and make your life easier.

Part 1. How to Rename PDF on Windows

Alright, folks! Let's start with our first method. If you've ever wondered, "How do I rename a PDF file" while working on a Windows computer, this method is for you. We will cover two different methods to rename PDFs on Windows.

So, let's dive in and explore these methods.

Method 1. Rename Unopened PDF File

Here's the first method showing how to rename a PDF file on Windows.

Step 1

Find your PDF file that needs to be renamed. Right-click on it to open the context menu.

Step 2

Click on the "Rename" option and add or remove the text to rename the PDF file. Once done, hit "Enter" to save it.

rename pdf rename PDFs on Windows

Note: You can also press the F2 key or single-click on the name of the PDF file to rename it.

That's one way to rename documents on Windows OS. If you want to know how to rename PDFs after editing and saving them as a new copy, our next method has you covered.

Method 2. Rename Opened PDF File

Our second method uses a specialized software called UPDF. This method is incredibly useful if you want to edit PDFs and save them with a new name or a new format. So, download and install UPDF on your device first. Then use our guide to rename a PDF.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Step 1

Open your PDF file with UPDF. To do this, double-click on the file or launch UPDF and click "Open File."

Step 2

Now, click on the "Save as Other" option located in the right sidebar.

rename pdf Click Save as Other. 

Step 3

Select the "Save as" option from the pop-up menu. This opens up a new window. Here, enter a name for your file and click on "Save."

rename pdf Select Save As.

Now, you're a little smarter about how to rename a PDF on Windows. But we have not forgotten about our Mac users. Let's move forward and find out how renaming PDFs on Mac works.

Part 2. How to Rename PDF on Mac

Similar to Windows, Mac users can rename a PDF with and without opening them. Let's find out how to rename a PDF file on a Mac.

Method 1. Rename PDFs in Finder

Here's how to rename unopened PDF files on Mac's Finder.

Step 1

Find your file on your desktop or in Finder. Right-click on it and select "Rename."

Step 2

Alternatively, select the file and click on "File" from the top menu bar. Next, select "Rename" from the list. Type in your desired name and hit "Enter."

rename pdf Rename PDFs in Finder.

Method 2. Rename PDF File in Preview

If you are editing a PDF file and want to rename it while it's open in Preview, it can be done. Here's how to do it.

Step 1

 Click on "File" from the top menu bar in Preview and select "Rename."

Step 2

A window will open prompting you to enter your desired name for the file. Type in the name and hit Enter to save the file.

rename pdf Rename PDFs in Preview. 

So, that's how to rename a PDF file on a Mac. But if you're looking to rename files through the comfort of your smartphone, we have a detailed guide on that as well. Starting first with iOS!

Part 3. How to Rename PDF on iOS

iOS users can easily rename their PDFs by using UPDF, the ultimate AI-powered PDF manager for your iPhone and iPad. UPDF lets you edit, convert, and manage all elements of your PDF. Plus it boasts a reliable AI assistant so you can directly chat with your documents.

So, how do you rename a PDF on iOS? Download and install UPDF on your device. Then use our guide to rename PDFs.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Step 1

Open UPDF on your iPhone or iPad. Tap on the "+" icon on the bottom right side and choose to import PDF from Photos, Files, or Computer.

Step 2

Once your file is imported, click on the three horizontal dots below your PDF file.

Step 3

Now, tap on the "Rename" option at the top of the menu. Enter your desired name and tap "Rename" to save it.

rename pdf  Rename PDFs on iOS.

Now, you've successfully renamed a PDF on your phone with UPDF. It was impressively easy, right? Now, let's see how to rename a PDF file on an Android.

Part 4. How to Rename PDF on Android

Apart from being compatible with Windows, Mac, and iOS, UPDF is also available for Android phones. UPDF delivers an efficient PDF manager, editor, annotator, and organizer right at your fingertips. So download and install UPDF on your Android and transform your PDF management on the go!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Let's answer, "How do you rename a PDF file" on your Android device using UPDF's magical capabilities.

Step 1

Open the UPDF Android app on your phone and tap on the "All PDFs" option near the top left side. This is where you will find all the PDFs on your phone.

Step 2

Now, tap on the three vertical dots next to the PDF you want to rename.

Step 3

In the new window, tap on the "Rename" option and type in your desired name in the "Name" field. Once you're done, hit the "Rename" button to save it.

rename pdf  Rename PDFs on Android.

That's all about renaming PDF files on Android. UPDF makes it a cakewalk! Now, if you're looking to rename PDF online, you can try our next option.

Part 5. How to Rename PDF Online by Text Content

Given the demand for PDF managers, you'll find plenty of online tools to rename your PDFs. But among all, Sejda is one of the best! It offers a broad range of PDF solutions for more efficient PDF handling.

Here's how to use this PDF manager to rename PDFs online.

Step 1

Go to Sejda's official website and select the "Rename" tool under the "All Tools" menu.

Step 2

Click on "Upload PDF files" to open your PDF file. You can also upload files through Dropbox, OneDrive, Google, Drive, URLs, etc.

rename pdf  Click on Upload PDF files.

Step 3

Now, select an area of the file with your mouse. The area should contain the text you want to use as your file's name.

Step 4

Sejda lets you select multiple types of text and add them to the file name, each separated with a hyphen. So, select any more text from the PDF to use in the name.

Step 5

Once you are done with the selection, click on the "Rename" option near the bottom of the screen. Next, click on "Download" to save the renamed file to your device.

rename pdf  Click Rename PDF.

That's all! You're getting smarter with each method of renaming PDF files. But we're not done yet. Our next method elaborates on how to rename PDF files in bulk!

Part 6. How to Rename PDF Files Automatically in Bulk

When it comes to renaming multiple PDF files for easy retrieval, it is a time-consuming process. Luckily, renaming a large number of PDF files at once is possible. But you'll need AutoSplit™ plug-in for Adobe Acrobat Standard or Pro for this method.

So, download it and use our guide to understand how to rename a PDF in Adobe in bulk.

Step 1

Open Adobe Acrobat on your device. Click on Plug-ins and select "Auto-Rename PDF Files."

rename pdf adobe in bulk

Step 2

Next, click on "Add" to insert the first component of the output file name. Select "Text From Location" and click on "Next."

Step 3

Click on "OK" in the pop-up dialogue and select a sample PDF file to define the text location. Once done, click on "Open."

Step 4

Now, define the page area for extracting text and click "OK." Again, click "Add" and choose "Custom Text and/or Document Property." Type in a hyphen and click "OK" to proceed.

rename pdf adobe in bulk

Step 5

Click on "Add" once again and define the second text area similarly as described earlier. Now click on "Add Files," select the files to upload, and click "OK" to proceed.

Step 6

Now, hit the "Rename" button and click "OK" yet again to view the processing report.

Now, you're done! That's how to rename PDFs based on content and in bulk. Since we're discussing juggling multiple PDFs, there is a powerful way to add a boost of productivity to your document workflow. Don't skip the next part, if you want to find out how!

Part 7. The Best PDF Software for You

Imagine you have edited a PDF document after hours of hard work. But when it comes to saving it with a new name, your PDF software comes up short. Would you download another program to rename your file or look for internet-dependent platforms? None at all!

Enter UPDF, the one-stop PDF solution for all your PDF managing needs! It is not your average PDF editor but a PDF-handling powerhouse with the bonus of a powerful AI assistant!

rename pdf updf multiple channel

Wondering what makes UPDF so special? Let's have a look.


  • Edit PDFs Fully: UPDF lets you edit all elements of your PDFs from editing text to adding, deleting, or replacing images, links, backgrounds, watermarks, headers, footers, and much more!
  • Annotate PDF Productively: Get productive in your collaborations with UPDF's full suite of annotation tools. Add comments, sticky notes, highlights, squiggly lines, stamps, stickers, and creative shapes!
  • Interact with UPDF AI: Get full command over your documents with UPDF AI. Ask questions, summarize lengthy PDFs, explain data charts, translate 38+ languages, and write anything you want!
  • Convert PDFs Quickly: Convert PDFs to 14 different formats like Word, PPT, Excel, PNG, JPEG, HTML, PDF/A, etc. Plus, you can convert scanned PDFs to editable documents with a handy OCR tool.
  • Protect PDFs Securely: Keep important documents secure with UPDF's powerful encryption, controlled permissions, redaction, secure space, and reliable watermarks!
  • Fill and Sign PDFs Swiftly: UPDF lets you create and fill interactive and static PDF forms with its form field recognition capabilities. Plus, you can add electronic, digital, and handwritten signatures as well!
The best part? Now you can download UPDF at an unbeatable discount of 60%! Unlike other PDF programs, UPDF lets you use one license on up to 4 devices at once. And that too on any platform of your choice. So, give it a try and watch your PDF game transform for the better! We also prepare a dedicated video to help you learn this software better.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Part 8. FAQs about Renaming PDF

1. Can I rename a PDF in Adobe Acrobat?

No, you cannot rename your PDF files in Adobe Acrobat. This is because Acrobat is a PDF editor and not a PDF manager. If you want to know how to rename a PDF in Adobe, you'll need to install additional plug-ins that support this feature.

2. Why I cannot rename my PDF file?

There are several reasons for being unable to rename a PDF file. For example, your file is being used by another program, changed, or deleted in another window. Or, it was made with a corrupted application or you're using lengthy names or unsupported characters.

Another possible reason could be your antivirus program hindering the process or the file is an email attachment not saved on your computer.

3. Can I rename PDFs in batch?

Yes, you can rename multiple PDFs in batches. Both Windows and Mac users can select multiple PDF files and right-click to choose "Rename." Then all you have to do is type in a name on Windows and it will add that name to all files with numbering.

Mac users need a few more steps that allow them to add or replace text and format. Apart from these, you can rename PDFs based on content in bulk by using rename plug-ins with Adobe Acrobat.


In conclusion, renaming PDF files is invaluable to an organized workflow. It ensures easy retrieval and access to your important documents when needed.

We have provided easy yet reliable ways for renaming PDF files. Now you're smarter about how to rename PDF files on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. But among all methods, UPDF offers the best solution for not only renaming PDF documents but also managing all their elements.

Whether you want to edit, annotate, convert, organize, or understand PDFs better, UPDF is your go-to solution. Don't settle for less. Download UPDF now to handle your PDF documents more productively than ever before!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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