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2 Simple Ways to Import PDF to Word

Microsoft Word remains one of the best ways to create and manage any type of content. Part of the reason this word processor continues to be useful is its impressive lineup of features. For example, there is simply no limit to the different types of files that you can add to a Word document including PDF.

Importing PDF to Word can be done for several reasons and in several ways, depending on the nature of the content you're working on. Here, we look at 2 ways to import PDF to Word. You can choose one depending on the needs of your project.

Method 1. How to Import PDF to Word

One way that you can import PDF to Word is to convert the PDF to Word format with UPDF. This is an ideal solution if you would like to include all the content in the PDF document in your project or you want to be able to make changes to the content in the original PDF.

convert pdf feature

But converting PDF file can have its pitfalls, particularly when the tool you use to convert the file is not effective. Luckily, UPDF will not just convert the document in a matter of seconds but is also effective enough to ensure the document retains all of its original formatting. It is a highly accurate, highly-effective PDF converter that is also very simple to use.

Follow these simple steps to convert any PDF document to Word:

Step 1: Import the PDF File

Download and install UPDF on your computer. Open the program and in the main window, click on "Open File" to open the PDF file you want to work on.

Alternatively, you can also just drag and drop the file to the program's main interface to import it.

Step 2: Convert PDF to Word

Click on the "Export PDF" icon on the right. Choose "Word" as your output format.

choosing word format

If you would like to convert only some pages of the PDF, choose the pages using the "Page Range" section. You can choose the specific pages of the PDF that you would like to import to Word, or you can leave this setting at "All Pages" to convert the entire document.

If you want to convert scanned PDF to editable PDF, you can turn on the OCR feature.

export the final work

Click the "Export" button, and it will convert the PDF document in a matter of seconds, regardless of the number of pages on the PDF. When the conversion is complete, you can open the new Word document on your computer and you'll be ready to add it to Word.

Step 3: Import PDF to Word

Now just open the newly created Word document and you can choose to add all its content to the Word project you're working on or copy and paste the content you need.

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Video Tutorial on How to Convert PDF to Word

Method 2. How to Import PDF into Word Document

You can also import a PDF document as an object. But if you do this, the PDF will become a part of the Word document, meaning that you will not be able to make any changes to the content on the PDF.

Here's how to use this method to import the PDF into your Word Document:

  • Step 1: Open the PDF document and click on "Insert" in the main menu.
  • Step 2: Click on the "Text" group and select "Object."
  • Step 3: A dialogue box will appear. Here, choose "Create from File" and then click on "Browse" to find the PDF file you want to import to Word.
  • Step 4: When you find the PDF, click "Open" and then click "OK" to insert the file into the Word document.
how to import pdf in word

This PDF file will become a part of the Word document, much like an image. This is therefore the best solution when you need to add single-page PDFs to your project as a reference or to support and emphasize a point you're trying to make.


If you want to add sections to the PDF, your best option is to convert the document to Word using UPDF as the method mentioned above. The best part of using UPDF is you don't need to worry about mess up your original file format, and it ensures the safe environment for your documents. Download the app today and enjoy your time with it!

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