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7 Best Apps for Medical Students for Study Assistance and Time Management

Medical study is much harder than many other studies. It involves a great flow of information to learn, memorize, and utilize. Although there is no shortcut to learning all the core medical concepts, you can improve your learning skills, productivity, and time management with the right set of apps.

There are now many medical study apps that can assist medical students throughout their academic period. Therefore, this guide has shortlisted the 7 must-try best apps for medical students. Among them is a versatile AI-powered document management software called UPDF. For users seeking to improve their document learning efficiency, they can click the button below to access a free trial. 

Without further ado, let's go through those apps in detail and see how they can facilitate your medical study in 2024.

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Part 1. 3 Categories of Best Apps for Medical Students in This Article

Medical students need different forms of assistance at different times. That's why we are dividing the best apps for medical students into different categories according to students' characteristics.

The apps we will cover today will belong to the below 3 categories:

1. Apps for Study Help

These apps will help medical students in their studies, such as understanding new information, memorizing concepts, etc. Read part 2 of this guide to learn about them.

2. Apps to Get Medical Learning Resources

These apps will help medical students get useful medical learning resources, depending on their specific study domains, such as medicine, surgery, specialties, etc. Read part 3 of this guide to learn about them.

3. Apps for Time Management

These apps will help medical students optimize their studying time and also plan/manage their daily or weekly goals. Read part 4 of this guide to learn about them.

Part 2. Study Help: 2 Best Apps for Medical Students

The study part for medical students is often the most challenging one. Students have to continuously learn about new and complex concepts and then memorize information. Therefore, below are the two best apps for medical students for study-related help:

1. Brainscape 

Brainscape is the best study app for medical students. It is a web and mobile flashcard-based app that helps serious medical students learn, understand, and remember large information sets quickly. You will find a wide range of flashcards related to many common subject areas in the healthcare and medicine fields. These flashcards are created by top educators and students.

Brainscape also includes expert-curated flashcards for EMT, MCAT, Paramedic, NCLEX, USMLE, and more. Moreover, it includes a "spaced repetition" algorithm, which intelligently automates the intervals in which new/difficult concepts are studied. Besides that, you also get detailed learning analytics to visualize your current standings.

best apps for medical students brainscape

Key Features:

  • Medical flashcards for fast learning, understanding, and memorizing
  • Spaced repetition for gradual exposure to new information
  • Detailed learning analytics
  • Flexible content formats


UPDF is another best study app for medical students. It is an AI-powered PDF reader, editor, annotator, and note-taking tool available on desktop and mobile. It helps in your studies by providing an easy and intuitive way to read, annotate, summarize, explain, and translate medical documents.

It offers a free trial and students can click the button below to get it.

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best apps for medical students AI-powered UPDF

The best feature of UPDF is its AI chatbot called UPDF AI. With UPDF AI, you can chat with documents like never before. To better understand, consider that you are reading a lengthy medical research paper. Here, you can use UPDF AI to instantly get a summary, get an explanation of complex phrases, and even translate the language. Moreover, the AI chat box allows you to ask questions within or outside the document scope. This elevates the learning experience and makes you understand medical concepts faster.

best apps for medical students updf ai

Key Features

  • Enhanced reading experience with light/dark modes and page layout/scrolling options.
  • Annotate document content by highlighting, underlining, marking, drawing, or inserting notes, stickers, stamps, etc.
  • Chat with documents with AI chatbot, asking it any questions about medical learning.
  • Add/edit text, images, and links in medical PDF.
  • Easy-to-use and click-based interface.
  • Convert scanned documents into editable ones with OCR technology.
  • Merge multiple documents into a single PDF file.
  • Compatibility with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Overall, UPDF is the best study app for medical students, as it provides a modernized way to understand new concepts and save significant time. Therefore, if you want to improve your learning skills, download UPDF and start leveraging its above features.

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Part 3. Medical Learning Resources: 3 Best Apps for Medical Students

Medical study is more than just memorizing theoretical concepts. Medical students need to master how to make the right clinical decisions, such as case-based pill identification, dosage calculations, etc. Therefore, below are the three best apps to get deeper medical learning resources:

1. Capsule Clinical Case-based Quiz App

As the name implies, Capsule is a clinical case-oriented quiz app available on the web and mobile. This app improves your clinical diagnosis and management skills by providing up to 750 real-world clinical cases and over 3,700 questions.

Capsule provides clinical case-based quizzes for a wide range of specialties, including general practice and professional studies, surgery, medicine, therapeutics, paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology, and psychiatry. It allows you to create random quizzes or filter them to test your medical knowledge. This way, you can monitor your performance across categories and view the strongest/weakest knowledge areas.

best apps for medical students capsule

Key Features

  • 700+ clinical cases and 3,700+ questions
  • Diverse range of cases in general practice, medicine, surgery, etc.
  • Create or fill quizzes
  • Monitor performance across categories
  • MLA medical curriculum-aligned quizzes

2. MDCalc Medical Calculator

MDCalc medical calculator is a clinical decision-making app available for mobile devices. It allows you to make medical calculations, assess risk, and process algorithms and scores, all while ensuring the use of the best/latest evidence.

MDCalc medical calculator is created by board-certified physicians and covers 35+ medical specialties, which you can easily search through its friendly search engine. Moreover, it offers 550+ clinical decision tools, such as risk scores, classifications, formulas, equations, dosing calculators, etc.

best apps for medical students mdcalc

Key Features:

  • Clinical decision-making app
  • 35+ medical specialties
  • Search filter
  • 550+ clinical decision tools


PEPID is another best app for medical students to improve their clinical decision-making skills. Available as a mobile app, it provides actionable and concise medical & drug information resources.

PEPID provides access to an extensive set of tools, including a pill identifier, medical calculator, drug interactions checker, and more. It also includes lab manuals, illustrations and radiographic images, medical videos, etc. Moreover, its easy-to-use and intuitive interface makes it easy for medical students and professionals to use it in any decision-making process.

best apps for medical students pepld

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive medical and drug database
  • 3000+ medical calculations
  • Concise and actionable medical resources
  • Easy-to-use interface

Part 4. Time Management: 2 Best Apps for Medical Students

One thing that most medical students struggle with is time management. The stress of studies and imbalanced daily life is the story of almost every student. Medical students need ways to accelerate their learning and also manage time strategically. Therefore, below are the two best apps for medical students for efficient time management:

1. Anki

Anki is an adaptive flashcard app that helps medical students reduce their time studying and increase the amount of learning. It is available for desktop and mobile devices. It provides graphic-rich flashcards to elevate the learning experience.

Anki uses the "spaced repetition" strategy, making you review materials gradually. Based on your performance, its algorithm can automatically schedule flashcard reviews. It asks you to rate the level of understanding under 1-4 and then intelligently calculates the best time for the next card review. Moreover, it also provides comprehensive graphs and statistics related to your studies.

best apps for medical students anki

Key Features:

  • Adaptive flashcards
  • Fast learning
  • Spaced repetition for elevated learning experience
  • Customizable card layouts

2. Todoist

Todoist is the last on our list of best apps for medical students. Used by millions of individuals, Todoist is the to-do list and planner app available for mobiles. It has plenty of task management features to help you organize your daily and prolonged targets.

Todoist helps you organize your day-to-day study targets and other off-study activities. It even allows you to create reminders for repetitive tasks. Its widgets also show your current progress toward daily/weekly goals. Moreover, it can link with your voice assistant, calendar, and 60+ tools, such as Gmail, Outlook, etc.

best apps for medical students todoist

Key Features:

  • Create a to-do list for daily tasks
  • Set and track daily/weekly goals
  • Set reminders for repetitive tasks
  • Integrate with other tools
  • Collaborate with others on mutual projects

Alternatively, medical students can also manage their daily tasks easily with UPDF's PDF planner templates. You can pick the planner template of your choice and customize it with UPDF directly from your desktop or mobile.

Download UPDF to manage your daily tasks now!

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best apps for medical students updf edit

Part 5. UPDF – The Best Companion for Medical Students

Out of all the above best apps for medical students, UPDF is the one that provides the most benefits to medical students. Its AI chatbot is a game-changer for students, as they can read and get instant explanations, summaries, and question-answers. On top of that, you are getting many other top-notch features:

  • View and read PDF documents with ease
  • Annotate PDFs while reading
  • Edit PDF documents' text/images/links
  • Protect your documents with a password
  • Merge documents into a single PDF
  • Convert PDF documents into Word, Excel, PPT, and other formats
  • Compress large-sized documents into small ones
  • Fill and sign documents easily
  • Daily planner templates for effective time management

In short, UPDF is a complete and powerful app for medical students to improve their learning and handling of documents. Therefore, download and purchase UPDF and leverage its benefits from today.

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Medical studies are complex and tedious and require a strategic approach to manage study life effectively. That's why this guide highlighted 7 of the best apps for medical students that can help expedite learning, get resourceful medical learning materials, and manage time. So, go through the above apps thoroughly and use the ones that align with your needs. However, we will recommend you install UPDF, as it's your resourceful AI virtual assistant in understanding medical studies throughout your academic period.

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