Effortless Document Conversions: How to Convert PDF to Keynote on Mac with Ease

PDF is the ideal format if you want to protect the internal format of a document. You may have stored an important presentation in PDF form, but now you need to make some changes to it. Keynote is the default when it comes to creating presentations on Mac. PDF editor tools are not customized to create ideal presentations, so you need to convert your PDF to Keynote so you can edit and prepare an impressive presentation.

To convert PDF to Keynote, you need a tool that can maintain the file quality, format, and integrity during the conversion process.

Part 1: What is Keynote and How Does It Work

Keynote is the default software for creating presentations on Mac. It is also available for iOS devices, and being an exclusive Apple product, you won't find it anywhere else. The features of Keynote include beautiful templates, animations, cinematic transitions, 2D and 3D charts, and many more. You can add stunning visuals and colors to your slides to make them look amazing. The dynamic backgrounds in different themes available on Keynote can make your presentation impressive and engaging.

keynote mac interface

Using Keynote, you can also add live videos from your iPhone or Mac camera to your presentation. It is also possible to add a live feed of your iPhone or iPad to your presentation. When presenting in a team, you no longer need to fix one person to change the slides. Now you can do that by controlling the deck through an iPhone or iPad. When using iPadOS and Apple Pencil, your handwriting will automatically turn into text, saving you from a lot of hassle.

Part 2: How to Convert PDF to Keynote on Mac

When it comes to finding a PDF to Keynote converter, UPDF tops the chart. Its PDF converter tool can convert PDF files into 14 different formats while maintaining documents' quality and internal structure. Since you have your presentation file in PDF format, you can safely convert it into Keynote format. You will need to download and install UPDF on your Mac to start the conversion process.

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Follow the steps given below to learn how to convert PDF to Keynote on Mac using UPDF:

Step 1: Import your PDF File

Add your PDF file using drag and drop on the attractive interface of the UPDF PDF converter. You can also use the "Open File" to open a file option to add your PDF file.

open a pdf to convert pdf to keynote

Step 2: Select the Export PDF Option

Next, click on the "Export PDF" option located at the right sidebar. Now choose the "Powerpoint" format and select the details regarding the conversion process. Following this, select the "Page Range" and tap on "Export".

convert pdf to

Step 3: Convert Your PDF File to Powerpoint

Tapping on "Export" will lead you to a window where you need to select the location to save the newly converted file. After providing the location, press "Save" to start the converting process. It will take a few moments for the conversion to complete.

convert pdf to keynote export

Step 4: Open PowerPoint in Keynote

As you save the export file. Now you can open the file with the Keynote in the folder where you saved the file.

Part 3: The Best PDF Converter for Mac

We have described the process of converting PDF to Keynote on Mac using UPDF. You can convert PDF files into formats like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Image, HTML, etc. You can convert scanned PDF documents to editable and searchable PDFs using its OCR feature, which supports 38 languages. You can download it for a trial.

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convert pdf
Convert PDF with UPDF

UPDF's Key Features

  • PDF Annotation: The annotation feature of UPDF allows you to highlight, underscore, or strikethrough the text you want in a PDF file. You can also use text comments and sticky notes to add your thoughts on PDF documents. It allows you to add different types of shapes to a document to add prominence to parts of the text.
  • PDF Editing: When it comes to editing your PDF files, UPDF is an all-in-one solution. It doesn't matter if you want to edit text or images or if you need to add links to your PDF document. UPDF provides all these features. You can change font color, size, or style and crop, delete, or rotate images in PDF files using it.
  • PDF Organizing: Heavy and long PDFs can be properly organized using UPDF. It allows you to add or remove any pages in PDF along with page replacement and rotation. You can also export important pages from your PDF file. If the file is too long, you can split it into multiple files using UPDF.

Benefits of Using UPDF

  • Quick Speed: UPDF has extremely fast processing speed and can convert any PDF file to 14 formats in seconds. It also means you can work on multiple bulky files simultaneously without any software lag.
  • Versatile Features: There are a lot of features offered by UPDF that you won't find in standard PDF editor tools. These features range from security in the form of passwords or permission settings to adding personalized signatures, watermarks, and stamps on PDF files. Its annotating, editing, and organizing tools also offer many unique features.
  • Stability: The UPDF application is completely stable and bug-free. It is built to enhance the performance of your system and is so light that your system won't even heat up in the slightest.
  • High Efficiency: It is a highly efficient software for working with PDF files. Converting large-sized PDF files will take you a couple of minutes at best when using UPDF.

Now, if you are wondering why we are recommending it, the reason is that it offers you all tools related to PDF conversion and editing in one place at a low cost. Get UPDF for an exclusive discount now!

Part 4: Frequently Asked Questions on Converting PDF to Keynote

1. Can I Put a PDF into Keynote?

No, you can not put PDF files into Keynote when creating a presentation on it. Apple does not provide support for PDF files in Keynote. If you want to put a PDF file into your presentation in Keynote, you first need to convert the PDF file into an image file. You can do that using UPDF by selecting the "Image" format in the "Export PDF" option in its PDF convertor. It can convert your PDF file into 5 types of image formats, including BMP, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, and PNG.

2. How Do I Convert Scanned PDF to a Keynote?

There are many PDF convertors available, but if you want to get a quick and quality conversion, UPDF is the answer. It can convert your PDF file to Keynote in a few moments with unchanged internal format and quality. Even if your PDF is not editable, you can make it editable by selecting the OCR function during conversion. To convert your PDF document, select "Export PDF", located at the right sidebar of the UPDF interface after opening your document. Afterward, select the Keynote format, provide the required details and location, and start the conversion process.

3. Is Keynote the Same as PowerPoint?

Keynote and PowerPoint are the same in the sense that both are presentation software. Keynote is Apple's answer to Microsoft's PowerPoint and is exclusive to Apple devices. PowerPoint is the oldest presentation software there is and holds a large market share. But when it comes to Apple devices, Keynote dominates the market.

It comes preinstalled on Mac devices, and its interface closely reflects the Apple ecosystem. That makes it the number one choice of Apple users. Compared to PowerPoint, Keynote packs fewer features, but its clean and simple interface makes it easier to learn and master.

4. Is PowerPoint Better than Keynote?

The debate regarding which tool, between PowerPoint and Keynote, is better has been going on for years. While most people's first answer would be PowerPoint, Apple users will strongly disagree. While Keynote and PowerPoint are both presentation software, PowerPoint is the oldest and holds over 90% of the market share. The reason behind this is simple: it packs an unbelievable number of features and has millions of templates created for all possible scenarios on the internet. Most of these are created by the dedicated community of PowerPoint users and are free and easy to use.

Keynote also contains many essential and powerful features, but these are few compared to PowerPoint. Plus, since Keynote is exclusive to Apple products, it lacks support for many formats and doesn't have a large dedicated community. A PowerPoint version is also available for Mac users, though not as strong as MS PowerPoint in Windows. But Keynote doesn't exist outside Apple devices.

5. What is The Difference between Keynote and Pages?

Keynote is presentation software, while Pages is a word processor. You can think of Keynote as Apple's PowerPoint and Pages as MS Word. Both Pages and Keynote are part of the Apple office suite iWork. Keynote is a program designed specifically for creating presentations that allows you to use templates to create presentations for a large number of purposes. Pages is a dedicated word processor that supports features like creating long text-based documents with different layouts.

Keynote supports the ability to edit slides directly, and you can use many types of multimedia in presentation slides, like photos, videos, audio, etc. In contrast, Pages allows you to create templates, mail merges, complex table contents, and index sections.


Presentations are an essential part of our life as a lot of our work requires these both in student life and working life. From presenting our research thesis to business proposals or giving class presentations on assigned topics to properly convey new ideas, we need good presentation software. Keynote is an excellent presentation software when it comes to the Apple ecosystem. 

If you want to add more slides to your presentation, then you need a reliable PDF to Keynote converter, like UPDF, to make the conversion a relaxing process. Download it and start the conversion now.

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