How to Convert PDF to Bitmap

Converting PDF to bitmap makes it easy to share the files. You can convert PDF to bitmap using different conversion tools. One of the tools you can use is UPDF Converter. This article guides you how to convert PDF to bitmap with 2 best tools. You also learn more about what is bitmap.

The Best PDF to Bitmap Converter

UPDF Converter is the best PDF to Bitmap Converter. The tool offers high quality conversion results. With the tool, you have the opportunity to convert a batch of PDFs to bitmap fast with just a single click. Thus, you end up saving a lot of time in the process especially if you work in a busy office environment. The tool features OCR that makes it easy for you to convert even image based or scanned PDF to Bitmap efficiently. The feature allows you to convert PDF in 23 major languages and select the page ranges.

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The software offers high level versatility since it allows you convert PDF files to a wide range of editable formats including Excel, text, HTML, PowerPoint, CSV, TIFF, BMP and others. As you convert PDF to bitmap, no need to worry about your file's security. UPDF Converter features top end encryption that ensures your documents cannot be accessed by third parties. With the tool you can also convert password protected PDF documents to other editable formats. It does this by removing the password, making the conversion process easy. UPDF converter also offers accurate conversion thus no need to do corrections after the conversion. Besides, the format is also not lost after the conversion.

How to Convert PDF to Bitmap on Windows and Mac

Here are the simple steps on how to convert PDF to bitmap on Windows and Mac.

Step 1. Add a PDF Document

Start by importing the PDF document into the tool. You can click "Add Files" to upload them into the conversion queue. Another option is to drag and drop the files into the tool’s interface.

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Step 2. Select Output Format as Image > BMP

Move to the format panel on the right side of the software. Choose "Image > BMP" as your preferred format from the many options provided. You also have to set the page range of your PDF to bitmap conversion. Click the three vertical dots on the setting icon adjacent to your PDF file. Choose custom pages, even pages or odd pages.

how to convert pdf to bitmap

Step 3. Convert PDF to Bitmap

Tap the "Go" button located on the bottom right side to start the conversion. All your converted files are saved and the destination folder gets displayed on your screen.

convert pdf to bmp windows 10

How to Convert PDF to Bitmap Online for Free

There are many other tools you convert PDF to bitmap for free. PDF Candy is one of the free online PDF to bitmap converter that offers high quality PDF to Bitmap conversion for free. However, this is not to say that it is the best, but just an example of the many online tools you can use. You can use the tool from any device that has internet connection. The compatibility makes it one of the perfect tools to use. Therefore, you can use it on Android, Windows and other iOS devices.  You can have peace of mind while using PDF Candy since your files are never accessed by third parties. It is also stored for an agreed upon time and then removed to enhance security of the files. Thus, there is no way that your information can leak. Here are the steps to follow when convert PDF to BMP.

convert pdf to bmp online

Step 1: Add Files

Start by adding the files by dragging and dropping into the window. You can also click the Add file button to upload them from your storage devices.

Step 2: Set Quality for PDF to Bitmap Conversion

Now set the quality of your PDF to bitmap conversion. You can set high, medium or low.

Step 3: Start the Conversion

Click the convert PDF button. Then download the files after the conversion.

Knowledge: What is Bitmap?

Bitmap refers to file format for images that are stored in a computerized form. The format carries .BMP. It is good to note that computer usually uses bits of 1 and 0 to store information. A bitmap is therefore a map of bits that form a certain picture when it is displayed, for instance, on a computer monitor. Bitmap is used to create and also store computer graphics. The file usually displays small dots in patterns that when viewed from a far, creates a full image. To create a bitmap, the image is usually broken into pixels, which are the smallest possible units. The colour information of each pixel is stored in bits mapped in columns and rows. The complexity of a BMP images is increased by changing the colour intensity of each of the dots. It can also be done by increasing the number of columns and rows used in creating the image.

Advantages of Bitmap files:

  • Easy to create from existing pixel data that is stored in memory.
  • Bitmap displays images realistically
  • Makes it easy to share and edit the images
  • Animation created on BMP run effectively in older devices
  • Easy to compress into smaller files