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Top 7 PDF to XML Converters in 2023

The XML format is one of the best ways to simplify data and when you have a PDF document with a lot of data structure, you may find it easier to make sense of in XML format. But because of the complicated nature of any data presets, you will need a tool that is intelligent enough to convert the PDF to XML without affecting the original data in any way. Here, we will look at the top 7 PDF to XML converters that promise to convert your PDF document without affecting the data. Let's start with the best one - UPDF.

Top 7 PDF to XML Converters Free Download

Comparing Top 7 PDF to XML Converters

With so many options available, choosing the suitable PDF to XML converter can be difficult. Not many PDF converters support the conversion of PDF to XML. You can be easily distracted by the wrong PDF converters. The following comparison chart will help you find a suitable and cost-effective XML converter.

ToolPricingOperating SystemRatingFormat SupportedConversion Stability
UPDFSubscription Plan: $29.99/year
Perpetual Plan: $49.99/1-Time Fee
Windows, Mac, iOS, Android4.8PDF to XML, HTML, Images, Word, Excel, PPT, RTF, Text, PDF/A, OCRExcellent
DoxillionCommercial License: $16.97/user
Home Use Only: $14.99/non-business use
Windows, Mac4.5PDF to XML, HTML, Word, TextGood
Mini PDFServer License: $299.95/1-user
Developer License: $1499.95/Royalty-free License
Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android4.0PDF to XML, HTML, PDF/A, Word, Excel, Text, Images, PowerPoint, Windows Icon, Encapsulated PostScriptGood
Nitro PDFMac Users: $129.99/1-20 Licenses
Windows Users: $179.99/1-20 Licenses
Windows, Mac, Linux4.7PDF to XML, Word, PowerPoint, Images, HTML, PDF/A, CAD, ExcelGood
VeryPDFSingle Personal User License: $59.95/1-Time 2-5
Personal User License: $119.95/1-Time
Mac4.6PDF to XML, HTML, Text, Office documentGood
ZamzarStartup: $25/Month
Growth: $99/Month
Scale: $299/Month
Online Tool4.0PDF to XML, HTML, Text, Office document, Images, eBooks, Audio, CADUnsafe
Swift ConverterFreeOnline Tool2.8PDF to XML, HTML, Word, TextUnsafe

Following the table chart, most tools have downsides except for the UPDF. UPDF is the only PDF-to-XML converter with good points from pricing to conversion stability. That's why it's marked at the top of the table.

The following are detailed introductions to the top PDF to XML converters.


As the name suggests, UPDF is a desktop program that converts PDF documents to a variety of formats including XML. The biggest benefit of choosing UPDF over other converters is that it will ensure that the format of the original PDF is maintained during the conversion. This means that you don't have to worry about any significant changes in the data on the resultant XML file.

UPDF is also an uncomplicated solution. The user interface is so easy to use. It is almost self-explanatory. You just need to import the PDF you would like to convert, then choose XML as the output format and the conversion will begin immediately. It also supports a wide range of output formats including Word, Excel, TXT, HTML, and all image formats.



  • Conversion is very accurate and fast.
  • The formatting of the converted document remains consistent throughout the conversion.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • You can use it to convert PDFs to other formats.
  • The smart OCR feature can help you convert scanned PDF documents.
  • It is also available to edit, annotate, protect and split PDF files.

2. Doxillion Document Converter

Doxillion Document Converter is a PDF to XML converter that can also be very useful. It is Mac only a tool, meaning that it is not useful to Windows users. But it can be used to convert PDF documents to a variety of formats including HTML, DOC, TXT, and more.

This PDF to XML converter is also very easy to use. You can simply drag and drop the PDF into the main interface and then simply select the output format that you would like to convert the document to. It is also appropriate for the conversion of multiple PDFs to XML.

pdf to xml converter free download


  • It is easy to use, with a simple user interface
  • It supports the conversion of PDF to a variety of other formats
  • It supports batch conversions


  • It is a simple tool with only a few features

3. Mini PDF to Any Converter Command Line

MiniPDF is another excellent tool to convert your PDFs to XML format if you are good at writing web scripts. Basically, MiniPDF to any converter doesn't have its graphical user interface; it's a command line tool. You won't have the luxury of dragging and dropping files on its interface. All you have to do is write scripts according to the files you want to convert. Since it's a scripting tool, it's fast, and you can do whatever you want unless you are an expert in writing scripts.

pdf to xml converter free


  • It can convert PDF to several formats including Word, XML, Excel, PowerPoint, and More.
  • You can also use it to create a PDF document by simply opening any file format using the program.
  • It has a simple user interface
  • It maintains the original formatting of the converted file


  • The process of importing the file for conversion can be a bit complicated

4. Nitro PDF Converter

Nitro PDF has long been one of the best tools to create, open and read PDF documents. As a complete PDF tool, you can also count on Nitro to help you convert PDF documents to other formats including XML. The conversion process is as easy as simply selecting the output format that you want to convert to and the conversion process begins immediately.

This PDF to XML converter also supports a wide range of output formats, allowing you to convert PDF documents to HTML, Word, PowerPoint, and Image formats like JPEG. It also has PDF editing features that can come in handy when you need to make significant changes to the PDF document before converting it.

best pdf to xml converter


  • It can convert PDFs to various formats
  • It is very easy to use with a user-friendly format
  • The conversion process is very fast and highly accurate; the converted document maintains its original formatting.
  • It also has PDF editing features


  • Although it has a free trial, at 129.99 for Mac users and $179.99 for windows users, it is one of the most expensive converters in the market.

5. Verypdf PDF to XML

If you are looking for a simple-to-use and highly effective PDF-to-XML converter, you may want to choose the dedicated Verypdf. This simple tool is an ideal PDF converting PDF to a variety of other formats including Word, RTF, TXT, and image formats like JPEG.

The biggest advantage of choosing to use this tool over others is the fact that it can convert diagrams as accurately as it does text. It is however only compatible with Mac OS.

pdf to xml converter


  • It is a simple tool that is very easy to use
  • It supports numerous output formats
  • It can convert diagrams as well as text


  • It is not available for Windows OS
  • It is quite costly compared to other similar converters.

The following 2 tools are both online PDF to XML converters. Before you choosing online tools, you should consider about thesafety of your documents. It is unsafe for you to upload your PDF document online and there will also be some file limits. The conversion quality may also be damaged if your internet is not stable.

6. Zamzar PDF to XML

Zamzar is one of the most popular online conversion tools. It can be used to convert just about any file format to another format including PDF to XML. The interface may appear a little outdated, but Zamzar PDF to XML converter is a very simple to use highly effective converter.

pdf to xml converter online


  • It can convert PDF to XML effectively and accurately
  • It also supports other output formats.


  • It may limit the size of the PDF you can convert
  • You may need to provide your email address to convert the document.

7. Swift Converter

Swift Converter is another free and easy-to-use online PDF to XML converter. It is easily accessible on any browser and has a very simple user interface that can make the conversion process very fast. All you have to do is upload the PDF document that you want to convert and the conversion process begins.

pdf to xml converter online free


  • It has a simple user interface that simplifies the conversion process
  • It converts PDF to XML very quickly and without affecting the formatting.
  • You don't need to sign in or register to convert the file


  • It limits the size of the PDF to convert

After introducing the 7 PDF to XML converters, you will know that UPDF is the best option you have. It is not only because the conversion accuracy of this tool is high and the speed is also high. It is also because that UPDF is an all-in-one tool, and you can annotate, convert, OCR, protect, and organize PDF pages. Don't hesitate, start using it now!