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A Guide on How to Convert PDF to Word with Xodo and Its Alternative

In today's digital age, the need for converting PDF documents into editable Word files is more prevalent than ever. Whether you're a student, professional, or anyone in between, the ability to seamlessly transform PDFs into Word documents can greatly enhance your workflow and productivity. In this guide, we will explore the versatile Xodo PDF Reader & Editor and provide an alternative solution to help you efficiently perform this crucial task. Whether you're seeking a free, user-friendly option or a more feature-rich alternative, this guide will walk you through the steps to make your PDF-to-Word conversions a breeze.

Part 1. Convert PDF to Word Seamlessly with Xodo

Xodo is a popular PDF app that allows you to view, annotate, sign, and edit PDFs online. One of its most useful features is the ability to convert PDF files into editable Word documents. However, Xodo does have its fair share of limitations when converting PDF to Word.

xodo pdf to word interface

Xodo's Limitations When Converting PDF to Word

As mentioned earlier, Xodo is a free PDF reader and annotator with helpful collaboration tools. It allows you to view, annotate, sign, and fill PDFs on desktop and mobile. One of Xodo's key features is its ability to convert PDF files into editable Word docs. The converter, however, has some significant limitations:


  • It's only effective when converting basic PDFs with text and images. PDFs with complex formatting often don't get converted properly.
  • In most cases, the Word documents produced by Xodo tend to be messy and require heavy formatting fixes.
  • It rarely retains all original fonts, images, headings, lists, and other formatting.
  • Scanned documents and images often become pixilated or blurry after the conversion (Image quality loss).

In other words, Xodo's converter works fine with simple PDFs, but often botches the job when working with complex PDF formats. For  proper PDF to Word conversion, you're better off using more robust software such as UPDF.

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The Steps for Converting PDF to Word with Xodo

Converting PDFs to Word using Xodo is quick and straightforward. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Open the Xodo app or go to https://xodo.com in your browser. Hover your cursor on the "Tools" button and select "Convert to PDF to Word" on the drop down menu that will appear.
xodo pdf to word all tools
  1. Click "Select File" and upload the PDF you want to convert. You can access the PDF document from either your computer, from Xodo Drive, Dropbox and Google drive.
xodo pdf to word select file
  1. Xodo will take a moment to process and verify the PDF. Once ready, click the "Convert" icon in the right toolbar. Xodo provides the option to add more files if you have subscribed to the "Pro option".
xodo pdf to word convert button
  1. Click the "Convert" button on the right side of your screen and The conversion will begin automatically. Wait for it to finish.Your converted Word doc will download to your device. Open it to edit the contents as needed.

The conversion itself is quite fast and hassle-free. However, the resulting Word document may not format perfectly like the original PDF. For instance, images and text boxes may shift around or overlap. Some font and style changes may occur as well.

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Part 2. A More Powerful PDF Editor/Converter for PDF to Word Conversion and More

For advanced PDF editing and flawless PDF to Word conversion, UPDF is a better choice than Xodo. UPDF not only delivers professional quality results, but also has many bonus capabilities that Xodo lacks. For instance, you get pixel-perfect conversion of PDF text, images, tables, columns, and more into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other formats. UPDF can handle even the most complex layouts with ease.

xodo pdf to word page converter office

Other key benefits of using UPDF include:

  • Batch convert unlimited PDFs to Word, DOC, RTF simultaneously
  • Edit PDF text, image, and links with ease
  • OCR scans PDF text into searchable, editable format
  • Fill out, create, modify PDF forms
  • Compress PDFs while keeping quality intact
  • Insert, remove, reorder PDF pages
  • Encrypt and password protect PDF files
  • AI assistant to help you with PDF summarization, translation, and rewriting, among other tasks
  • Available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android
xodo pdf to word updf

UPDF has everything you need for full-featured PDF management in a beautifully designed, intuitive interface. And starting at $29.99 for yearly access, it's very affordable. Purchase and download UPDF now and experience the next level of PDF power and productivity!

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Part 3. Extended FAQs

Can XODO convert PDF to Excel?

Yes, Xodo does allow converting PDF files to Excel spreadsheets. Just choose "Excel Workbook'' as the output format instead of Word Document. Note that you may still run into similar formatting and layout issues when going from PDF to Excel in Xodo. UPDF again provides better quality and batch conversion capabilities for PDF to Excel conversion - have it a try by clicking the download button below.

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Can you batch convert PDFs to multiple Word files?

Xodo does not support batch converting of multiple PDFs at once. You can only convert up to two files for those with the Pro optio. But with UPDF, you can easily batch convert unlimited PDFs into Word DOCX, DOC or RTF files all at the same time. Just add multiple PDFs, set Word as the output, and convert in one click. UPDF makes batch PDF to Word conversion fast, easy, and flawless.

How to convert PDF to DOCX?

To convert PDF to DOCX in Xodo, simply follow the same PDF to Word steps outlined above. Xodo will output the Word file in DOCX format by default. With UPDF, you also get the option to batch convert PDFs to DOCX, DOC or RTF Word formats as needed. UPDF ensures perfect DOCX conversion results every time.


In summary, Xodo offers a simple way to convert PDF to Word online. But for more accurate conversions, flexible outputs, batch processing, and advanced PDF features, UPDF is highly recommended as the PDF editor of choice.

Download UPDF to effortlessly convert even complex PDF layouts to flawless Word documents. Plus, unlock robust PDF annotation, security, compression, forms, and so much more with this powerful, affordable PDF application.

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