How to Copy PDF to Word with 3 Methods

Do you have a PDF document with content that you want to transfer to a Word document? One of the best ways to do this is simply to copy PDF to Word. But if you consider how hard it can be to edit the content on a PDF, this is easier said than done. Yet, there are several easy ways that you can copy PDF to Word. This article will share with you three different, but effective ways to do it.

Method 1. How to Copy and Paste from PDF to Word without Losing Formatting

If you want to copy and paste content from the PDF to a Word document with the formatting intact, your best bet is UPDF Converter. This is a third-party program that simplifies the process of converting PDF documents to other formats like Word.

UPDF Converter is a solution that guarantees you can convert all or some of the content on your PDF to Word accurately and with all the original content intact. Since you are using UPDF to complete the conversion on your computer, you are guaranteed the safety of the document and any sensitive information that may be contained in it.

UPDF Converter is also a very simple tool to use. Just follow these simple steps to copy PDF to Word:

Step 1: Import the PDF Document

Start by installing UPDF Converter on your computer. Launch the program and then click on the "Add Files" button to browse through your files and select the PDF document you'd like to import.

A simpler way to import the PDF file would be simply to drag and drop the file into the program's main window.

how to copy pdf to word

Step 2: Select Output Format

Once the document has been added to the program, you should see a number of output formats to choose from on the left. Select "Word" to convert the document to Word Format. Choose a reconstruction mode from the three options that appear.

copy pdf to word

Step 3: Convert PDF to Word

Click "Go" and UPDF will begin converting the PDF to Word. You should see the progress of the conversion process indicated right next to the document. The whole process should take only a few seconds.

how to copy and paste a pdf into word

Step 4: Copy PDF to Word

Once the conversion is complete, you will be able to save the newly created Word document on your computer. You can then just open it in Word and copy any section of the document to a new Word document.

Method 2. How to Copy Text from PDF to Word in Google Chrome

If the formatting of the resultant text is not very important to you or maybe you just want the text and nothing else, you can use Google Chrome to copy text from PDF to Word. The process is relatively simple since Google Chrome can easily open any PDF document. Here's a guide to help you through the process:

  • Step 1: Find the PDF document on your computer and double-click on it to open it in Google Chrome. Please note that this will only work if you have set Google Chrome as the primary program to open PDFs. If not, you can make sure that the document will open in Google Chrome, by right-clicking on it and choosing "Open With" to select Google Chrome.
  • Step 2: When the document is open in Google Chrome, locate the section that you would like to copy and drag your mouse to select the area. Use the "Ctrl + C" command on your keyboard to copy the select the text.
  • Step 3: Then open a blank Word document on your computer and then use "Ctrl + V" to paste in the selected text.
how to copy text from pdf to word

Since this solution can be labor-intensive, you will find that it is only ideal when copying smaller sections of text, otherwise, you may have to repeat the steps above as many times as needed to copy a large document.

Method 3. How to Copy and Paste PDF into Word with Google Drive

You can also copy and paste content from a PDF document to Word using Google Drive. Google Drive in this case will help you preview or open the PDF document so you can find the section you would like to copy and essentially copy and paste it into a Word document.

Here's how the process would work:

Step 1: Open or Preview the PDF in Google Drive

The first thing you want to do is add the PDF document to Google Drive. To do that, go to Google Drive on any browser and sign in to your Google Account if you are not already signed in.

You can then open the file browser on your computer, find the PDF document you want to work with and then drag and drop the document to Google Drive.

You can also click on "New > File Upload" and then browse for the file you'd like to upload.

Once the document has been added to Google Drive, you should be able to see it among your documents. Click on it to see a preview of the document.

Step 2: Convert the PDF to a Google Doc

To open the document so it will be easier to copy content from it, you will need to convert the PDF to a Google Doc. Click on the "Open With" dropdown at the top of the preview and choose "Google Docs." Google will automatically convert the PDF to a Google Document that will open on a new tab.

how to copy and paste from pdf to word without losing formatting

Step 3: Copy Content from the Google Doc

You can then scroll through the Google Doc to find the content that you would like to copy.

Select the content and use "Ctrl + C" to copy the content. Open a Word document on your computer and then use "Ctrl + V" to paste in the content. You can then save the Word document to your computer.

This is a relatively easier solution if there is a lot of content that you'd like to copy, but you will lose the original formatting of the content. So using UPDF Converter is the best solution to help you keep the original formatting.