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Top 5 Recommended and Efficient Ways to Sync Files and Folders on Mac

Syncing your files and folders can provide a major benefit, such as accessing all your files using a single device. However, one needs to understand the exact procedure to sync files on Mac. In case you need to become more familiar with the steps, it can be a major hassle for you.

To avoid that, we will describe in detail how to sync files on Mac using a dedicated tool. We will also cover the ways to sync folders on Mac using different platforms in this guide.

Part 1. How to Sync Files on Mac with UPDF Cloud?

UPDF for Mac is the best tool when it comes to Mac file sync software. With the built-in UPDF Cloud feature, users can easily upload and access their documents across devices. Moreover, it is protected with multi-layer encryption to keep your documents safe.

Also, the data is split across multiple physical servers to prevent data loss. Now, let's head to the following steps and learning uploading documents using UPDF Cloud:

Step 1: Enter the UPDF Cloud Feature and Access Document

Click the "Free Download" button below to install UPDF on your device.

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Now, head to the left side toolbar and tap the "UPDF Cloud" option. You will now see the "Upload File" at the top of the UPDFs interface. Tap it to import the required PDF document to your cloud storage.

sync files on mac updf cloud

Step 2: Make Edits to PDF and Track Them Across Devices

When uploaded, click on the document under the "UPDF Cloud" section and enter the "Edit PDF" mode from the left side toolbar. Next, double-tap on the required point to make the necessary edits. Save the file via the "File" tab or press "Command + S" on your keyboard.

The changes apply to the file automatically, and you can now access this file with changes from across devices like Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android via UPDF Cloud.

sync files on mac updf cloud

Part 2. How to Sync Folders on Mac?

If you are thinking that syncing folders on Mac of different data types can be a difficult task, that is not the case anymore. There are some efficient ways that can help you in syncing files and folders on Mac. We will discuss all 4 methods below in detail to help you understand the files and folder syncing methods effortlessly.

Way 1. How to Sync Folders on Mac

For those who want to sync data between their MacBook and iPhone or iPad have to connect to fulfill the first requirement. This can be done using an Apple-certified USB cable, after which you have to follow the steps provided below to perfect the macOS sync folders process:

Step 1: Access your MacBook and tap on "Finder" from the Dock to access your connected device. Find the device from the left-side panel and tap on it to access all the options available to manage your iOS device. Afterward, select the required content to sync the content from the toolbar below the iPhone name.

Step 2: Next, you will notice a checkbox under each category. Check the required boxes to turn on sync for the required categories. At last, head to the bottom right side and hit the "Sync" and "Apply" buttons to complete the Mac and iPhone sync process.

sync two folders mac sync mac and apple devices

Way 2. How to Sync Google Drive on Mac

As you might already be familiar with, Google Drive is a helpful cloud storage that lets you save and edit files online. This tool supports various platforms and offers free storage consisting of 15GB. This has been a user favorite due to its easy connectivity with other Google services.

You can easily use this tool on macOS, but it is not yet available on Mac App Store. So, to use it, you will need to download it from the official site on the web browser. Now, head to the given steps and learn how to sync Google Drive on Mac:

Step 1: Begin by accessing Safari on your Mac and search for Google Drive's official website. As you open the website, look for the "Drive for Desktop" option and download it on your device. When done, look for the installation file in the Finder and follow the on-screen instructions to log in and install it on Mac.  

syncing iphone music to mac download the google drive mac app

Step 2: Moving on, head to the Finder again, and from the left panel, locate "Google Drive" and tap it. Then, to customize it, click on the menu bar at the top of your screen and then choose "Google Drive." Following this, tap on the "Settings" gear and choose "Preferences."

sync folders mac click on the preferences option

Step 3: Now, in the "Settings" window, locate and choose "Google Drive" from the sidebar. You will now get the option to control the syncing of your files. Next, tap "Stream Files" to maintain and keep the files in cloud storage.

Likewise, select "Mirror Files" to keep the files on Mac, along with the cloud. Here, "Mirror Files" will help you save the storage of your device. Once you have chosen from the two above options, you can then head to start syncing the folder along with files.

sync files on mac customize google drive settings

Way 3. How to Sync iCloud Drive on Mac

In this method, we will discuss the built-in iCloud Drive feature to sync files on Mac. Apple offers this cloud storage to help its users store and access data, documents, and other supported files and synchronize them across iCloud Drive-supported devices. Needing to learn how to sync iCloud Drive on Mac? Just follow the steps below to synchronize it without a hitch:

Step 1: Hover the cursor icon over the Apple icon at the upper left side of the screen and press it. From the drop-down list opens, choose "System Settings" and access it. Next, from the left panel, find "Apple ID," this can be an icon with your name on it or the Apple ID you registered on your Mac.

Step 2: Once you click the "Apple ID," access "iCloud" from the options on the right side of the window. Next, you will need to enter your Apple ID details, such as ID and password, in desired fields and proceed by tapping on the "Sign In" option. Then, find "iCloud Drive" from the apps list and activate it, and your folders and files will be synced.

how to sync dropbox to mac turn on the google drive feature

Way 4. How to Sync Dropbox to Mac

A popular cloud storage service, Dropbox has been available for years and has helped a wide range of users store and synchronize files. Dropbox supports various devices and likewise runs smoothly on macOS. However, you must have macOS 12.5 or later to access Dropbox and store files smoothly. 

However, for much better performance, it is recommended to have macOS 13+. Now, if you want to learn how to sync Dropbox to Mac, you can check the below instructions and start syncing:

Step 1: Install the Dropbox macOS installer from the official website and install its application by running the installer. Afterward, login into your Dropbox account and select the way in which you want to sync files. You will be able to see the Dropbox folder in the Finder.

mac file sync software setup dropbox on macbook

Step 2: You can also manage the Dropbox settings by clicking on the "Dropbox" icon from the menu bar of your MacBook and choosing the "Preferences" option from the "Profile" drop-down menu.

sync files on mac access dropbox preferences

Part 3. FAQs on File Syncing on Mac

1. What is Mac syncing?

Mac Syncing is like moving files and ensuring they are the same on your Mac and your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. For instance, if you download music on your Mac, you can sync it so that the music also shows up on your Mac and iPhone. It helps keep everything consistent across your devices.

2. Is Sync compatible with Mac?

Yes, Sync is compatible with Mac. Sync can be used on a Mac desktop and is supported on macOS 10.11 or any newer version. This means you can use Sync without any issues if you have a Mac running macOS 10.11 or later.

3. How do I sync iPhone music to Mac?

To sync the Music to Mac on your iPhone, head to "General" and locate "Music" by scrolling down. Once you find it, hit it to open the settings and then enable the "Sync Library." Afterward, open your Mac and access the "Music" app. Now, click the "Music" tab from the top-left corner and select "Settings" from the list. Then, next to the "Library," tick the checkbox to synchronize the music across devices.


As we reach the end, syncing files on Mac is relatively easy and hassle-free. A variety of methods are used for syncing items across Apple devices, such as the four methods we have discussed in detail along the steps. This makes your task much easier and helps you find all the information within the same guide. Moreover, for more convenient and better document syncing, we recommend UPDF.

This offers the built-in UPDF Cloud feature for effective and easy document accessibility and syncing. You can even edit PDF documents and track changes on the spot across devices. Also, this tool offers various other features, such as a built-in AI tool for better PDF management. Try and download it from the button below.

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