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How to Convert BMP to PDF in Terrific Way

Bitmap Image Format, or BMP, is mainly used for creating desktop wallpapers, icons, or cursors because it provides high flexibility in adjusting the image size. However, such a format is not suitable for sharing and needs to be converted into a reliable file format. Out of so many file formats, PDF is the best for ensuring file compatibility and security.

PDF is a well-supported file format for sharing documents to any device. Thus, it is wise to convert BMP to PDF before sharing images with anyone. In this article, you will find the easiest ways of converting BMP to PDF and learn about the tool that will help you to do so. Let's dive right into it!

Part 1: Introduction to BMP File and its Importance

What is BMP File?

BMP is a raster graphic file format for storing two-dimensional images and supports monochrome and color images. It was developed by Microsoft in the 1990s for storing and viewing high-quality image data. This image format is best for maintaining the resolution of any screenshot or graphic.

Moreover, it is a versatile format because it can easily handle different color depths and alpha channels. BMP files also show compatibility with different web browsers and support data compression. In short, if you plan to store graphics, go for the Bitmap image format.

Importance of BMP File

Bitmap format can be used for different purposes because of its versatility in the graphic world. In the following, you will find uses of the BMP format:

  • This file format can be used for storing high-resolution images because it supports diversified resolutions and color profiles.
  • It is mostly used to create web logos, background images, or icons. You can also generate command graphics for Windows applications.
  • This image format shows compatibility with various image editing tools; thus, you can easily use the BMP file format for graphic purposes.
  • Bitmap image format can easily be embedded in documents like HTML, Word, or PDF.
  • You can use this raster image format to print any illustrations or charts because it is compatible with different image printers.

Part 2: How to Convert BMP File to PDF?

Converting BMP to PDF is necessary if you want to increase file security because a password can be assigned to PDF files very easily. However, it won't be easy to convert BMP to PDF if you are not using a powerful converting tool. UPDF is a powerful and intuitive tool that can help you convert Bitmap to PDF. This innovative tool supports diversified features like viewing, editing, organizing, or annotating PDF files.

Moreover, the best feature that this tool provides is the "Batch Combine" feature, through which you can quickly combine multiple image formats into a single PDF file. Follow the below-given steps for converting BMP to PDF:

Step 1: Access the "Batch Combine" Feature

Download the latest version of this blazing-fast PDF editor by clicking the Free Download button on this page. If you are already using the UPDF, update it to the latest version (1.4.1 for Windows, 1.4.0 for Mac). After this, tap on the "Batch Combine" feature from the main screen of UPDF to start the BMP to PDF conversion.

convert bmp to pdf with batch combine feature

Step 2: Convert Bitmap Files to PDF

To import the BMP files to the UPDF combine window, tap on the "Add Files" button and import all the BMP files on your system. If you want to import a complete folder, click on the "Add Folders" option.

apply bitmap to pdf

Step 3: Start the BMP to PDF Conversion

If you are done adding all the BMP files, tap on the "Apply" button at the bottom right corner of the UPDF Batch Combine window. This will open a pop-up window on your screen to select the location where you want to save the converted PDF file. Select the location of your file and initiate the BMP to the PDF conversion process.

Part 3: How to Add a BMP File to a PDF

Do you want to add a BMP image to the PDF file but are confused about how to do that? You don't have to worry if you have made UPDF your partner for solving all PDF-related issues. This tool's "Edit PDF" feature can make remarkable changes to any PDF. By using this feature, you can edit or add images, text, or hyperlinks to any PDF file.

Moreover, you can quickly add BMP images to PDFs through this fast PDF editor by following the understated procedure:

Step 1: Enter Edit Mode

Open the installed UPDF and reach out to the "Open File" button to import the existing PDF file. Next, approach the third tool, "Edit PDF," in the left panel.

edit bmp file to pdf

Step 2: Add BMP Image and Save the File

Now, select the "Image" option present in the top navigation bar. Move the cursor where you want to add the BMP image and click on your screen. From the pop-up window, select the BMP image and add it successfully.

You can also adjust the size of the added image. UPDF supports you to rotate, extract, crop, replace, and delete BMP images in PDF.

Afterward, navigate to the "File" menu on the top and hit the "Save" option from the list that opens to save the process.

convert bitmap to pdf with edit feature

Part 4: FAQs on Converting BMP to PDF

1. Can I convert BMP to PDF online with iLovePDF?

No. iLovePDF is an online tool that performs different PDF tasks but cannot be used for converting BMP to PDF. For that, you can use UPDF to convert your files with high quality.

2. Why do you need to convert BMP to PDF?

With PDF files, you can allot a password to increase its security, while in the case of BMP formats, it is not possible. Moreover, PDFs can be easily uploaded or shared as they are smaller than BMP files.

3. How do I save a BMP as a PDF?

You can follow the above-provided methods for saving BMP as a PDF. Clicking on the "Batch Combine" icon on the main interface and then adding BMP files by clicking the "Add Files" button. When you have done the setting, click on "Apply" to save BMP as PDF. Both of these procedures are performed on UPDF, an innovative tool for solving PDF-related problems.


In general, UPDF is the best tool that can convert the BMP file to PDF. You can follow the previously mentioned instructions to ensure your image privacy because once BMP images get converted to PDF, a password can be assigned to them.

Besides merging BMP to PDF, this tool can perform several other functions professionally, like annotating or organizing in no time. Moreover, you can convert a Bitmap image to PDF on desktop or mobile phones. So, install UPDF now and enjoy it on any device.