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How to Convert PDF to DjVu: Efficient Methods and Tools

Converting PDF to DjVu can be highly beneficial for reducing file sizes while maintaining quality, especially for image-heavy documents. DjVu's advanced compression technology makes it ideal for storing and sharing large files efficiently. This guide will explore the relevance of DjVu today, how to convert PDFs to DjVu, and the advantages of using UPDF. Read on to learn effective methods and tools for seamless conversion and efficient document management. Discover how to optimize your digital files without sacrificing quality.

Part 1. Is DjVu Still Being Used?

Yes, DjVu is still being used, particularly in specific niches like academic research, technical documentation, and digital libraries. Its primary advantage lies in its high compression ratio, making it ideal for distributing scanned documents and images with minimal loss in quality. This makes DjVu a preferred format for users who need efficient storage and quick access to large documents.

Converting PDFs to DjVu can be beneficial when you need to reduce the file size without compromising quality, especially for image-heavy documents. DjVu's efficient compression technology ensures that files are significantly reduced in size, making them easier to share and store.

There are a few methods to convert PDFs to DjVu, and you can select any one discussed below according to your preference. However, if your primary goal is to reduce the PDF file size, you can choose UPDF, which provides a seamless and easy way to compress PDFs without any conversion. If you frequently work with large PDFs and need an efficient solution for storage and distribution, try UPDF today.

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Part 2. How to Convert PDF to DjVu

Understanding the benefits and continued use of DjVu highlights why converting PDFs to this format can be advantageous. Now that we've covered the reasons and advantages, let's explore the practical steps involved. In this section, we'll guide you through the process of converting a PDF to DjVu using effective tools and methods.

1. Convert Using PDF2DJVU

PDF2DJVU is a straightforward online tool specifically designed for converting PDF files to the DjVu format. It is user-friendly and does not require any installation, making it an ideal choice for quick and hassle-free conversions.

To convert a PDF to DjVu using PDF2DJVU, follow these simple steps:

  1. Select the PDF: Start by selecting the PDF file you want to convert to DjVu. You can upload the document or file directly from your device.
pdf to djvu pdf2djvu
  1. Automatic Conversion: Once the PDF is uploaded, the conversion process begins automatically. The tool efficiently converts the PDF to DjVu without any further input required from you.
  2. Download the DjVu File: After the conversion is complete, download the newly created DjVu file to your device.

PDF2DJVU ensures a seamless conversion process, allowing you to benefit from DjVu's high compression capabilities quickly and easily.

2. Convert Using Convertio

Convertio is a versatile online conversion tool that supports a range of formats, including PDF to DjVu. Known for its ease of use and compatibility with various platforms, Convertio is an excellent option for those looking to convert files quickly and efficiently.

To convert a PDF to DjVu using Convertio, follow these steps:

  1. Upload PDF file(s): Start by selecting the PDF file(s) you want to convert. You can upload any file from your computer, Google Drive, or Dropbox. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the files directly onto the page.
pdf to djvu convertio
  1. Choose "to djvu": Once your files are uploaded, select DjVu as the output format from the dropdown menu. Convertio supports more than 200 formats, providing flexibility for various conversion needs.
  2. Download your DjVu: Let the conversion process complete, and then download the converted DjVu file to your device.

Convertio's user-friendly interface and broad format support make it a reliable choice for converting PDFs to DjVu, ensuring a smooth and efficient conversion process.

3. Convert Using 2PDF converter

2PDF Converter is a comprehensive online tool that offers plenty of conversion options, including the ability to convert PDFs to DjVu. Its flexibility and range of supported formats make it a reliable choice for users who need specific conversion settings.

To convert a PDF to DjVu using 2PDF Converter, follow these steps:

  1. Select the PDF file: Begin by selecting the PDF file you'd like to convert or drag it directly onto the page.
pdf to djvu 2pdf
  1. Choose DJVU: From the list of over 50 supported formats, select DjVu as the desired output format.
  2. Adjust Settings: If needed, customize the conversion by selecting the desired orientation, page size, and other conversion options to tailor the output to your requirements.
  3. Download or Export: Wait for the conversion to complete. Once done, download the DjVu file or export it to a cloud drive like Dropbox or Google Drive for easy access.

2PDF Converter's customizable settings and broad format support make it an excellent option for converting PDFs to DjVu, providing a tailored and efficient conversion experience.

Part 3. Bonus: A PDF Editor That Doesn't Require Converting PDFs to Scanned Documents

Converting PDFs to DjVu is particularly useful for reducing file size without sacrificing quality, making it easier to store and share large documents. DjVu's advanced compression technology is ideal for image-heavy documents such as scanned books, manuscripts, and technical drawings, as it maintains high visual fidelity while significantly reducing the file size.

However, sometimes you need a robust PDF editor that can handle these tasks without the need for conversion. This is where UPDF comes in. UPDF is a versatile PDF editor that offers comprehensive features, allowing you to edit, annotate, and manage your PDF files directly. With UPDF, you can perform all necessary document modifications without converting PDFs to other formats like DjVu or creating scanned documents.

UPDF supports a range of functionalities such as text and image editing, form filling, and adding comments or annotations, all within a user-friendly interface. Additionally, UPDF ensures that your original document formatting remains intact, providing a seamless editing experience. For those who require efficient document management without the hassle of converting file formats, UPDF is the perfect solution. Try UPDF today and experience a streamlined approach to PDF editing and management.

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Part 4. FAQs About PDF to DjVu

Q1. How do I open a DjVu file?

To open a DjVu file, you can use dedicated software like WinDjView for Windows or DjView for macOS and Linux. Additionally, there are services and browser extensions available for viewing DjVu files directly in your web browser.

Q2. How to convert DjVu format to PDF?

To convert a DjVu file to PDF, users can use online converters like Convertio or Zamzar. Alternatively, desktop software like DjVuLibre or Calibre can perform this conversion. Simply upload the DjVu file, select PDF as the output format, and continue the conversion process.

Q3. Why do people use DjVu?

People use DjVu because it offers superior compression for image-heavy documents, significantly reducing file size without compromising quality. This makes DjVu ideal for digitizing and sharing scanned books, manuscripts, and technical documents, providing efficient storage and quick access.


In conclusion, converting PDF to DjVu is an excellent way to reduce file sizes without losing quality, especially for documents rich in images. The tools and methods discussed, including PDF2DJVU, Convertio, and 2PDF Converter, provide reliable solutions for seamless conversions. However, if you need a comprehensive PDF editor that eliminates the need for conversion, UPDF is the perfect choice. UPDF allows you to edit, annotate, and manage your PDF files effortlessly, maintaining the original formatting and quality. Try UPDF today for an all-in-one solution to your document management needs.

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