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Convert Word to JPG with iLovePDF: Step-by-Step Easy Guide

Many people want to know how to convert Word to JPG with iLovePDF as it does not offer a direct way to do it. Most of the users cannot find the correct solution. No worries, please give a detailed read to this article and learn how to convert Word to JPG with iLovePDF step by step.

Part 1. How to Convert Word to JPG Via iLovePDF? (One By One)

iLovePDF is an amazing tool that makes it easy to convert your files online with just a few clicks. You can upload Word and PDF files up to 15 MB in the free plan. However, it does not support converting Word to JPG directly. But no worries, we have solutions for it.  

Now, have a look at the steps below to start converting the Word file into JPG right away:

Step 1: Open the iLovePDF tool on your browser, such as Google Chrome, and select the “Word to PDF” tool from the tools available on the home page. Afterward, press the “Select Word Files” button to upload your Word file.

upload the word file in ilovepdf

Step 2: Once the Word file is imported, press the "Convert to PDF" button from the bottom right corner. iLovePDF will convert the Word file into PDF and complete it within seconds. The PDF file will be automatically downloaded on your Windows PC/MacBook.

press convert to pdf button in ilovepdf

Step 3: To convert it into a JPG file, access the “PDF to JPG” converter and upload your document by pressing the “Select PDF File” button. Once the file is uploaded, press the “Convert to JPG” button and get the converted Word file on your system. Before initiating the conversion process, you can also change the image quality or select the PDF to JPG required option.

tap on convert to jpg button in ilovepdf

Part 2. How to Convert DOC to JPG Via iLovePDF in Batch?

In case you are working on multiple DOC files and want to avoid converting them one by one to save time, batch converting files using DOC to JPG converter iLovePDF is the best solution. The steps you need to perform are the same as those mentioned in the previous part. The only difference is that you need to select multiple files when importing. Carefully read the following instruction for batch conversion:

Instruction: For converting multiple Word files into a single JPG, you must upload multiple documents in the "Word to PDF" tool of iLovePDF. It will convert and combine all the Word files into a single document which you can further convert into JPG using the instructions provided in the previous part.

Limitations of the iLovePDF Converter Tool

  • Security is not entirely guaranteed.
  • You may encounter file size limitations when uploading.
  • A slow internet connection can affect file uploads.
  • The conversion process can be time-consuming.

Part 3. How to Convert Word to JPG With iLovePDF Alternative Quickly?

While searching for an alternative to iLovePDF for quickly converting Word to JPG files, you can use UPDF. This user-friendly tool allows you to convert files into 9 different formats. It works on both Windows and Mac computers, making it accessible to a wide range of users. One standout feature of UPDF is its OCR capability.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

How to Convert Word to JPG With iLovePDF Alternative Quickly

Moreover, you can convert various paper documents, such as handwritten notes. This means that even if you have scanned documents, you can import them into UPDF and convert them into editable and searchable files.

Pros of Using UPDF PDF Converter

  • There is no file size limitation on UPDF, and you can handle documents of any size.
  • UPDF is quite secure because it operates offline, and all the operations are performed with the help of your device processor.
  • The speed of UPDF is independent of the internet.
  • The process of UPDF is simple and fast because it doesn't require you to download the file multiple times from the server.

Steps to Convert the Word File to JPG Format With UPDF

The steps below are easy to perform and help users smoothen the process. These steps are explained in detail so that users don’t face a problem:

Step 1: Open File Explorer to Import Files

Locate the Word file from the file explorer that you want to convert into JPG and then drag and drop it into the interface of UPDF. This robust PDF tool will convert it into PDF format within seconds.

Drag word file to UPDF to Convert the Word File to JPG Format

Step 2: Set the Desired Export Format

Next, press the "Export PDF" tool and select the "Image" format. UPDF will provide you with multiple image formats to select from. In this case, select the "JPG" format and press the "Export" button to save the converted JPG file on the system.

Export Image to Convert the Word File to JPG Format With UPDF

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Part 4. How to Convert Words to JPGs With iLovePDF Alternative in Batch?

If you are dealing with multiple Word documents and want to convert them with the help of UPDF in one go, then follow the instructions provided below:

Step 1: Convert Files to PDF

To start the batch conversion of Word files to JPGs, drag and drop all the Word files into UPDF. The converted PDF files will open in separate tabs one by one. Afterward, press the “+” icon and create a new UPDF tab.

Create new tab to Convert Words to JPGs With iLovePDF Alternative

Step 2: Batch Process the Files

From the new tab, choose the “Batch” tool and proceed with “Batch Convert.” Next, press the “Arrowhead” icon present on the “Add Files” button and choose the “Add Open Files” option. This feature will automatically add all the PDF files to the converter section.

Add open files in batch convert words to jpgs with iLovePDF

Step 3: Set the Output Format and Save File

Following this, choose the “Image” option from the “Output Format” section and change the format to “JPG.” Press the “Apply” button from the bottom right corner and save your created JPG files in your desired folder to keep them secure and organized.

Final Words

Converting Word to JPG offers several benefits such as sharing content on social media easily. And iLovePDF is a very popular tool to convert files. So you may want to convert Word to JPG with iLovePDF. You can easily convert Word to JPG by following the above guide.

However, if you are looking for a more efficient and user-friendly alternative, we recommend using the UPDF. You can even conveniently convert your images to editable Word documents, ensuring you can easily modify and work with the text content.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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