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How to Convert PDF to HTML 5 on Windows and Mac

While PDF presents the best format for sharing documents; after all PDF documents can be accessed and read on any platform or any device, it is a document format and not a data format. You may therefore find yourself needing to convert PDF to HTML5 if you want to edit the content for a website using Dreamweaver or another website creation platform.

But how do you effectively convert PDF to HTML 5? The first consideration to keep in mind is the converter you are going to use. The converter you decide to use will determine if the conversion process will be a successful one or not. Here, we will share with you one of the best converters that you can use and show you how to use it to convert PDF to HTML 5.

How to Convert PDF to HTML5

The only tool you should choose when looking to convert PDF to HTML5 is UPDF. Its biggest advantage is that the conversion will be quick and easy while retaining the original formatting of the PDF document. This means that when you use UPDF for Mac, you will not need to edit any of the content in any way if you don't want to, you can present it as is.

UPDF for Mac is also very easy to use. The user interface is simple to ensure that the whole conversion process from start to finish lasts only a few minutes. Here's how it works, just to make the process even simpler:

Step 1: Add PDF Files

Click on "Open File" to import the PDF document that you want to convert. You can also just drag and drop the file onto the main window to open it.

open pdf with updf

Step 2: Select Output Format as HTML

From the options on the right, click the "Export PDF" option and select "HTML" as the output format.

pdf to html

Step 3: Convert PDF to HTML5

With the output format selected, all you have to do is click "Export" and the conversion process will begin. You can choose the folder to save the converted file.

convert pdf to html

When the conversion is complete, you will be able to see the converted HTML file in the output folder.

Video Tutorial on How to Convert PDF to HTMI

What is the Difference Between HTML and HTML 5?

Apart from the fact that HTML is the 5th version of HTML, there are a lot of differences between HTML and HTML 5, including the following;

  • HTML doesn't support audio and video without the use of a flash player. HTML 5 on the other hand can simply use <audio> and <video> tags to introduce media.
  • HTML uses cookies to store temporary data while HTML 5 uses SQL databases and application cache to store data offline.
  • HTML will not allow JavaScript to run on the browser. HTML 5 on other hand will allow JavaScript to run in the background because of the JS Web worker API.
  • Vector graphics are only possible in HTML with help from additional technologies like VML, Flash, and Silverlight. Vector graphics are seamlessly integrated into HTML 5's function.
  • HTML unlike HTML 5 doesn't allow for drag and drop effects.
  • You will also not be able to draw shapes like circles, rectangles, and triangles in HTML.
  • New browsers or new versions of browsers are unlikely to support HTML while HTML 5 is compatible with all browsers.
  • Character encoding is very long and complicated in HTML and very simplified in HTML 5.

Other PDF to HTML 5 Converters

The following are some of the other tools that you can use to convert PDF files to HTML 5.

1. TalkHelper PDF Converter

TalkHelper is a PDF conversion tool for Windows that you can use to convert PDF documents to HTML 5. It will also convert PDFs to other formats and the conversion is very fast and of very high quality. With this converter, you can choose to convert all the pages on a document, a single page on the document, or even more than one PDF at the same time. The resultant HTML 5 document will be of very high quality with the original formatting intact.

pdf to html5 open source

2. PDFMate

PDFMate is another very effective PDF conversion tool that will convert your PDF to HTML 5 or any of the other output formats that it supports. The user interface is very easy to use, allowing you to convert the document in a matter of minutes and it also comes with a highly functioning OCR function that will convert scanned or image-rich PDF documents.

pdf to html5

PDFMate will also give you the unique capability to customize the PDF layout so the resultant HTML file can be just as you need it to be. You can choose to convert a single page, various pages, or the entire document.

3. Free PDF to HTML Converter

If you don't want to install any software on your computer, you can try the Free PDF to HTML Converter. This is an online-based conversion tool that is just as effective as any desktop tool that you could install. It lets you convert any PDF document to HTML 5 without affecting the original formatting of the document and you can even choose to convert multiple files.

convert pdf to html5

Unlike most online tools, this PDF to HTML5 open source tool will not limit the size of the PDF that you can convert. But you may need to create an account to download the converted files. Because it is an online solution, it is also not the most ideal solution for the conversion of files with sensitive information that you would rather not share online.

4. Adobe Acrobat

Although you may already know this, Adobe Acrobat is perhaps one of the best tools you can use to convert PDF to HTML 5 or any other format. First, you are always guaranteed that your document will be effectively converted regardless of its size. It also gives you the option to convert multiple files at once, depending on your needs.  The fact that it can also be used to create and edit PDF documents is a great bonus.

pdf to html5 converter

Adobe also has a fully functioning OCR feature for image-rich or scanned PDFs. In fact, Adobe OCR is probably one of the best in the market. You can also choose to edit the document before converting it to ensure that the document is just the way you want it to be.

5. Soda PDF to HTML Converter

Soda PDF Converter can be used as an online tool or a desktop solution. The online version gives you the chance to convert PDFs to HTML for free. It is easy to use and easily integrates with Dropbox and Google Drive to make importing and exporting the document much easier. The user interface, whether you are using the online or offline solution is easy enough to use that the conversion process takes a matter of minutes.

Both the offline and online versions can also allow you to edit the PDF before conversion so that the HTML document is just as you want it to be. It also comes with a fully functioning OCR function for the conversion of scanned or image-rich PDF documents. But certain features such as converting password-protected PDFs or batch conversions are only available on the desktop version.

pdf to html5 open source