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Everything You Need To Know About The Swift Student Challenge 2024

Every year, thousands of students around the globe who are in love with coding get a chance to showcase their talent and passion through Swift Student Challenge. Create an exciting app on Swift Playgrounds based on your chosen topic and get a chance to win a free ticket to WWDC 2023 and introduce yourself worldwide.

This Swift Student Challenge 2023 guide will show you the way to participate, compete, and win the magnitude of prizes. Also, follow the tips at the end to make your app stand out. In this article, we also introduce a must-have PDF editor for students - UPDF, which will help them improve productivity during their studies and competitions. You can try it now.

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Part 1. What is the Swift Student Challenge?

Swift Student Challenge is a yearly programming competition for students around the globe. Those students who are programming language enthusiasts and enjoy creating various apps on Apple devices to convey information or bring innovation are the ones for whom this challenge is organized.

swift student challenge

This WWDC Student Challenge is announced in the 1st quarter of the year. Hence, the students get a few weeks to develop, perform, run, and submit their projects. Ensure your project falls in Swift development technology, such as tvOS, macOS, iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, or Swift Playgrounds.

Moreover, students are highly encouraged to utilize their passion and skills in full swing. The students should fully keep the focus on coding, design, and problem-solving skills and create a project that will do wonders for them.

Note: There is also a WWDC Scholarship for students to apply. The WWDC Scholarship and Swift Student Challenge are different things. One is a scholarship given by Apple in WWDC, while the other is a challenge that people apply for. They both happen in the same event but their purposes are different.

Part 2. What are the Prizes of the Swift Student Challenge?

Winning a Swift Challenge can help you earn a wide range of prizes. As of last year, this year, too, the winners are expected to receive an exclusive WWDC23 outwear, a customized pin set, Apple products, a one-year free membership in the Apple Developer Program, and a free ticket to the WWDC23 event.

Once your project is submitted successfully, remember to keep track of the result status. The winners are usually announced one month after the deadline, but it can change depending on the situation. Apart from the prizes, students also learn a new skill set when they meet with developers from around the globe and share their expertise.

Part 3. How to Participate in the Swift Student Challenge?

There are certain steps to follow to participate in this global challenge. Ensure to double-check the requirements listed below.

3.1 Check Eligibility Criteria Before Applying

To participate in the Swift Student Challenge, you must be a full-time or part-time student in a school, university, or other educational institution. Additionally, you must be at least 13 years old and a resident of one of the eligible countries.

3.2 Create an Interactive Swift Playground

To join the Swift Student Challenge, students must create an interactive playground using the Swift Playgrounds app on a Mac or an iPad, which is available for free. This playground should showcase your programming abilities and creativity.

3.3 Playground Project Submission

Once you finish building your playground project, you can submit it for evaluation to participate in the Swift Student Challenge. You can visit the designated website during the allotted period, usually in the 1st quarter of every year.

3.4 Keep Track of the Results

Apple Inc. will review all applicants, and the winners will be selected based on the level of creativity, technical proficiency, and overall quality demonstrated in their Swift Playgrounds. If you win the challenge, you will be awarded various prizes, as mentioned above.

Part 4. How Many Students Can Win the Swift Student Challenge?

Apple does not impose a specific limit on the number of students who can win the Apple Student Challenge, and hundreds of winners have been selected in the past. However, the final number of awardees may vary, depending on factors such as the level of difficulty of the submissions, the total number of entries, and the value of the prizes.

After the project submission period ends and the finalizing process concludes, Apple usually announces the total number of winners and the awards they will receive.

wwdc student challenge winner
Source: apple newsroom

Part 5. How Do You Win the Swift Student Challenge? The Ultimate Tips for You

Winning the WWDC Swift Student Challenge requires innovation, coding skills, and attention to detail. Follow the tips below to maximize your chances of winning.

5.1 Make Your Projects Entirely Unique

Bring unique and innovative ideas to the world that showcase your creativity and coding skills. Avoid copying existing projects or ideas and develop something new and fresh. Your submission must be entirely original or customized from a template to qualify. Hence, any group work will not be considered.

5.2 Build Project on Updated Platforms

Apply technical skills in your playground using Swift programming language. Make use of advanced Swift features for better results. To create and launch your Swift Playgrounds application, you will require Xcode 14.2 on macOS 13.0 or Swift Playgrounds 4.2.1 on iPadOS 16.0.

If you intend to design the app for iPadOS, it must be optimized for all iPad Pro models. In addition, the use of Apple Pencil is allowed.

5.3 Pay Attention to Every Detail

Your playground must be professionally executed. Ensure that your code is properly organized, uncluttered, and easily accessible and that your playground is comprehensively documented. Your app project's ZIP archive must contain all necessary files to run the program, and your work should not depend on an active internet connection. Submissions will be evaluated in an offline setting.

5.4 Make Your App User-Friendly

Your playground must be engaging, interactive, and user-friendly. Incorporate animations, sound effects, and other multimedia elements to enhance the user's experience. Also, keep in mind to write all the content in English.

5.5 Think About Accessibility

Consider various methods to make your playground accessible to the widest possible audience, including children and adults. Ensure that your playground is designed with accessibility, allowing it to be used by individuals with different abilities and levels of expertise.

5.6 Run Your App and Test it Thoroughly

Conduct thorough testing on your playground to ensure it is error-free and functions as expected. You may obtain feedback on your playground by having individuals you know, such as friends or family members, test it out.

5.7 Follow the Guidelines and the Format

Ensure to strictly adhere to all of the guidelines for the Swift Student Challenge, including the submission process and the deadline.

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Part 7. FAQs about Swift Student Challenge?

Is Swift good for kids and students?

In response to your inquiry, Swift is an excellent language for beginner programmers and students. Apple designed it to be easy for beginners to learn, making it an ideal language for those new to programming. Swift's programming is simple and concise, which helps with understanding and reduces the likelihood of errors.

Is Swift hard for beginners?

Necessarily not! Even though Swift is for developing applications for Apple devices, it was designed to be approachable and easy to learn, even for beginners. The syntax in Swift is easy and concise, making even the coding easy to read and write.

Is it worth studying Swift for students?

It can be worth studying Swift for students fluent in developing iOS and macOS apps. The market system of Swift is that skilled developers are in high demand. Swift is the best pick to learn valuable skills and grow exceptionally in the field if you are interested in software development.

How long does it take to learn Swift?

The time it takes to learn the Swift varies from person to person. A beginner might usually take around several months and one with prior programming knowledge might pick up the Swift algorithm early.


When you investigate the previous year's data, the Swift Student Challenge is held every year in the early spring. So, gear up your game, think of an innovative project, and organize it comprehensively with UPDF on your Apple devices. Click the button below to download it.

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Following the tips mentioned in this article is important to stand some chance of winning the challenge. Swift does take some time to learn, but once you master it, then there is no stopping you. Also, keep an eye on the rewards for this year's challenge to motivate yourself.

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