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How to Convert PDF to PPT with 6 Tested Methods

PDF to PPT conversion is a prerequisite for any business, academic, or professional setting. The reason is simple: PDF is great for distributing information far and wide but not so ideal when presenting material to a specific audience; in stark contrast, PPT is great for presentation purposes but isn't such as platform-friendly application. That's why these two diverse file formats are BFFs! They play off each other's limitations to form a winning team!

Jumping right in, let's look at 6 methods to convert PDF to PowerPoint (.pdf to .pptx.).

Method 1. How to Convert PDF to PowerPoint with UPDF

UPDF is not your average PDF to PPT converter. It supports more than a dozen output formats with various types of input PDF files: editable PDFs, scanned PDFs, and image-based documents. The output quality is exceptional for such lightweight software, so it's clearly punching well above its weight. It also includes advanced capabilities such as conversion setting options. Download UPDF from the below button for a trial (2 free conversions per day).

UPDF allows you to convert PDF files into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, images, HTML, XML, and more. The OCR engine is extremely efficient and a multilingual text recognition tool that supports over 30 languages.

pdf to ppt with updf

Situation 1: Steps of Converting a Single PDF to PPT

Note: The process outlined here is almost the same in Windows as it is on Mac, but UPDF for each platform has nuances that give it a native feel on each of the operating systems.

  • Step 1. First, make sure that you have downloaded and Installed the UPDF. open the PDF file in UPDF that you want to convert. If you haven't installed UPDF, you can tap the below button to get it.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

  • Step 2. Run UPDF on your device and click the "Open File" button on the main interface to open the PDF document.
  • Step 3. Click on the "Export PDF" icon and it'll show you a list of file formats. Select the "PowerPoint (.pptx)" file format to convert your PDF to PPT.
  • Step 4. Once you click on the PPT format, a pop-up will appear. You can change your page range based on your needs and select running text recognition or not on your preferences. Now, click on the "Export" button.
convert pdf to ppt with export feature

Situation 2: Steps of Converting a Scanned PDF to PPT

  • Step 1. If what you have is a scanned PDF, you can tap "Recognize Text Using OCR" to open the OCR feature first. This function can identify and recognize the scanned PDF words and convert them into editable text.
  • Step 2. Choose "Searchable PDF".
  • Step 3. You can select the layout, document language, image resolution, and page range for the OCR recognition.
  • Step 4. When you have done the setting, click on "Perform OCR" and then use the Export feature to convert scanned PDF to PPT.
  • Step 5. After performing OCR, the editable PDF file will open in UPDF automatically, and now you can follow the instructions in Situation 1 to export it to PPT.
pdf to pptx with ocr

Situation 3: Convert Multiple PDFs to PowerPoints in a Batch

To help users boost productivity, UPDF released the Batch feature so that you can convert many PDFs at once.

  • Step 1. After running UPDF on your computer, you can click the "Batch" option on the main interface. There are many options available in the new window and you should choose "Convert" now.
batch convert pdf to ppt
  • Step 2. Now you can use the "+ Add Files" option to add as many PDF documents as needed. After importing all the PDF files, you can reorder them by dragging and dropping them to the right position. You can also remove the file if you add it by mistake. What's more? It allows you to select the page range for each file to customize the conversion.
  • Step 3. On the right-side menu, select "PowerPoint" as the output format.
  • Step 4. Finally, click "Apply" and select the folder to save the PPT files.
convert multiple pdfs to ppt

Then your converted file will be saved in your local folder. The conversion process is completed. Try UPDF now!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Video Tutorial on How to Convert PDF to Powerpoint

What else can UPDF do?

UPDF is an all-in-one PDF editor for Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. Using UPDF, you can edit, annotate, and organize your PDF files. You can also underline, bold, and strikethrough the text with ease. The best thing about UPDF is that it allows you to sign your PDF files and share them with your friends and colleagues.

Pros of UPDF


  • The user interface is modern and easy to use
  • 100% secure and reliable
  • OCR feature to convert scanned PDF to editable PDF
  • Batch conversion is available
  • Highly speed to convert PDF to other formats
  • Share the PDF file via email, link, or QR code.
  • Compress PDF files to a smaller size
  • Compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android
  • AI integration to summarize, translate, and chat with PDF.

Method 2. How to Present PDF as a PowerPoint

With the development of technology, you can display your PDF presentation as a slideshow without converting PDF to PPT. Let's look at them!

Step 1: Access the Slide Show Tab

Launch UPDF and click on "Open File." Now select the PDF and import it into the app. Select "Reader" from the left of the screen and click on "Slide Show" from the list of options.

Clicking on "Slide Show," you will see the option in the right top corner for the presentation. "Use Presenter View" will show you how your slide show will go. Click on "Presenter View" to take a quick look at your presentation.

pdf to powerpoint with updf

Step 2: Present your PDF Presentation

After watching the presenter's view, click "Use Slide Show" to begin the presentation. You can use a pen during the slide show to emphasize something and erase it with an eraser. If you want to point out something important but don't want to mess up your presentation, use the laser pointer.

present and convert pdf to powerpoint

Step 3: End your Presentation

Once you have given your presentation, click on the "End Show" button at the screen's top right corner or press the "ESC" key. The system will take you out of the slide show mode. Try UPDF now from the following button!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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Method 3. How to Change PDF to PPT with SodaPDF

The SodaPDF desktop and its online suite of conversion and other PDF tools give users flexible ways to convert PDF to PPT, either online or in the desktop editor. Although the online version is certainly convenient, the real power is in the desktop conversion engine, which can handle large files and comes with some special conversion features.

Top 3 Features of SodaPDF Online and Desktop to Convert PDF to PPT

  1. OCR and 'Detect and Convert Table' conversion features
  2. The hybrid online-offline delivery model
  3. MS Office-friendly design with a similar menu layout


  • Full-fledged PDF utility with editing, conversion, compression, and OCR.
  • Windows-like environment


  • No desktop version for Mac - "SodaPDF for Mac" page promotes the online version!
  • Online PDF to PPT conversion options are limited - no OCR, no batch processing
  • No free-forever version - upgrade to Standard or Pro version required after 14-day free trial

Pricing: The standard version is $4.15 a month and the Pro is $7.50 a month with an annual subscription.

Steps to Convert PDF to PPT in SodaPDF for Windows

  • Step 1: First, click File and Open to import the PDF.
  • Step 2: Click the 'Create&Convert' tab at the top and then on the option in the ribbon toolbar that says PowerPoint.
  • Step 3: In the Convert tab, select the page range, and check the OCR and Detect and Convert Table checkboxes if you need to. Set the target folder to save the converted file.
  • Step 4: Click the Export icon at the bottom of that panel. Wait for the notification panel to tell you that it's 'Done'. Access the file in Explorer and open it with MS PowerPoint.
soda pdf to ppt

Method 4. How to Export PDF to PowerPoint with TalkHelper PDF Converter

TalkHelper for Windows is a solid PDF to PPT converter in its own right. The software interface is pretty old-school but functional, and it even offers PDF creation, OCR, and batch processing, which are pretty useful. There are also tools to organize PDF files and pages, making it a practical PDF converter.

Top 3 Features of TalkHelper

  • OCR PDF to Word and Excel
  • To and from PDF conversion options
  • Multilingual OCR support (46 languages)


  • A practical suite of conversion tools - convert, merge, split, and extract


  • OCR is over and above the software cost
  • Windows-only utility

Pricing: $29.95 for a perpetual license and $49.95 for the 500-page OCR add-on purchase.

Steps to Use TalkHelper Convert PDF to PowerPoint

  • Step 1: Use the Add File button in the bottom toolbar to import the file or files.
  • Step 2: The panel on the left shows you various conversion options - click PDF to PPT.
  • Step 3: On the same page, you can choose the Convert Mode, change the OCR language, and specify the output folder. Click the Convert button in the bottom toolbar to process the file. Save the output file when you see the Explorer dialog prompt.
TalkHelper PDF to ppt

Method 5. How to Turn PDF into PowerPoint with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Acrobat Pro DC has long been the go-to utility for all things PDF. Things are certainly changing now with a ton of competition nipping at its heels. The complexity of the software and the high price of usage make it prohibitive to many users. Nevertheless, Acrobat Pro DC is definitely a force.

Top 3 Features of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

  1. Rich functions
  2. Cross-platform availability - Win/Mac
  3. Batch conversion, cloud integration, and OCR


  • Highly accurate and speedy conversion (export) from PDF to PPT and other formats
  • Flexible conversion settings


  • Expensive software
  • The interface is not very user-friendly per a lot of users on public forums

Pricing: $239.88 charged annually.

Steps to Convert PDF to PowerPoint in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

  • Step 1: You can click the My Computer option to import a PDF from the computer's local drives. There are also options to import from Document Cloud and Creative Cloud, but the client applications may need to be set up on your desktop in advance.
  • Step 2: Click Export PDF in the left-side menu panel after clicking the Tool tab near the top. Click Microsoft PowerPoint in the center panel.
  • Step 3: Click the PowerPoint Presentation export option. When prompted, choose a destination folder and save the converted PPT file.
adobe pdf to ppt

Method 6. How to Convert PDF to PPTX with Nitro Pro

The Nitro Productivity Platform combines the best of desktop PDF tools, product integrations, analytics, and the power of the cloud, but even the Nitro PDF Pro desktop component alone is a feisty beast when it comes to handling PDF tasks like a pro. The conversion engine is as solid as it gets, it offers bulk conversions, and the interface is fairly intuitive for Windows users.

Top 3 Features of Nitro PDF Pro

  • Automatic OCR activation when image-based text is detected
  • Excellent conversion quality
  • Convert from email with attachments with the Outlook plugin


  • Windows-friendly platform - Mac version is marketed and sold as PDFpen


  • Expensive for many individual users
  • Some complex content might have alignment, font, and other issues

Pricing: ~$179.99 for Windows; ~$139.99 for Mac (PDFpen Pro)

Steps to Convert PDF to PPT with Nitro PDF Pro

  • Step 1: In the Home section, look for the Convert group and click on To PowerPoint.
  • Step 2: Use the Add Files button to import the PDF you want to convert into a PPT slideshow.
  • Step 3: Tweak any settings you need to, set the target folder, and hit the Convert button. Save the file when prompted by Explorer.
nitro pdf to ppt

The Benefits of Presenting with PDF Files

PowerPoint is known for creating attractive presentations. However, presenting with PDF can be a lot easier and more convenient. Below are some benefits of presenting with PDF files:

1. Takes Less Space

A PDF file takes less space than a PowerPoint. A complex PowerPoint presentation is large, so if you present it on a slow computer, it will start to lag. The constant lagging can have a bad impact even if your presentation is top-notch. So it's better to use a PDF file for the presentation to keep everything working smoothly.

2. Keeps the Data Protected

If you are afraid that someone might copy your presentation, then you should use PDF for the presentation. A PDF presentation can be secured with a password. You can also set an expiration time or add editing restrictions to your PDF. Such security measures cannot be taken on PowerPoint, which makes it insecure.

3. Unavailability of PowerPoint

PowerPoint takes up a lot of space, and having it installed on your computer can affect its performance. This is one of the most common reasons that people don't have PowerPoint on their devices. If you give your presentation on a device with no PowerPoint, your file will not even open. You can avoid this issue by using a PDF file for the presentation.

4. Keep the Elements Intact

You use different fonts and layout styles to make a presentation more attractive. While it looks appealing to you, the receiver of your PPT may not see it that way. The person you have sent it to may not have the same PowerPoint version as you, so your presentation will look different to that person. You can avoid this issue by sending a PDF presentation.

Difference between PDF and PowerPoint Format

PDF and PowerPoint are two very different formats. The PDF format offers a lot more than just making slides. You can manage your finances, worksheets, bills, applications, and business contracts on PDF, while PowerPoint is only used for creating presentations. A PDF file can be viewed freely, unlike PowerPoint, where you have to buy a plan for viewing the slides.

The theme, layout, and font style of PowerPoint can change on every computer. PDF, on the other hand, remains intact no matter on which device it is used. Moreover, the PDF format is a lot more common and is available on all devices. This is not true for PowerPoint software as it is not present on everyone's computers.


These 6 best PDF to PPT conversion methods are either the very best in their class, offer extensive PDF functionality, or are highly user-friendly, but the only dedicated PDF converter with extensive functionality is UPDF from Superace. Unlike TalkHelper and SodaPDF, it works with Mac and Windows, it's a lightweight tool compared to the heavier Nitro Pro PDF, and it's far more affordable than Acrobat Pro DC, Besides, it gives you all the essential tools to convert PDF into a diverse array of other editable formats, with multilingual OCR to round it off. Now, let's download and purchase UPDF and try it now.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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