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How to Convert PDF to Publisher? (The Complete Guide)

Microsoft Publisher application  is a platform that works as your content publishing tool. However, if you are working on PDF format as your main document format, you may need to learn how to convert PDF to Publisher. This way, your document becomes compatible with the Publisher app so that you can work on page layouts, text, shapes, and other elements.

This guide shares multiple methods to convert your PDF documents to the Publisher format.

Part 1. Convert PDF to Publisher with Able2Extract

Able2Extract is a famous professional tool for converting PDF documents to Publisher format. Users who want to keep their PDFs' layout, graphics, and fine details can use Able2Extract's PDF to Publisher conversion tool.

This capability guarantees easy content conversion into Publisher without decreasing quality, whether it be complex design layouts or text-heavy documents.  

You can follow the below guide to convert PDF to Publisher with Able2Extract.

1. Open the PDF file, select all pages, and convert to Publisher from the File tab.

Once you open Able2Extract on your PC, you can open your PDF file in it by clicking "Open" in the "File" tab. Once the PDF document is open in this software, press "Ctrl +A" to select all pages and click the "File" tab once again. This time, you will click the "Convert to Publisher" option from the dropdown menu.

convert to publisher able2extract

2. Select your conversion preferences and proceed.

Now click the "Publisher" button from the top. Select between "Standard" and "Custom" conversion options as per your preferences. Secondly, select between the "Frame per Paragraph" and "Frame per Token" options for this conversion as well. As you click the "Convert" button, your file will be automatically opened in the Microsoft Publisher app when the conversion is complete.

 customize converting settings in able2extract

Part 2. Convert PDF to Publisher Free with Zamzar

Zamzar is among the most practical and famous online file conversion tools. You may easily convert documents, videos, photos, and more here with only a few clicks.

Although Zamzar doesn't have a straight PDF to Publisher conversion option, there is a clever workaround: convert PDFs to Word first. When the content is in Word, it becomes compatible and is simple to import into MS Publisher.

1. Open the Zamzar online converter and upload your file

Open a browser on your PC and go to the Zamzar Online conversion website. There, you need to upload your file by clicking the "Choose Files" button. Your file will now start uploading from the local storage of your computer. Alternatively, you can upload from URL, Drive, Dropbox, etc.

choose files in zamzar

2. Select your output file type and convert.

Once the file has successfully uploaded, you can choose the output file type. In this case, we may select Word format and select "docx" file type. It is because Zamzar cannot directly convert PDF files to the Publisher format. However, when you convert the PDF to Word using it, it is compatible with the MS Publisher app, so that it will work. Click "Convert Now," and when the file conversion finishes, you will get a download button from where you may effortlessly download your file.

convert now in zamzar

Part 3. Export PDF to Publisher Online with PDFFiller

PDFFiller is an excellent PDF editing tool that comes with many other functions. It is famous for having a wide range of  features, including the ability to create forms and add electronic signatures. When it comes to file conversion, PDFFiller enables seamless conversions between a variety of file types and PDFs.

You can easily convert PDFs to Word format even though it doesn't enable direct PDF to Publisher conversion. By building a bridge, your content can now be easily imported into MS Publisher.

1. Open PDFFiller and upload your PDF document.

Open the PDFFiller web application on any browser on your PC and click the uploading option for uploading the PDF document to the PDFFiller website. It also allows you to use different options for uploading your files, including local storage and cloud storage as well.

upload pdf in pdffiller

2. Click Done and use Save As to convert.

When the PDF file successfully uploads to PDFFiller and is displayed in the editor view, click the "Done" button from the right top. You will now move to the dashboard, where you need to click "Save as" and then select "Word" to download the PDF file in Word format. Since PDFFiller cannot directly convert PDF files to Publisher, you can convert your PDF documents to Word format with it, which is also compatible with MS Publisher.

convert pdf to word in pdffiller

Part 4. Bonus Tip: Edit PDF Before Converting it to Publisher

UPDF is your PDF Editing software that is packed with all sorts of PDF editing and converting options. It provides a comprehensive experience with all types of PDF features, and it is a recommended tool to use before converting PDF to Publisher format. It is because once you have converted your PDF to Publisher format, you cannot edit the content of your file since it only works on layout, fonts, etc.

So, when you use UPDF before performing this conversion, you can make all the final editing touches to polish your document further. With the features available here, your experience of working on PDF documents will be significantly enhanced since some of them include:

  1. UPDF AI for reviewing, summarizing, and translating the contents of a PDF document
  2. UPDF Cloud is a dedicated cloud storage for your PDF documents and syncing them across all your devices automatically
  3. Built-in OCR functionality with support for multiple languages and over 99% accuracy.
  4. PDF read-aloud feature to read your PDF documents aloud for easier comprehension
  5. PDF form creation from scratch and the ability to edit the old ones
  6. PDF page organizing features
  7. Watermark, Header and footers, and PDF background editing
  8. Merging and splitting PDF
  9. Text and image editing in a PDF
  10. PDF cropping, Annotations, conversions to other file formats and vice versa, and many more.

These are some of the most famous features that UPDF brings, and there are lots of others as well. So, you can access all the features of UPDF by downloading its application on your PC. Some of the UPDF features are premium-locked, but those can be unlocked by getting a UPDF Pro subscription at extremely cheap prices.

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And here is the guide for you to edit PDF before converting it to Publisher:

1. Open PDF with UPDF

After the UPDF installation is complete on your PC, you can click the icon to open it. Once UPDF opens, click "Open File" and locate your desired PDF document from the browse window in your local storage. Click the file to select it and then click "Open." Now, UPDF will immediately open your PDF document in Reader View.

convert now in zamzar open file

2. Go to Edit PDF and edit the document.

Navigating to the left menu, locate the "Edit PDF" option and click it to reveal PDF editing tools. Here, you will get Text, Image, and Link editing buttons. Say that you want to edit text; double-click on a text box to make it editable. It will show text editing options, and the whole text box will become outlined by dotted lines. In the same way, you can edit images or add any new content in the PDF document.

convert now in zamzar edit pdf

3. Save as Other

Once you are satisfied with the edits you need to make, we recommend using the "Save as" option. It saves all the changes and progress in a new PDF file and does not disturb your original document. So, click the "Save as Other" button from the right menu and select "Save As." Now follow through with the on-screen steps to save your progress in a new file.

convert now in zamzar save as

Final Words

Whenever you need to use a PDF document in the Microsoft Publisher application, it is essential to convert PDF to Publisher. The tricky part here is that the app does not accept PDF format, and there are not many tools that can directly convert to the publisher format. However, with the methods and tools we shared in this guide, we hope that you can easily do this conversion and make your PDF documents compatible with the MS Publisher application.

One thing to do before this conversion is to make final editing touches to your document, and that's where the UPDF app comes in. It is the best PDF editor with the most comprehensive feature list. So, you can download UPDF on your PC for free to use its editing features when working on a document that will soon be opened on MS Publisher.

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