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PDF Expert: Convert PDF to Word - Step-by-Step Easy Guide

Documents have become the default way to communicate in various scenarios especially due to the shift towards remote work. Most users prefer to share a PDF (Portable Document File) document because these documents are extremely interoperable and open on almost all devices. However, it is not possible to edit PDF documents. You may often want to edit PDF documents. There are various tools that you can use to convert a PDF document to a Word document. In this article, we will introduce how to use PDF Expert convert PDF to Word.

How to Convert PDF to Word with PDF Expert Alternative on Mac

Many new PDF management solutions offer a complete and seamless way to manage and deal with PDF files. One of the emerging winners in this solution space is UPDF. It enables users to convert PDF to any editable format.

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convert feature of updf

The main advantage of using UPDF over other solutions is that it ensures retaining the original formatting of the document even when converting from PDF to Word, Excel, and other file formats. UPDF also allows has an in-built OCR to help you convert scanned PDFs to editable formats. UPDF stands out from other PDF to Word software like PDF Expert because of its pocket-friendly prices and high-quality output. And It also offers the ability to annotate and edit PDF files.

You can very easily and quickly convert PDF documents to Word documents on your MacBook by following the below simple steps:

Step 1. Download and install the UPDF from Mac App Store on your Mac system.

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Step 2. Launch the UPDF application. In the main view, you can start opening your PDF file. Click on "Open File" button to open a PDF file. You can also open files to the main view by dragging and dropping them in the view as well.

open file in updf

Step 3. Once the file is opened, you can arrange them as your preference. Click the "Export PDF" icon on the right.

click export icon

Step 4. Select "Word" as your output format.

choose word format

Step 5. Finally, click "Export" and select the output folder. That's it, with these simple steps you can easily convert from PDF to Word.

export as word file

Video Tutorial on How to Convert PDF to Word on Mac

Indeed, if you're looking for an intuitive and powerful PDF converter for your device, UPDF is the ideal solution. It can assure you of accurate conversion without losing the original formatting and layout. It can also helps you to read, annotate, edit, encrypt, and organize PDF files.

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How to Convert PDF to Word using PDF Expert on Mac

Let us face it - it is very frustrating to deal with only PDF files and the ability to convert them to editable format is much needed in any professional's day-to-day work. PDF Expert converts PDF to Word easily on macOS. If you are wondering how to use PDF Expert to convert PDF to Word on Mac, you can simply follow the below steps:

pdf expert convert pdf to word
  1. Download the expert PDF software and install it on your Mac. PDF Expert convert to Word is supported on macOS 10.12 and later.
  2. Launch PDF Expert software. You will be presented with a user interface where you can select a file and open the same. Open the PDF file you wish to convert to Word.
  3. Click on the "Export" tab and select "to Word".
  4. You can select the pages you wish to convert. You can also set other advanced options.
  5. Then you can share the converted file or save the file.


Compared two ways of converting PDF to word, using UPDF is obviously better than PDF Expert. The user-friendly interface directly guide through users, the high processing speed and lower cost - starts from US$39.99 compared to US$79.99 of PDF Expert which is absolute reasonable price for users. Download it today, and enjoy more features with UPDF!

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