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How to Convert PDF to Image on Windows? (Step by Step)

A PDF document is a commonly used format. However, we cannot use that document everywhere. Sometimes, you may need to convert PDFs to images on Windows. There are many methods, but not all of you can find the best ways. So, here we will guide you on how to convert PDF to Image Windows in the 4 most effective ways.

Part 1. The Easiest Way to Convert PDF to Image on Windows 10/11

The easiest way to convert your PDF document to image format on Windows 10 and 11 computers is with the help of UPDF. It is one of the best PDF editors available, bringing every feature and functionality you need. While you can convert multiple or singular PDF files to images, there are several other features, like creating PDF, compressing PDF, organizing PDF, translating PDF, summarizing PDF, and more.

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The Easiest Way to Convert PDF to Image on Windows 10/11

1. Export One PDF to Image on Windows 10/11

Firstly, we will discuss how you can convert single PDF documents to images with the help of UPDF. The process is extremely quick and only requires 3 main steps on UPDF, as described below:

1. Find the PDF file and open it in UPDF

Start the UPDF app on your PC by double-clicking the desktop icon. Next, you need to find the file in "Recent" if you previously opened it on UPDF. Otherwise, you can use the "Open File: button. Find the PDF you want to work with and click "Open." Now you will have that PDF ready to be converted into an image format.

2. Click “Export PDF”

Navigate to the vertical menu on the right side of the interface and click the "Export PDF" option. Clicking it will give you a list of options from where you need to click "Image." Clicking the image will open another pop-up window with output format settings.

Export pdf to image on Windows via UPDF

3. Save with image output format.

This screen will have 2 dropdown buttons on the top. The first one needs to show an image. The second one can be the format of your choice. So, select the second one as per the image usage requirements. You can leave the rest of the options to default and click “Export." Now you only need to select the destination folder and set the required name for the image before you click "Save”.

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2. Change PDFs to Images at Once on Windows 10/11

The previous method is effective when you have to convert one PDF file. When you have to convert multiple PDF files simultaneously, this method will be ineffective. That’s where the Batch Convert feature of UPDF will help increase your productivity. It also comes with a quick procedure with only the following 3 steps to be followed:

1. Open the Batch Convert feature in UPDF

Run UPDF software on a PC using its desktop icon. Double-clicking its icon will start the software, and once you go to the home screen, you need to click the "Batch" button. It will take you to another screen that has 5 different options. From here, you will select "Convert”. This way, you can access the Batch Convert feature from UPDF.

Change PDFs to Images at Once on Windows 10/11 via bacth convert feature with UPDF

2. Add PDF files to the batch convert feature.

Start adding files to batch convert using the "Add Files" button. You can add multiple files in one go by using the browse window. Once you add a file, the "Add Files" button will appear on the right side top. You may use it to keep adding files to UPDF. Once you add files, you can move to the next step.

3. Set image output format and apply.

Set the first output format dropdown to Image, and you can set the second one to any format of choice. Afterward, you can click "Apply." Now you need to set the destination folder for your files in the browse window and finish the process by clicking "Save." UPDF will instantly convert and save the PDF files in the selected image format.

Batch convert PDF to images via UPDF

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Part 2. Convert PDF to Image Free on Windows Via Screenshot

For those who don’t want to use any tool to convert their PDF documents to images, the Screenshot method will be a good option. It is offline, free, and very easy to use. The best part about it is your privacy while having a very easy experience converting PDFs to images. Here is how the Windows screenshot method can help you through this conversion:

1. Take a screenshot of the PDF.

You can open a PDF in any PDF-viewing or editing tool. The method to open is simple: double-click the file icon, and it will automatically open in the software set as the default PDF viewer. Once it opens, press "Windows + Shift + S" to take a screenshot of the PDF document. Now click the notification to open Snip and Sketch tool with your screenshot.

take a screenshot of pdf

2. Click Save

Now click the "Save" button at the top right, and your snip will go to the browse window where you need to set up the name, file type, and location. Ensure that you have selected an image type (JPG, PNG, etc.) as the file type. The name and location can also be set as per preferences. As you click "Save," the PDF converted to the image will be saved on the selected location on your PC.

save the pdf to image via screenshot

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Part 3. Turn PDF Into Image on Windows 10/11 Via Adobe Acrobat

The next method you can use for converting PDF files into images is Adobe Acrobat. It is a famous PDF editing tool and comes with several features. Adobe Acrobat is known as one of the best PDF tools in the world. However, its benefits come at a price that is not cheap. So, if you have its subscription and you want to use Adobe Acrobat for this conversion, here are the steps that you can use:

1. Open PDF file in Adobe Acrobat

Double-click the Adobe Acrobat icon on your PC to run it. Once it runs, click "File" on top and go to the "Open" option. From there, you can select any PDF document you need to convert.

2. Go to Export in the File tab.

Again, go to the "File" tab; this time, you will go for the "Export To" option. From here, you need to go to "Image" and select one of the available image formats.

export pdf to image in adobe acrobat

3. Agree to the dialogue boxes and save

A dialogue box will appear where you must enter the file name and the location. After that, you can click "OK" or the "Save" button present below.

Part 4. Save PDF to Image on Windows Via Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is usually used for photo editing tasks; some users use it for illustrations and graphics designing. Most people don’t know that it is capable enough to convert your PDF document to images. Photoshop has built-in capabilities that make this conversion a breeze, even for users without prior experience working with Photoshop.

However, there is only one problem: having Photoshop installed on your PC and having a subscription account to use its features. So, if you meet these requirements, you may proceed with the PDF-to-image conversion using Adobe Photoshop with the following steps:

1. Open the PDF document with Photoshop

Start by opening Photoshop on your PC, clicking its icon, or using the Windows search menu to search for Photoshop. Once it opens, click "File," then "Open," and finally, open the PDF document you wish to convert.

open pdf in adobe photoshop

2. Leave the PDF importing options to default.

Once you click “Open” to load the PDF document. You will see an Import PDF dialogue box with different page options and image size settings. You don’t need to change anything from this dialogue box. Simply click "Ok."

leave pdf importing options to default in photoshop

3. Use Save for Web feature

Once the PDF opens, go to "File" again, but this time, you will click the "Save As" option. A window will appear where you need to select JPEG and then select the required quality. Finally, click "Save" for Photoshop to convert PDF to image and save it on your storage.

Final Words

When you convert PDF to image on Windows, you can use some part of the PDF document in another document or at any other place, which can be very useful at times. The good part is that multiple tool options allow you to perform this conversion. However, each one comes with a different experience, sometimes complicating the straightforward process.

So, if you want the best experience converting PDF files to image format, go for UPDF. This PDF editor will ensure you get the best conversion results. There is no compromise on the image quality, and the performance stays top-notch. On top of everything, UPDF has several other technical features that will meet all your requirements regarding working with PDF documents.

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