How to Convert PDF to Rich Text

All text files have a certain format and quite often these files can be only be accessed with their complementing software. And with the whole internet filled with an array of different file formats, it was a hassle to download their specific software each time. This hassle met an end when Microsoft introduced a format called RTF i.e., Rich Text Format. This format was a revolutionary step in data transfer and file sharing, especially when even PDF to rich text was a possible option. This article will introduce how to convert PDF to rich text with the best tool - UPDF Converter.

The Best PDF to Rich Text Converter

Since the rich text has been so widespread, it is natural to see a vast range of apps designed to work with the format. The conversion of PDF to rich text format has been a primary and important function common to see in all these applications. While finding these apps are just a matter of a few seconds, finding the most efficient one could take a chunk of your time and, honestly, leave you a little frustrated. But why go through that tedious process when we can introduce you to the best app here itself?

pdf to rich text

UPDF Converter is an excellent software that makes any conversion possible with quick and crisp, time-saving steps. The nature of this app is extremely user friendly, and there are no hoops or minutes of clicking ahead of you, it gets right to the point immediately. This software can convert any scanned document, commonly PDFs, into numerous formats like Word, Excel, PPT, JPG, HTML, XML, PDF/A, RTF and of course, normal, editable text. 

It has an enhanced system known as the OCR or Optical Character Recognition module that helps with the conversion. This module is so advanced that it supports over 23 languages and delivers all the results with surprising accuracy. Furthermore, UPDF provides many more amazing features. High-security protection is one of them. Along with that, it supports bulk conversion, hence you don't have to spend hours editing all the files separately when this app's fierce software can handle it for you easily.

How to Convert PDF to Rich Text

Now that we know an efficient PDF to rich text converter, the next step is to learn how to convert the files you want. It is a simple process and it is going to get simpler because of this step by step guide right here:-

Step 1. Add Files

The first step is to add the files you want to convert to the software. There are two simple options to import your files.

  • You can simply drag the files you want to add from the computer itself to the UPDF software.
  • Or you can click on the "Add Files" button provided within the software itself.
pdf to rich text format

Step 2. Select RTF (Rich Text) as the Output Format

The next step is to select the output format. Since our goal is to convert PDF to rich text format, choose the RTF option from the list displayed on the right side of the screen.

convert pdf to rich text

Step 3. Convert PDF to Rich Text

The last step is to click the "GO" button to start the conversion process. After it is selected, the files are converted and saved in the destination displayed on the screen.

pdf to rich text converter

What is Rich Text Format, and What are the Advantages of Rich Text Format?

We know that 'convert PDF to rich text' is a significant feature of most conversion software these days but why exactly? Here's some context! RTF is a file format brought into existence by Microsoft with the aim of universal accessibility of text files over the world. RTF is such a format that can be viewed, edited, and shared on any device irrespective of the platform it was created on. For example, a file created on a Windows device can be easily sent to an IOS device with the help of a RTF file.

RTF files offer more helpful advantages like consistency unlike any other format and a common ground for all users including beginners to experts. We hope your conversion and use of RTF files is successful!