How to Convert PDF to URL Online Free? (2 Proven Ways)

The easiest and quickest way to let others read your documents is by sharing PDFs as links. When you have the PDF file as a URL, it will only take a single click to access it. Moreover, it's a simple process when you have the right tool.

However, there are several cases where users are not aware of the methods to convert PDF to URL online free. Learn more about two methods that will help in creating links for PDFs online.

Part 1. Create a Link for PDF Online Free with Google Drive

Whether it's for school, work, or personal reasons, we have to deal with PDF documents in every field. PDF files are very easy to share, but at times, when the file size is large, it makes the sharing process difficult. That's where we need to convert PDF to URL link online using Google Drive. Using this utility, you can easily create shareable links for your PDF files.

It is a user-friendly cloud storage platform that generates links and eliminates the need to waste time on heavy downloads. It even offers 15GB of free storage to let users save PDFs conveniently. Moreover, the platform makes it easy for the recipient to either read, view, or make changes according to requirements if they have access.

You even have the option to define accessibility, allowing others to either edit or view files. Let's head to the steps to learn how to convert PDF to URL link online with Google Drive to make the PDF sharing process more convenient for you:

Step 1: To create a PDF link with Google Drive, access Chrome on your system and open it. Ensure that your Gmail account is logged in; following this, you must click on the "Google Apps" icon on the top right side of the Chrome screen. From this list of available apps, click "Drive" to access it in the new tab.

access drive app in chrome

Step 2: Consequently, click on the "New" button on the top left corner and choose the "File Upload" option. Upload the desired PDF file from your computer on the Drive. Once the uploading is successful, the PDF file will be visible in the Drive window.

upload the new pdf file in google drive

Step 3: Click on the "Three-Dots" against the PDF file to access the extended menu. Hover the mouse on the "Share" option, and from another extended menu, click on the "Share."

tap on the share option in google drive

A small popup will appear where you can adjust the link settings under the "General Access" option. On changing the option to "Anyone with the link," you can define the status of accessibility as "Viewer," "Editor," or "Commenter." After this, click on the "Copy Link" button and press the "Done" to get the link.

manage share access in the google drive

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Part 2. Convert PDF to Link Online Free Via WeTransfer?

In this digital world, we work on PDF files daily and share them with others. WeTransfer allows you to collaborate with people and send PDF files via URL links while keeping the file safe. With this, you can convert PDF to URL link online for free of up to 2 GB. PDF to link conversion feature in WeTransfer makes the operations effortless.

Instead of sending large attachments, WeTransfer creates a secure link for your PDFs. This enables instant access to files with a single click. It even ensures that other people can easily view the file without needing any time to take verifications. The following steps will give you a complete insight on how to create a link for PDF online freeusing WeTransfer:

Step 1: Head toward the official site of WeTransfer, and from the main homepage, click on the "Upload Files" option.

upload files on wetransfer

Step 2: As you upload the file from your computer, click the "Three Dots" icon and select the option of "Get transfer link." If needed, you can set the expiration time and "Password" for the generated link. Once done, select the "Get a Link" button to generate a link within a few moments. It can be easily copied and shared further without any hindrance.

get the link to share files in wetransfer

Part 3. Convert PDF to URL Link Offline With UPDF

If you are looking for an offline tool to convert PDF to URL Link, UPDF is the ultimate solution for your query. It only takes a single click after uploading the document to generate a link. You can customize the expiration time from 1 day to a month or "Never."

Moreover, you can disable copying, downloading, or printing the content of the document for security purposes. It will restrict the recipient from changing the document even after you convert the PDF to a URL link free. And you can also easily upload files on UPDF Cloud and share them from any device to make accessibility better.

Now, we will learn the steps on how to use this tool and share the PDF files with users as a link:

Step 1: Launch UPDF and Enter the Share File Mode

Start by launching UPDF on your system after downloading UPDF via the below button and redirect it to its main interface. Select the "Open File" button to import the PDF you need to convert to a URL. Afterward, head to the right-side menu bar, tap on the "Share this file with others" button, and access the extended options on the right.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

share file with others on windows

Step 2: Customize the Sharing Options and Create a Link

Select the "Share a Link" tab and start customizing the options. You can restrict the accessibility to the document by toggling the "Disable Copy/Download/Print" option. Set the "Expiration Time" for sharing the link as necessary. After you are done, click the "Create" button to get the link. Copy the link and share it with the required users.

share file with link on windows

What Else UPDF Can Do for You?

UPDF is not bound as a link-generating tool, as it also serves with various PDF editing features. Below is an overview of some of the prominent operations UPDF can do for you:

  • Edit and annotate PDF files by inserting text, images, stickers, shapes, and signatures.
  • Convert scanned files with OCR supported by 38+ languages.
  • Use the AI features of UPDF AI to optimize the content of your document.
  • Protect the document using permission or an open password.
  • Locate anything with a built-in search feature and filter out your search.

So, make effective changes and take control of your PDF documents, convert PDF to URL link online, and share it with others. With UPDF, you can manage the PDF workload by purchasing yearly or perpetual plans at reasonable prices for individual or business platforms.

Final Words

When considering the need to share large files, the process of converting PDF to URL online free is made convenient with the above methods that we have explained in this guide. Among those, UPDF proves to be an easy tool to share PDFs as a link.

Further, it offers a wide range of features to help you make desirable changes in the document before sharing it. So, download this tool on your devices and start sharing your PDFs as a link with customized options.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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