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How to Convert PDF to JPG on Windows 11/10? (4 Ways)

PDF has become the most used document-sharing medium today due to its benefits. However, sometimes you still need to learn how to convert PDF to JPG Windows for things like extracting images from the PDF, taking and editing graphics, or ensuring that information is not editable when you share it with someone.

No matter which of these use cases you have, here we will discuss the most efficient and easy ways of PDF to JPG conversion that you can try.

Part 1. How to Convert PDF to JPG Offline on Windows? (2 Ways)

Whenever you want to convert a PDF into JPG format, offline conversion is the most preferred option since it brings reliability, privacy, safety, and, most importantly, quick results. When you look for offline tools that can help you convert a PDF document into JPG format, the best option is UPDF. UPDF is famous for being a PDF viewer and editor, but it has capabilities beyond that. You can download UPDF and check its features with us.

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Some of the best qualities of UPDF are:

  • Combining and organizing multiple PDF documents.
  • 2-way conversion with multiple formats.
  • UPDF AI for intelligent writing, translating, summarizing, explaining, and more.
  • UPDF Cloud organizes your PDF documents in the cloud.
  • Built-in OCR, etc.

To learn more, just read this UPDF review article.

With all these qualities, UPDF makes the best option for all your offline PDF working requirements, including converting to JPG. When doing that with UPDF, you still get 2 different options for single PDF conversion and multiple PDF conversion, and details for both are discussed below:

Way 1. Convert a PDF to JPG in Windows 11/10

The most basic thing people require for performing this conversion is a single PDF to JPG conversion. Doing that with UPDF is extremely easy since you get an interface that glides you through the process with ease. So, here are the steps to follow on UPDF whether you use Windows 11 for the conversion or Windows 10:

1. Open UPDF

Find the UPDF app desktop icon and double-click to open it. Alternatively, search UPDF in your computer's Windows menu. That will pop up the UPDF app, which will open by clicking. As it opens, click "Open File" and then open the desired PDF document through the browse window.

Open file on UPDF Windows

2. Export as Image

Now go to the “Export PDF” option and click Image from the list of options that appears. It will take you to the export output formatting option through a pop-up window. Select the output format as image and JPEG as the image type. The other settings can be left as default.

Export PDF to image using UPDF

3. Set output format and apply.

Click the “Export” button and a browse window may pop-up. Rename your JPG image name if required, select the desired destination folder, and click “Save”. Now the PDF document will be instantly converted to a JPG image that will be saved on your local storage.

 Convert a PDF to JPG in Windows 11/10 using UPDF

Video guide on How to Convert PDF to JPG on Windows

It is easy to convert PDF to JPG on Windows with UPDF. You can download UPDF via the below button and follow the below video guide to convert PDF to JPG on Windows.

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Way 2. Convert Multiple PDFs to JPGs in Windows 11/10

What if you need to convert multiple PDF documents into JPG format simultaneously? UPDF also allows you to do that with its "Convert" feature. There are no extra steps or efforts required to perform this conversion. So, with the same process and experience, you get multiple PDFs converted into JPGs at once, and here is how you can do it:

1. Open UPDF and select batch

Locate UPDF app desktop icon and double-click to open it, or search "UPDF" in your computer's Windows menu by pressing the "Windows" key and then typing. It will show UPDF, which will open by clicking. As it opens, click "Batch" and then "Convert." It will take you to UPDF's PDF conversion feature. Here you will find the option to add PDF files and different output formats.  

2. Add PDF files in UPDF.

The "Add Files" button and "dropdown" next to it are important here. It is because if you want to manually add different files, you can use the "Add Files" button. However, if you want to add a whole folder of PDF files, select "Add Folders" from the dropdown menu, and it will make the process quicker for you. If you add some PDF files and skip some, you can add more midway by pressing the "Add Files" button on the top right.

Add PDF files in UPDF to convert PDF to JPG in Windows

3. Set output format and apply.

You can see the Output Format option on the right side of your screen. By default, it will be set to Word. You must click the "dropdown" option to get other output formats and select an image. Next, select JPG from the second dropdown in a similar way. Next, you can click "Apply," set the saving destination and file name, and then click "Save."

Feel UPDF is what you need? Click the below button to download UPDF and start converting PDF to JPG on Windows now.

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Part 2. How to Convert PDF to JPG on Windows Free Online? (2 Ways)

There are other ways to convert PDF documents into JPG image format on the Windows OS for free, and the process is extremely simple. These ways include iLovePDF, an online tool, and the screenshot method, a built-in feature in the Windows OS. Below is a detailed explanation of these methods for converting your PDF files into JPG.

Way 1. Export PDF to JPG on Windows Via iLovePDF

Since UPDF is a paid tool and you are looking for free options, iLovePDF is a free online tool that you can use for conversion. It not only brings a short process but also offers additional features to elevate your experience.

1. Open iLovePDF Website and pick the conversion.

Open the iLovePDF website, and you will be welcomed with all its functionalities. Select "PDF to JPG," as we will do that here.

Select PDF to JPG in ilovepdf

2. Add files to iLovePDF.

You can add PDF files from offline storage using the "Select PDF file" button. However, it also supports getting files from cloud storage like Google Drive and Dropbox. When the file upload is complete, and you want to convert multiple files, click the "Red +" button to add more files.

select pdf files button on ilovepdf

3. Select the conversion technicalities.

You can select the output image quality from the available options. Additionally, iLovePDF allows you to select between converting PDF pages into JPG or extracting the media only from PDF pages and converting that media into JPG. Select one from the available options and click "Convert to JPG."

convert pdf to jpg ilovepdf

4. Download your converted file.

The conversion will instantly convert, and in some cases, your download will begin automatically. Otherwise, you can click the "Download JPG images" button to download the converted JPG image file. The file will be saved in the default download location, or your browser will ask you for it before the download begins.

download jpg image ilovepdf

Way 2. Change PDF to JPG on Windows Via Screenshot

The last method you can try is using the built-in screenshot feature in the Windows OS. Since it is a built-in feature, the internet and any other application's availability are unnecessary. This method may seem easy to some, but it can be difficult to get the best results since the results depend on how well you take the screenshot. Anyways, below are the steps for how the screenshot feature can help you convert PDF to JPG:

1. Open the PDF file and take a screenshot.

Locate your PDF document and double-click to open it. It will open in a browser or any other PDF tool, which does not matter here. Once the PDF opens, press the "Windows & Shift & S" keys together. It will call the "Snip & Sketch" function on your PC that you can use to take a screenshot of a window, region, or a selection on the screen.

Hold and drag the cursor to take a screenshot of the desired area. After you take the screenshot, the Snip & Sketch interface will open, where you can click the "Save" button or "Ctrl & S" keys. If it does not open automatically, you can open it from the images folder in your Windows.

take screenshot on windows

2. Set saving technicalities and save

Now enter the desired name for that image, select "JPG or JPEG" from the "Save as type" dropdown menu. Finally, you can hit save, and the JPG image will be saved on your PC. Converting PDF to JPG using the screenshot method is that simple.

Save JPG or JPEG in windows

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Wrapping UP

JPG is a widely used format for images which makes sharing content easier. On the other hand, PDF is the document format adopted by schools and the official world for sharing documents. However, sometimes you need to get the data in your PDF document in the JPG format to resolve compatibility, safety, and reliability issues. Since you learned how to convert PDF to JPG Windows in this guide, we hope you can easily overcome all those issues.

If you work with PDF documents a lot, you may need an easy experience and a good feature set. Try UPDF for conversion, viewing and sharing PDFs, and easily editing your PDF documents. It packs the performance and interface that will surely enhance your overall experience. Go to click the below button to download UPDF and use it now.

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