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[Calling All Students] A Comprehensive List of College Student Discounts

A student discount is an awesome deal offered by businesses and organizations to help students save money. They are available for products and services you use every day, such as clothes, electronics, food, and transportation. If you’re hunting for student discounts, we will help you find them more effectively by providing a complete list!

Part 1. How to Find Student Discounts?

There are many ways to find student discounts, whether that’s signing up for newsletters or using a student discount website, among others.  Here, we list several commonly used methods to find students' discounts here.

  1. Search for the product you need to buy with a student discount. For example, if you need to buy the PDF editor, UPDF, you can search “UPDF Student Discount”, then, you will find their official link to buy it with the student discount.
  2. Visit the website that provides student discounts for all products like StudentBeans, UniDays, StudentMondySaver, etc.
  3. If you are visiting one product's official website, you can check the header or footer of their website to check if they provide students discounts. If you cannot find it, you can contact their support to ask for one discount. Most companies are willing to provide discounts to students.

I am sure you can get a discount with these methods. However, many of you may want to have a much easier way. To compile your requirements, we’ve put together a list of college student discounts you can take advantage of.

Continue reading to discover the best student discounts for study, entertainment, and shopping.

Part 2. 4 Student Discount for Study

Student discounts aren't just for shopping and entertainment – they're also available for study-related expenses. Many companies offer discounts on tools, textbooks, and other educational materials to help students save money on their studies. Here are the 4 best student discounts in this category:

1. UPDF - PDF Annotator, Reader, Editor, and Converter

UPDF is one of the best PDF editors available and it provides users with a variety of helpful features to create, annotate, organize, convert, and share PDF files. UPDF is affordable and incredibly valuable for college students. With it, you can edit text, images, links, backgrounds, and more on PDF. You can also annotate with a variety of tools, convert PDF files to 14 other formats and take advantage of OCR technology to convert scanned PDF files into editable formats.

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UPDF student discount

UPDF offers a student discount of 50% off and the application process is very easy. All you need to do is submit your student ID or any other kind of student identification to [email protected] so they can verify your identity and provide the discount link.

2. Evernote - Note-Taking App

Evernote is a digital note-taking and organization tool where you can capture, save, and organize notes, audio recordings, photos, and web pages. This tool allows you to take notes in class and easily capture information in a variety of formats. Once you have your notes, you can create notebooks and tags to organize everything. Plus, it allows you to share notes with others for collaboration. Evernote even allows users to save articles and other online resources, which makes researching a lot easier.

Evernote student discount

Evernote has a free version that’s quite complete, but it offers a student discount of 50% off to unlock the full features. To apply for the discount, you need a school-issued email address to qualify. You can verify the eligible email here.

3. TickTick - App to Stay Organized

TickTick makes organization easier, which is essential to college students. This is a task management and to-do list app that will help you stay focused on your goals. It allows college students to create different to-do lists for projects, assignments, courses, and more, and keep them organized. Additionally, it facilitates collaboration and allows you to prioritize tasks and set deadlines, set reminders, and stay focused with its effective focus mode.

Ticktick student discount

TickTick offers a student discount of 25% off a year of their Premium package. You will need to sign up with your educational email and follow the steps. If you’re approved, you will receive an email with the offer. You can apply for this student discount up to 4 times.

4. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a subscription service and it offers many amazing benefits to members. Including free shipping, unlimited access to movies, TV shows, and music streaming, and exclusive access to discounts and deals. The main advantage for a college student is that you will be able to find the books you need and a variety of supplies at discounted prices with free shipping.

Amazon prime

Amazon Prime offers a Prime Student membership. New members will get a 6-month trial and then pay $7.49 a month, which is about half of the standard cost. To sign up, you need to provide a .edu email address or a photo of your student ID, tuition bill, or transcript.

Part 3. 4 Best Student Discounts for Entertainment

Entertainment is always important, but being subscribed to different services can burn a hole in your pocket. Especially when you’re a college student. So, whether you want to listen to music and watch movies or TV shows, these are the platforms that offer great student discounts:

1. YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is the subscription-based version of YouTube and it offers many perks. Such as an ad-free experience, offline viewing, background play, and exclusive content. College students can get a lot of entertainment out of YouTube premium, which provides access to original series and movies, exclusive content from creators, and YouTube Music.

YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium offers a student plan at a reduced cost of $6.99, which is nearly half of the standard price. Verification happens through SheerID, so if your college or university shows up there, you will be able to enjoy the discount.

2. Hulu

Hulu is one of the best streaming services out there and it offers both live and on-demand movies and TV shows. Hulu’s library of movies and TV shows, which includes Hulu originals, is impressive and can suit anyone’s taste. Whether you want to watch documentaries, revisit some of your favorites, or watch the latest movies/TV shows, Hulu will provide.


When it comes to student discounts, Hulu offers its ad-supported plan for $1.99 a month. The standard price is $7.99, so that’s a big discount. They use SheerID for verification, so as long as your college or university is there, you can enjoy the student discount.

3. Apple Music

Apple Music is one of the best streaming services for music and it boasts over a hundred million songs. It allows users to create playlists and also access thousands of existing playlists by other users, watch music videos, and listen to music offline, among other things. Overall, it’s a great music streaming service.

apple music

Apple Music has a student subscription that offers a discounted monthly fee for up to 4 years. They will verify your student identity through UNiDAYS, so you have to follow the website prompts to complete your enrollment and enjoy the student discount.

4. Spotify

Spotify is another music streaming service that provides access to millions of songs from all kinds of artists. You can create playlists, access existing playlists, listen to podcasts and audiobooks, and it supports a variety of platforms, so you can have it on any device. It has a free subscription, but the premium one offers benefits such as offline listening and no ads.


Spotify offers a Premium Student subscription as a student discount and their verification process happens through SheerID. They offer 2 months free and then you pay $4.99 a month for up to 4 years, and you need to renew your subscription every year.

Part 4. 10 Best Student Discounts for Shopping

Now it’s time to talk about the best student discounts for shopping! Whether you need clothes, shoes, electronics, and more, you should know where to find college student discounts that will help you save a few bucks.

1. Shein

Shein is a fast fashion online store where you can find all the clothes, shoes, and accessories you need at low prices. They offer a lot of sales and discounts, including student discounts, which you can find here.

2. Samsung

If you need a new phone, tablet, accessories, or wearables, Samsung’s student discounts will help you save quite a few bucks on their latest offerings. Check them out here.

3. Apple

If what you need is a new laptop or desktop computer, Apple offers student discounts on their MacBooks, iMacs, and more. You can see the options here.

4. Lenovo

While we’re talking about laptops, Lenovo is another great alternative. They offer college students discounts on a variety of laptop models. You can apply here.

5. Adidas

Adidas offers a great selection of high-quality clothing, shoes, and accessories. You can find a college student discount here to get 15% off on your purchase.

6. Bed Bath and Beyond

Bed Bath Beyond is one of the go-to stores for all things home goods. Whether you’re decorating your dorm room or off-campus accommodations, the College Savings Pass will help you save money by offering 20% off every purchase you make.

7. J. Crew

J. Crew offers an amazing selection of women’s and men’s clothing. They offer many sales and also have a student discount of 15% off your purchase.

8. Club Monaco

Club Monaco is another great option if you want to freshen up your wardrobe. They offer a 15% off college student discount for purchases in-store and online.

9. Pottery Barn

This is another great store for home goods and it offers a variety of products to help you spruce up your dorm room. You need to subscribe to enjoy a 15% off discount and access to deals and sales.

10. Eight Sleep

Last but not least, Eight Sleep is known for its incredible mattresses that promote a good night’s sleep. They offer a variety of sales throughout the year, but you can also get a student discount here.

Final Words

There you have it! This is the ultimate student discount list for all your needs. From valuable tools like UPDF to streaming services and shopping, these are the best student discounts to help you save money and enjoy the perks.

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