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10 Mac Apps That Will Transform Your Workflow

There are a number of Mac apps available. All Mac apps have their own utility and are known to cultivate your feelings for MacBook. Also, if you're strictly looking for best Mac apps, then you've come to the right place. Today, we're going to let you know about the 10 best Mac apps that you literally can't overlook!

So, without any further ado, let's begin:

The Ultimate List of Top 10 Mac Apps

1. UPDF - Best PDF Editor

Are you looking for an amazing PDF editor that lets you use all the premium features? Then, UPDF - PDF editor is your best bet. UPDF offers free PDF image editing as well as PDF text editing without any hidden clauses. UPDF stands out as it gives you the liberty to explore the variety of PDF editing tools.

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Moreover, you're able to annotate PDF documents as well that too without spending a single penny. You are able to add sticky note, text boxes, shapes, signature, stamps and stickers to your PDF document. You can also highlight text, underline text, strikethrough text, etc.

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Also, there's an option to keep the PDF pages completely organized so that you never lose any important pages. If you want to manage the pages in your PDF document, you can go to the page management tools of UPDF. It will help you rotate, extract, replace, reorder, insert, and remove pages in PDF document.

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2. Simplenote

Your traditional, paper notebooks have now become obsolete! It's time to turn to digital note-keeping apps.

If you're fond of writing notes and keeping them saved, then Simplenote is a great note-taking free Mac app to download. It's a hassle-free way of note-keeping because it's pretty simple to use. Plus, you're able to sync the notes across all the devices so that you're always in connection with your written notes.

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The user interface of Simplenote is extremely straightforward with no additional fuss.

Plus, you can use pins and tags to keep your notes organized. The option of 'Focus Mode' lets you concentrate and with the Markdown option, you can format your projects in a simple manner!

3. Google Chrome

Who doesn't search on the internet nowadays? Well, everyone does and for that reason, an effective, fast, and reliable web browser is required. Google Chrome is that web browser!

best apps for macbook google chrome

The in-app features are mind-blowing in terms of security. It's considered to be free and the best Mac app for searching on the internet. Moreover, the abundance of Chrome extensions comes in pretty handy. Hence, you can perform several tasks just by remaining on a single window.

The incredible web browser is so fast that you can initiate several searches in one go. There is also an offline mode through which you're able to open web articles without the need for the internet.

4. Spotify

Are you a music lover? If yes, then there's good news! Spotify is the best Mac app for music enthusiasts that is full of features. It'll keep you hooked and offer you with latest songs from all genres. Also, there's a 'Playlist' option where you can keep your favorite songs and listen to them on loop!

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The free Mac app allows you to access all songs, right from the oldest to the latest track!

Plus, you can find out the songs that are trending right now so that you can check them out too. It also gives suggestions to listen to songs based on the songs that you've listened to in the past.

5. Amphetamine

Amphetamine is a free Mac app that lets you keep your machine awake for a set time period by employing a combination of tools. Mac usually goes to sleep after a little while. Nonetheless, sometimes you don't need your machine to sleep and keep on running in case of any major download, a render, or a compilation.

best apps for macbook pro

So, Amphetamine keeps the machine awake so that your work is done in a smooth manner.

The free MacBook app is quite nifty as you can select a time period of your choice to keep the system awake. Moreover, there are a bunch of modes that you can activate as per your own activity.

6. Pages/Numbers/Keynote

On MacBook, the major productivity apps include Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. These apps work similarly to Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. However, these apps are default Mac apps that are needed every now and then by almost every user.

best free mac apps

Although these apps are the same as Microsoft productivity tools, the implementation of the apps is pretty different in terms of approach and design.

All your files would be saved on iCloud that you can access from a variety of Apple devices. On Pages, you simply create a word document. On Numbers, you create a spreadsheet. While on Keynote, you're able to create presentations that too without spending a single penny.

7. Slack

Slack is a highly recognized and popular communication platform that enables you to engage in projects while sitting remotely. The free Mac app is a superb model of communication for a smooth and hassle-free workflow. All the coworkers can collaborate using Slack and can finalize solutions.

mac default apps

It's a brilliant way of bringing all the workers on the same page. Plus, every collaborative and virtual business needs to download this free Mac app so that all major details are synced in a proper manner.

You can pin an important message and everyone on the channel would immediately observe it. You can also track and organize the documents so that you never lose any important pages!

8. Duplicate Finder

Duplicate File Finder will keep your MacBook away from extra copies of similar documents. It happens that your MacBook becomes too slow and memory keeps shrinking. So, a Duplicate File Finder would select all the duplicate files and delete them in just one click. If you do it manually, you'll be left with no energy!

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So, why waste your energy and time? Just download a free Duplicate File Finder and search all similar files and delete them all at once to free the memory while increasing the system's speed.

Duplicate File Finder is capable of finding all sorts of similar files. For example, all duplicate music files, word documents, or spreadsheets would be eliminated.

9. Spark

Now you receive emails for every minor and major update! Hence, there should be an exceptional email app to get complete control over your inbox. Spark is such an app. It's known for email prioritization, noise reduction, and many other tools that help in managing your emails.

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Prioritization works flawlessly as the free Mac app intelligently recognizes the important emails to answer first.

Plus, with noise reduction, Spark ensures to let you know about the emails that have been sent by people that you already know. The Follow-up reminders and Smart Search email tools keep you and your workflow organized. So, Spark is the way to go!

10. Grammarly

Making mistakes in grammar? Don't worry as Grammarly is here to correct you! Grammarly is a free Mac app that works everywhere on your Mac whether you're typing an email or sending a Facebook message to your friend.

best mac apps

Your grammar will seem to be tremendous even if you're making a lot of mistakes!

Apart from grammar, your fluency and style would also meet their mark, thanks to this amazing free Mac app. If you've been hesitant in writing English, now it's all sorted. Your punctuation, spellings, tone, and much more would be taken into the account to correct each and everything.

The Bottom Line

These 10 best Mac apps are must have in any case! You should download them now and don't waste even a single second. All these Mac apps can turn your life magically. So, why wait? Go now and download! And if you have any PDF needs, get UPDF for Mac now.

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