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Top 20 Real Free PDF Converters Offline and Online

PDFs provide several advantages in terms of security, content representation, and reliability. A PDF file format is one of the most popular ways to share information. PDFs are platform-independent, which further increases their utility and availability. 

Even after its benefits, not every document is in built-in PDF format, which means that you need a PDF converter to transform your file into the desired format. There are several options among both online and offline PDF converters, each with its features and functionality. 

Where online PDF converters are faster and space-saving, offline ones are more secure because your documents are not uploaded online, which can make them vulnerable to hacks. But that only happens if the online PDF converter you are choosing does not have the required security structure. We have created a list of the top 20 PDF converters from both categories, each with a distinct list of pros/cons and features. 

List of Top 20 PDF Converters

The Following are Offline PDF Converters:

1. UPDF Converter

UPDF is a simple and secure offline PDF converter available for Windows and macOS devices. It is like a one-stop destination for all sorts of PDF conversion and associated functions. With the UPDF PDF converter, you can convert a PDF to Word, PPT, Excel, CSV, JPG, TXT, HTML, XML, and PNG files. It also comes with a built-in OCR reader and scanner that helps convert scanned bits in a file to editable formats and it supports 23 languages. 

pdf converter free download


  • UPDF Converter is extremely easy to use. 
  • It supports batch conversions to increase your work efficiency.
  • High conversion accuracy with original formatting retained.
  • It has an advanced OCR feature with support for 23 major languages.
  • It can convert password-protected PDFs to editable formats.
  • The conversion speed is fast.

Pricing: It provides a free trial and its perpetual license costs $19.99. 


UPDF Editor is an excellent tool for editing text and images in a PDF file on a macOS device. You can view, edit, manage, and annotate PDF documents for free without sharing any sort of personal information except for your email address. The free PDF editor is designed to fast-track the editing process and conforms to the heavy workload of PDF documents in an office environment. 


  • Intuitive navigation tools improve the overall user experience. 
  • Multiple reading modes and it is like a slideshow feature that helps present PDF like a PPT. 
  • Impressive PDF editing functions are built into the solution. You can modify texts and images in the PDF document.
  • Powerful annotation tools to help you add highlights, text boxes, notes, and other annotations to PDF.
  • Page management tool to rearrange PDF pages easily with it.

Pricing: UPDF for Mac allows you to convert 5 PDF files for free, but for more files, you can choose to the Pro version for $29.99 per year.

3. Icecream PDF Converter

The Icecream PDF converter is a simple yet efficient solution for playing with PDF files with ease. With this, you can edit PDF files, images, documents, ebooks, and even webpages. You will get complete control over how your PDF file looks and performs because you can tweak a wide gamut of output options.

You will work with features like batch processing, combining files, password-protect, and tweaking the PDF layout settings. Among the formats supported by this PDF converter are DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLXS, ODT, ODS, HTML, JPEG, JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, TIF, EPUB, MOBI, FB2, EPS, and WMF. 

icecream pdf converter


  • Icecream PDF Converter has a built-in OCR function. 
  • It can process and edit encrypted PDF files. 
  • There is no watermark on the output files. 


  • You won’t get too many options in the free version. 
  • It needs hotkeys and some shortcuts to accelerate the editing further. 


Icecream PDF Converter Pro version costs $19.95, and it's a one-time cost giving lifetime access. 

4. TalkHelper PDF Converter

TalkHelper offline PDF converter is a downloadable software enabling you to quickly edit, convert, and manage PDF files. It also has an in-built OCR function for quick file scanning and editing, making it easier to digitize hard copies of the documents.

You can split, merge, and extract PDF files for PDF management while saving them into new ones. The file formats that are compatible with TalkHelper PDF Converter are DOC, DOCX, ODT, PPT, XLS, XLXS, HTML, TIFF, BMP, PNG, GIF, JPG, DWG, ODS. The file formats that can be converted from a PDF file to another format are DOC, PPT, XLS, ODS, HTML, Image, and EPub. 

talkhelper pdf converter


  • The OCR supports multiple languages. 
  • Can save a PDF file into different formats. 


  • The user interface can be improved. 

5. Cute PDF Converter

Cute PDF Converter and Writer is a reliable software allowing users to effortlessly convert and manage PDF files. The downloadable software allows you to create high-quality PDFs and even secure the files with 128-bit encryption.

Among some of the main features, you can combine multiple PDF files into one and use the preference utility function to micromanage the file output. Developers can also integrate Cute PDF converter professional versions with different applications via programmatic access. 

cute pdf converter


  • The developer integration makes it a business-friendly solution.
  • It's royalty-free software. 


  • More editing and customization features are required. 
  • The user interface of Cute PDF converter is not too great. 

Pricing: Cute PDF converter costs $499 and comes with lifetime access. 

6. Neevia PDF Converter

Neevia is one of the best PDF converters for individuals and businesses, especially when they want a solution to be integrated with the workflow. Neevia provides access to several features and functions, including multi-threaded conversion, OCR conversion and scanning, encryption with 128/256-bit layers, and PDF merger/split functions.

Among the file formats compatible with the solution are DOC, WORD, XLS, PPT, BMP, JPEG, MNG, AVS, PNM, TIFF, CDR, VST, DWG, RML, IDW, and IAM. In total, Neevia supports over 300 different file formats. 

neevia pdf converter


  • Neevia provides an unlimited number of conversions. 
  • The software provides access to 128/256-bits file encryption. 
  • You can set a watermark on the document or finalize it without one. 


  • The user interface is too complex to be used freely. 
  • The 24MB, file size limitation, restricts the work. 

Pricing: The document Converter Pro version of Neevia costs $399 per annum. 

7. Adobe PDF Converter

One of the most popular PDF readers and converters, Adobe lets you stay productive and convert files seamlessly. You can use the Adobe converter online and offline after downloading it for the required operating system.

Adobe lets you save and access files online while adding them to the offline version as well (for reading and viewing only). The quality of output and editing offered by Adobe is unmatched, and its list of features will certainly impress anyone. You can not only convert almost any file format into ODF but also convert text and images to a PDF document. 

adobe pdf converter


  • Adobe is super easy to use and has several in-built features. 
  • The OCR technology helps scan and edit PDFs. 


  • Adobe’s pricing is too high for individuals and small businesses. 
  • The interface can be improved a little bit to make it even easier. 

Pricing: The monthly plan for Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is $12.99 per month, and the same for mac OS is $14.99 per month. 

8. Nitro PDF Converter

Nitro PDF Converter has a free and paid version offering features and functions similar to the solutions we have already discussed above. With this software, you can convert XLS, DOC, PPT, and a few other formats into PDF documents.

You can also edit and manage the documents with this solution and customize them accordingly. Some notable features include an OCR scanner, e-signature, and file sharing. All of these features are accessible from a simple and intuitive interface. 

nitro pdf converter


  • The inbuilt OCR technology is great for file scanning and editing. 
  • You can convert PDF files to and from different formats easily. 
  • Nitro PDF is compatible with several Windows OS versions starting from XP. 


  • Considering the high price, the number of file formats it supports is less. 
  • Compared to other similar software, the price to get Nitro PDF is higher. 

Pricing: Nitro PDF Pro for Windows costs $143.99 for a single user, and for macOS users, it will cost $179.99.

9. Nuance PDF Converter

Nuance PDF converter is a good choice for a solution for businesses as it is built to provide a high standard of conversion. Nuance is one of the best PDF converter software due to the accurate conversion system and additional features like collaboration and unparalleled support for Windows and Office 2010 components. You can also scan documents and edit and convert them into PDF documents while organizing the elements in the same according to your requirements. 

nuance pdf converter


  • You can enhance the PDF's security with encryption and permission control. 
  • Nuance PDF allows embedding media files into the document easily. 


  • With Nuance, you can only access and open one document at a time. 
  • One of the most common file formats, ePub, is not supported. 

Pricing: Nuanced PDF Pro version will cost $99.99 and provide lifetime access. 

10. Able2Extract PDF Converter

Able2Extract PDF Conversion is one of the functions in a suite of features that includes creating, editing, scanning, securing, and e-signing PDF files. You can either use this software for free or download the premium version for Windows, Mac, and Linux users.

Among its conversion functions, Able2Extract can convert PDF to and from Word, Excel, PPT, AutoCAD, Images, HTML, and ePub extensions. It also supports open-source formats like ODT, ODS, and ODP. 

able2extract pdf converter


  • The conversion tools offer good quality output reliably and quickly. 
  • The OCR feature ensures high-quality document output. 


  • It's an expensive solution provided relative to the alternatives, which provide better features and functions. 
  • Performance-wise, several things need to be improved. 

Pricing: Able2Extract Professional License costs $149.95. 

11. Foxit PDF Converter

Foxit PDF file converter and editor is another star in our list of top paid and free PDF converter solutions. It supports several file formats, including Word, PPt, Excel, RTF, HTML, Text, and a few Image formats. With these conversion options, you can also use the same software for other applications like editing a PDF document or creating e-signature columns, sharing the files for live collaboration, and much more. 

foxit pdf converter


  • You can create PDF documents from Microsoft Office, Outlook, and Visio file formats. 
  • The Foxit PDF OCR scanner is an impressive addition and lets you create PDFs easily. 


  • The number of file formats supported by Foxit is less. 
  • You might find that the user interface is not so easy to use. 

Pricing: The Foxit PDF Pro version costs $139 for a single license granting lifetime access. 

12. Solid Converter

Solid Converter is known for PDF file conversion and archiving systems. It also has an amazing customer service wing that helps every type of user leverage the software’s capabilities to the full extent. For conversion, you can convert PDF files to Excel, Word, and PPT documents.

Solid PDF converter also offers reconstruction services via the desktop solution with automated batch processing. The PDF/A converter is used for transforming normal or image-based PDF files into searchable documents. 

solid converter


  • The scan to word feature further adds to the conversion capability. 
  • It has a built-in PDF viewer and offers encryption services. 


  • The user interface can be improved. 
  • The trial period of the software is relatively less. 

Pricing: Solid Converter costs $99.95 for a lifetime license. 

13. Wondershare PDF Converter

Wondershare PDF Converter is a fast-performing and affordable converting solution offering a secure conversion process. You can convert PDF files into different file formats, including the solutions in Microsoft Office and images.

These are Word, Excel, PPT, Image, TXT, and HTML. In addition to the conversion process, you can also use the software to encrypt, compress, and merge PDF files. The conversion process is so simple that it will be over in just two steps. 

wondershare pdf converter


  • Convert and combine several PDFs into a single document. 
  • The OCR scanner is highly efficient. 


  • The free version and trial version has limited features, which are not enough to judge the performance. 

Pricing: The lifetime license for the Windows version is $59.95, and the perpetual license for mac OS is also priced at $59.95.

14. Microsoft PDF Converter

Microsoft PDF Converter is probably not something you might have expected to see on this list, but it is a good and freely available online PDF converter. You can convert a PDF file into different formats, including JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and GIF.

The files in these formats can also be converted into PDF files. Besides the conversion system, you will also get the splitting PDF documents option in the same solution. You might also come across in-app purchases, but buying them is optional. 

microsoft pdf converter


  • It's a freely available solution available for downloading on the Microsoft Store. 
  • You can also access the solution on Hub along with the PC. 


  • It lacks some important features like an OCR scanner. 
  • The number of conversion options is also less. 

Pricing: Microsoft PDF Converter is available for free. 

The Following are Online PDF Converters:

15. Google PDF Converter

Google PDF converter is available as a chrome extension, which also means that it's an online ODF converter and is available for free. You can access it from the list of extensions available in the browser and easily convert PDFs to and from Text, Word, Excel, PPT, Open Source, PostScript, HTML, and Images files.

Moreover, since it's a Google product, you can expect it to work seamlessly with other Google solutions, including Gmail, Drive, Slides, Drawings, Sheets, etc. With these services included, you will have a smart and efficient PDF converter available for use readily with a single click. After converting, you can get the PDF file via email or save it on the local drive. 

google pdf converter


  • A free PDF converter is available for use made by Google. 
  • Lets you access the conversion system from the browser easily. 
  • It is compatible with other Google products like Gmail. 


  • Being an extension, the size and extent of documents it can convert are limited. 
  • Using services from a browser extension is comparatively less easy. 

Pricing: This Google Extension is available for free. 

16. Soda PDF Converter

Soda PDF Converter is available as an online and offline solution enabling individuals and businesses to convert PDF files with a few clicks. In the online version, you can upload the files that are to be converted directly from Google Drive or the local storage.

The same applies to the offline version as well. The file formats supported for conversion are JPG, HTML, Word, Excel, TXT, RTF, and PPT. It also supports batch processing allowing you to convert multiple files with a single click. You can also convert any file to its original format from the same converter. 

soda pdf converter


  • You can view the files offline and online securely via the Virtual Printer. 
  • In total, Soda PDF Converter can work with 300 different file formats. 


  • The output of the OCR scanner is spotty and blurry. 
  • The required features are paid. 

Pricing: The Unlimited Access plan costs up to $10 per month when billed annually. While this is the basic price, it might differ depending on the time you are purchasing the solution. 

17. Docupub PDF Converter

DocuPub is an online PDF converter available to use for free, but it has a limited number of features and options. In terms of file conversion, you can use this online solution to convert Word, Excel, PPT, TIFF, JPEG, HEIC, etc., format files to PDF or PDF/A extension. The desktop version is available as DocuPub Pro, which needs to be downloaded before use. In the online version, you can save the file on your computer or send the same via email. 

docupub pdf converter


  • DocuPub PDF converter’s online version is super easy to use. 
  • You can set the pages to auto-rotate to fast-track the conversion process. 


  • Given its current popularity, the DocuPub PDF converter requires more features and functions. 

Pricing: The online DocuPub Converter is free to use. 

18. iLovePDF Converter 

iLove PDF Converter is another online and amazing conversion tool offering a wide variety of options. Using this software, you can not only convert but also split, merge, and manage PDF documents. You can convert a PDF file into Word, PPT, Excel, JPG, HTML, and PDF/A formats. You can also convert any file of these extensions into a PDF document. Some additional features include creating Sign columns, repairing PDF files, and organizing documents. 

i love pdf converter


  • The online solution processes the files faster. 
  • It has all the major PDF conversion features offering high-quality output. 


  • Since it's an online solution, the ads can be a bit annoying. 
  • After conversion, the picture or image quality can be reduced in some cases. 

Pricing: After the free version, there is the Premium and Business Plan. While the Business plan has a customized pricing structure, the Premium version is available for $3 per month. 

19. Small PDF Converter

Small PDF Converter offers conversion and other PDF management services at affordable prices. It can be used by individual and business enterprises for managing the PDF workflow and ensuring faster conversion options. You can convert PDF files to WORD, Excel, JPG, PNG, and PPT documents. 

small pdf converter


  • Besides the converter, Small PDF’s compression tools are also great. 
  • The online interface is super easy to use. 


  • Users have complained about the lower capability of the software to work with large-sized PDF files. 

Pricing: The Pro plan starts at $9 per month, and the Team version will cost $7 per month. For business uses and bulk requirements, you can contact the sales team. 

20. PDF2DOC Converter

The free PDF2Doc converter is an online and simple tool for converting PDF files into DOC format. Other formats supported by the software include JPG and PNG. The PDF2DOC converter only has two or three conversion options. 

pdf2doc converter


  • The user interface is simple and effective. 
  • You can upload files directly from the local storage. 


  • It only has one conversion option. 

Pricing: PDF2DOC is free to use. 


Converting PDF files to and from other formats has become a necessary requirement these days. Since PDFs are more secure and easier to read, individuals and businesses prefer working with them, but creating a PDF file is not so easy. That’s why you need an efficient PDF converter that can transform any type of file to and from PDF with ease. 

In the article above, we have listed the best 20 offline and online PDF converters offering both free and paid services. Make sure to go through the list of options along with their pros and cons before selecting the perfect PDF converter for your operations. While understanding each option carefully, you will find that UPDF and similar PDF converter solutions have the best in class services and offer full value for money.