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Converting PDFs to Numbers Made Simple: 5 Methods Available

The use of PDF documents is beneficial for several business and academic purposes. However, with the PDF's limited editing capabilities, users cannot repurpose the file for most purposes. Mostly during business accounting, PDFs pose a challenge when it comes to extracting and manipulating tabular data.

Therefore, you can utilize a PDF to Numbers converter that helps you seamlessly extract your data in numbers. In this article, we'll discuss several methods to convert PDF to Numbers on Mac. 

Method 1. How to Convert a Single PDF to Numbers

One of the methods of converting PDFs into Numbers on your Mac is using the effective UPDF convert feature. This feature can convert your PDF into various formats such as Word, PowerPoint, HTML, and 11 others. Furthermore, the fast conversion process can convert PDFs without losing their format. So, you don't need to worry about messy page layout, font style, spacing, and more.

You can also take advantage of its other options, like the page range, for better personalization and productivity. Therefore, in the following section, we'll look at how the convert feature can help you convert PDF to Numbers on Mac:

Step 1. Install UPDF and Access the Export Option

To start the PDF to Numbers conversion process, hit the "Free Download" button below. After installing UPDF software on your Mac, open the main interface window. Then, click the "Open File" option to import your desired PDF file. Once the editing interface opens, hit the "Export PDF" tool from the right panel. 

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pdf to numbers updf export pdf

Step 2. Choose the Required Format and Adjust Settings

Now, a small "Export PDF" menu will appear. From here, choose the "Excel (.xlsx)" file format for the transformation process. Upon clicking this option, a small setting window will open with various page layouts and page range options. After adjusting the settings to your liking, hit the "Export" button to convert PDF to Numbers.

pdf to numbers updf export pdf

Step 3. Open the XLSX in Apple's Number App  

When the transformation is completed, go ahead and open the Apple's Number app. Now, drag your Excel file to the "Number" icon, or on the menu bar, hit the "File" drop-down menu. After that, press the "Open" option and select the Excel file you want to open.

pdf to numbers xlsx

Method 2. How to Convert Multiple PDFs to Numbers Files at Once

If you are running late for a presentation and want to create some graphical representation of the data, UPDF is at your service to convert PDF to Numbers on Mac. The batch feature of UPDF lets you import multiple files and transform them into the desired format simultaneously. Moreover, this conversion feature saves time and makes it convenient for users.

It also supports various file types such as PNG, Word, CSV, and more. Moreover, the batch conversion feature provides you with different layout settings to choose from that you can apply before converting. In this part, we'll look at steps to convert multiple files into the .xlsx format:

Step 1. Download UPDF on Your Mac and Open Batch Converter

After downloading UPDF, open the software on your Mac. On the main interface, click the "Batch" option next to the "Open File" button. Upon clicking, a new window will appear from which you have to choose the "Convert" tool under the "Popular Batch Actions" section.

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pdf to numbers updf

Step 2. Add Files and Choose Various File Settings

When the new window opens, hit the "Add Files" button to import desired PDF files from the dialogue box. Now, under the "Output Format" section, choose the "Excel (.xlsx)" format. After altering all the settings, hit the "Apply" button for batch conversion.  

pdf to numbers updf convert

Step 3. Access Your Converted XLSX File in Numbers 

Once the PDFs are converted into the XLSX files, go ahead and open the Number app. From the application folder, import your Excel file to the "Numbers" icon. For that, click the "File" tab in the Number toolbar of the app. Now, click the "Open" option and select the converted Excel file from there.

Method 3. How to Convert a Scanned PDF to Numbers with OCR

UPDF also has an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature that allows you to convert PDF into Numbers with accuracy. This feature thoroughly scans your PDF content and converts the scanned PDF into editable and searchable content. Moreover, this feature holds three output layouts and can change the page layout or adjust the odd and even pages. Now, look at the step-by-step guide to convert PDF to Numbers:

Step 1. Make Suitable Adjustments and Perform OCR

After opening the required PDF file, press the "Recognize Text Using OCR" icon on the right-side panel. The OCR will open a new window on your screen; pick the "Searchable PDF" option here. You can choose any layout options and select the page range. When satisfied with the adjustment settings, hit the "Perform OCR" button and choose the required folder.

pdf to numbers UPDF

Step 2. Convert OCR-Converted File to Excel

Once the OCR process is completed, the converted file will open in a new tab in UPDF. Now, hit the "Export PDF" button and choose "Excel" as the output format from the right side of the interface. Now, finalize the settings and hit "Export" to complete this PDF-to-Excel conversion.

Step 3. Open and View the XLSX File on the Number App

When the converted PDF file is saved on your device, open the Apple's Number app. After that, click the "File" drop-down menu and press the "Open" option to select the desired Excel file.

Method 4. How to Convert PDF to Numbers on iPhone?

There are some options available to convert PDF to Numbers on iPhone. However, due to the system and features being 10 years old, converting PDFs to Numbers on iPhone is unreliable. Therefore, we can instead use a third-party app known as PDFelement.

This tool can convert a PDF file into Excel file format, and an Excel file can then be opened on the Number app. Now, let's look at the following steps that will guide you on how to convert PDF to numbers.

Step 1. Open the PDFelement app on your iPhone to access its home page. From the same main interface, tap the "Three Dots" situated on the file you want to convert.

Step 2. When tapped, the bottom-up menu appears on the screen, along with other vital features of this tool. Now, hit the "Convert" option to access the conversion settings.

pdf to numbers iphone

Step 3. Now, a new window opens from where you can choose the "Excel" option under the "Office" section. Afterward, press the "Save" button to complete this process.

pdf to numbers iphone

Step 4. After the PDF file has been converted into Excel file format, open the Apple Number app on your device. Upon accessing the "Browse" tab, locate your converted Excel file, and the app will automatically open the Excel spreadsheet in Numbers.


  • You cannot directly convert PDF to Numbers using this make-shift method.
  • This tool is also prone to several system crashes, as the tool randomly shuts down.

Method 5. How to Convert PDF to Numbers with Online Method

If you want to convert PDF to Numbers with an online method, CleverPDF is your best choice. It is an online PDF solution that helps you to convert PDFs to Numbers on Mac. Therefore, in the following, we'll look at the steps on how to convert PDF to Numbers:

Step 1. Open the main homepage of CleverPDF on your browser to start this process. Now, under the "Convert PDF to Office, iWork, eBooks, Images and More" section, click the "PDF to Number" option. 

pdf to numbers CleverPDF 

Step 2. When a new window opens, you can press the "Choose File" button to upload your PDF files to the website. Also, tick the "Convert PDF into one worksheet" under the "Sheet" section to retain the layout.

pdf to numbers CleverPDF 

Step 3. Once you have uploaded your PDF file, click the "Start conversion" button to begin the conversion process. After the process is complete, you can hit the "Download" button to save the converted file to your Mac device. 


  • Sometimes, this PDF-to-Numbers converter can mess up the document's formatting, like leaving out headings or changing the lines.
  • When you upload your private documents on this online tool, you can face security concerns.

What Formats Do Numbers Support?

Numbers is a spreadsheet application in which files function similarly to Excel, but it is for Mac, iOS, and iPad users. Furthermore, Numbers act as a black canvas where you have the freedom to customize the elements of your canvas and organize your data. You can select fonts, style cell borders, add resize, and more. It is a versatile tool for several tasks, such as data entry and complex financial modeling.

List of Format Number Supports

Numbers supports several file formats as they enable users to work with data from various sources. The primary formats that Number supports are given in the following section:

  • CSV File format: Numbers supports CSV file format, and this format makes it easy to transfer data between Numbers and other applications.
  • Excel Worksheet (.xlsx) Format: You can also use Numbers to open the Excel worksheet format for accessing and working with older Excel files.
  • Tab-Limited Text (.tab) Format: Users can import their data into Numbers in the tab format to transport information from one application and Numbers. 
  • Keynote (.key) Format: Apple's Numbers also supports the Keynote format that contains tables and graphs. 
  • Text (.txt) Format: If you are working with simple data sets of file formats like the text format, Numbers can easily open this as well.

Benefits of Importing Data from PDF to Numbers

There are several benefits of converting PDF to Numbers, as you can enhance the efficiency, accessibility, and analytics of the data. The following are the critical advantages of why you should convert PDFs to Numbers:

  • Editable and Formattable Data: The most beneficial fact about converting PDF to Numbers is that you can edit and format the contents. It is crucial for employees and students to make updates, corrections, or additions to the data set in case they leave some details.
  • Sharing Data with Others: You can easily share your edited content with your colleagues, as Numbers makes it easy to collaborate. Moreover, Numbers also allows multiple contributors to work on data for a streamlined workflow.
  • Structural Organization: If some of your data is insufficient or not correctly arranged, importing the file to Numbers can resolve your issue. Furthermore, you can systematically organize your information, graphs, or images, making them easier to navigate.
  • Data Manipulation: A PDF to Numbers conversion can provide powerful tools for data analysis, such as charts, formulas, and more. Other than that, you can use Numbers to manipulate your Excel file data with ease.   


In the end, we learned that PDF format is not reliable on various occasions, and there is always a need to change the format or content. Therefore, we discussed different methods to convert PDFs to Numbers with UPDF, iPhone, and an online converter.

Out of them all, UPDF provides the best solution to access PDF content on Number. Additionally, learn more about other advanced features of UPDF by downloading this tool and purchasing its Pro version with a 60% off discount if you are satisfied with its innovative features. If you want to learn more about UPDF, watch the video below and you can get a comprehensive knowledge of this amazing software.

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