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Convert BMP to PDF: A Step-by-Step Guide for Effortless File Transformation

BMP or Bitmap file formats are high-quality images and suitable for effective printing.

Nevertheless, due to their high resolution, it does come with a caveat of larger file sizes that can sometimes be not so great for online sharing and publishing.

This is where converting it to PDF helps to share the data with others effectively. Therefore, this blog will show you the steps to converting BMP to PDF with an app like UPDF and also a few alternative methods.

Part 1. The Most Useful and Free Way to Convert BMP to PDF

When it comes to knowing how to convert BMP to PDF, simplicity, and convenience is important for any user. Hence, UPDF is an effective app that supports PDFs and also converts other file formats into PDFs.

1.1 Benefits of Using UPDF for BMP to PDF Conversion

UPDF can provide you with numerous benefits such as:

  • Converting multiple BMP files into PDFs and also other file formats such as Word, Excel, HTML, etc.
  • UPDF is available on all platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, and the BMP to PDF conversion ability is available on Win, Mac, and iOS apps.
  • It can help you edit the converted PDF file and you can reconvert the revised copy to images again with ease.
  • It can help you to share the converted PDF file with anyone using a URL or email.
  • UPDF also has an AI assistant (UPDF AI) which can help you with other requirements in your converted PDF so that you can be more efficient with your work.

Download it for a free trial!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

1.2 Steps to Convert BMP to PDF with UPDF

It takes only a few simple steps to convert BMP files to PDFs with UPDF. First and foremost, download the UPDF app for free on your Windows or Mac. Then follow these steps:

  • Launch UPDF, and choose File.
  • From the options, select Create, and then, PDF from Image.
bmp to pdf
  • From your files, select the BMP image you want to convert and upload it.
  • Eventually, you will have your BMP image converted into a PDF instantly and opened with UPDF. It’s that simple and free of charge!

UPDF can help you with many things related to addressing your PDF needs and you can utilize most of its features for free.

Click below to download UPDF for free and start testing out the simple file conversion yourself.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Part 2. 3 Alternative Ways for BMP to PDF Conversion

UPDF definitely helps you to convert BMP to PDF with ease. Nevertheless, it is always good to have options, so here are three more ways in which you can also convert BMP to PDF.

2.1 Convert BMP to PDF with Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is one tool that comes to many creative minds and yes, you can also use it to convert BMP files into PDFs.

BMP to PDF with Acrobat

Follow these steps to learn how after launching Acrobat:

  • Select Tools and then choose Create PDF.
  • Then, select Single File, and Select a File from the options.
  • You can choose the BMP file you want to upload.
  • Select Create and you will have your file converted to a PDF.

It's good to learn that Adobe Acrobat is a BMP to PDF converter, however, it is Adobe, and it doesn't come for free. You can experience its 7-day trial but then it comes at a cost for using the app for future use.

2.2 Convert BMP to PDF with PDFCandy

PDFCandy is a quick free BMP to PDF converter and it can be used online and offline on many platforms.

BMP to PDF with PDFCandy

Follow these steps to convert BMP files with the PDFCandy website:

  • Simply drag and drop the BMP file from your computer into the browser. You can also upload them from your Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • Then, you can select the pages and margin size for your PDF conversion. You can also keep the original size of the uploaded image if you want.
  • Click Convert file(s) and you will have your BMP converted into PDF instantly. Then, you can choose to download or share it.

This is an amazing conversion tool and you can also do bulk conversions, which is another positive.

2.3 Convert BMP to PDF with Preview (on Mac)

BMP is widely supported on Windows, but If you are using a Mac, you can open it with Apple Preview. Moreover, you can also use Preview to convert BMP to PDF as well.

BMP to PDF with Preview

Follow these steps after opening Preview on Mac:

  • Make a backup file of your original BMP file by copying it.
  • Open one of the BMP files with Preview.
  • Choose File and then, select Save As.
  • From the Save As dropdown selection, you can choose the PDF format and then click Save.

That's about it. Once again, another easy alternative. However, this is only done on MacOS, and it can be limited to convert to other platforms.

In addition, you don't get the option to edit the converted PDF file without an effective PDF editor like UPDF.

Overall, UPDF offers better benefits and fewer limitations and users can easily benefit the BMP to PDF conversions and other PDF requirements by downloading UPDF for free.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Part 3. FAQs About BMP to PDF Conversion

Q1. Can I convert PDF back to images?

Of course. With UPDF, you can convert BMP files to PDFs, edit the converted PDFs, and convert them back to images again. By the way, UPDF is now on a big sale, grab the chance to purchase it at a discount price!

Q2. Can I convert BMP to JPG?

Yes. With UPDF, you can convert a BMP file to PDF, and then use the UPDF app to convert the same PDF into JPG format.

Q3. What is the best BMP to PDF Converter?

UPDF comes across as the best BMP to PDF converter because it is easy to use, and it can manage your converted PDF files safely with UPDF Cloud and also have you edit, read, annotate, and share it with anyone instantly.


This blog has provided a few simple methods for converting BMP files to PDFs with ease. Some had limitations such as not being free for long use or being limited to one particular platform.

However, UPDF comes out on top in not only being an effective BMP to PDF converter but also an amazing PDF editing and management tool, where you can also use UPDF AI to boost your productivity massively.

Download UPDF for free today and start exploring its amazing features and also convert BMP to PDFs instantly.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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