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How to Batch Convert PDF to Save Time (In Easy Steps)

Whether it concerns academic, medical, legal, banking, finance, or any sector, PDF is the official document format. When all your essential document stuff is being dealt with in PDF format, there comes the need to batch convert PDF in different file formats. In this article, you will find steps to bulk convert PDF into various file formats and vice versa easily using the best PDF file converter - UPDF. Download it now and get free conversions twice per day.

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Part 1: What are the Benefits of PDF Batch Conversion

Since all the essential file sharing is done through PDFs, batch conversion is the trusted and more streamlined way to get your PDFs in the desired file format. Let's find the benefits of batch convert PDF:

  • Saves Time: PDF batch conversion will save you valuable time if you want to convert multiple PDF files into different formats. After all, you don't need to convert files one by one.
  • Enhanced Consistency: All PDF files will be converted using the same settings and parameters. Hence, with consistency, the chances of errors will significantly reduce.
  • Cost-Effective: Most PDF editors offer paid file conversion features; therefore, it will cost you a lot if you convert every PDF separately. With batch conversion, you can save money and invest in more productivity apps.
  • Reduced Storage Space: You can also save a lot of memory on your device if you batch convert your files into a single PDF. Moreover, it will help you organize the documents in a better way which will help you locate the information in a minimal time.

Part 2: How to Batch Convert PDF Files to Other Formats

Batch conversion is an important utility, especially when converting multiple PDF files into a single file format. Subsequently, using UPDF, you can bulk convert PDF into Word, PowerPoint, Excel, CSV, Rich Text Format, Text, Image, XML, and HTML file format. But how to process PDF batch conversion? Follow these easy steps here:

Step 1: Choose the Batch Convert Feature

Download and install UPDF by clicking the button below. After launching UPDF, click "Batch" from the homepage available on the top right side.

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batch pdf option

After this, select "Convert" from the given options.

pdf batch conversion

Step 2: Import the Desired PDFs

Click the "Add Files" button and add as many PDFs as required. You can also add a complete PDF folder by selecting "Add Folders" from the drop-down menu of the "Add Files" button.

bulk convert pdf add files

Step 3: Bulk Convert the PDF Files

Choose the required file format for your batch conversion from the drop-down in "Output Format." Perform necessary adjustments in that respective format and click the "Apply" button to set the file location. Afterward, press "Save" to store your converted files in the selected location.

batch convert pdf to word

Video Tutorial on How to Batch Convert PDF

After watching the video, you may wonder where you can download this amazing converter. Simply click the button below and you will get it.

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Part 3: How to Batch Convert Other Files to the PDF Format

Batch converting PDFs to other file formats is indeed a normal thing, considering PDF is a frequently used format and, therefore, its conversion is mostly needed. However, you may also need to batch-convert other files into PDF format to preserve their quality and formatting for a long time. To do this, these straightforward steps will help you move forward:

Step 1: Access the File Tab Options

Press the "File" tab from the screen's top, select "Create" from the drop-down menu, and choose the "PDF From File" option.

bulk convert other formats to pdf

After this, select and add your files with supported formats. It supports adding multiple files at once for batch conversion.

Step 2: Confirm the Combine Action

You will get a prompt asking you to combine all images into one PDF file or not, so here, you will select the "Yes" option. Your images will then be combined into one PDF file.

pdf batch conversion

Step 3: Save the Newly Created PDF

To save this PDF file on your device, press the "Save as Other" icon from the toolbar on the right side. After this, select "Save As" to set the location and save the file.

You can also improve your PDF handling and work efficiency with UPDF by downloading it for free.

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Part 4: How to Batch Convert Scanned PDFs

Scanned PDFs are an essential way to manage your all-important paper documents as it decreases the risk of loss of important papers. Moreover, you can share them with multiple people without wasting money on printing.

Meanwhile, if you're looking to batch convert your scanned PDFs, you can first apply OCR, which makes them editable and searchable, and then convert in the desired file format. For this purpose, you need to follow these steps:

First of all, UPDF doesn't support batch OCR PDFs yet, so please use the batch combine feature to merge all your scanned PDF documents into one. Then follow the steps to perform OCR.

Step 1: Perform the OCR on Scanned PDFs

Press the "Open File" tab to select and add your scanned PDF. Once your file is open, select the "Recognize Text Using OCR" icon from the right side of the screen. An OCR window will open where you can choose the document layout type, language, page range, and more.

Now make it editable and searchable by clicking the "Perform OCR" button and save the file to the device location.

scanned pdf batch conversion

Step 2: Convert the OCR Applied Documents

After performing OCR, the scanned PDF file will be opened in a new window in UPDF. Now click the "Export PDF" option.

batch convert pdf

Afterward, choose your desired file format from "Output Format" on the screen's right side. Next, do the necessary settings and click "Export" to set the file location to save your converted PDF files.

Part 5: How to Convert PDF to PDF/A in Batch?

PDF/A is a specialized PDF file format used for long-term archiving and preservation of digital documents. Therefore, you may need to batch-convert your PDF into PDF/A format.

Note: If you want to batch convert, you have to combine PDFs into a single PDF and then convert it into PDF/A format. For this procedure, follow these steps:

Step 1: Use the Batch Combine Feature

After opening the UPDF on your device, access the "Combine" tool from the "Batch" feature. Afterward, import the document by pressing "Add Files" from the "Add Files" drop-down button. You can also import the PDF folder by pressing "Add Folders" from the drop-down button. Now click the "Apply" button, select the file destination, and press "Save" to save your combined PDF.

batch combine pdfs

Step 2: Convert the Combined PDF into PDF/A

Press the "New Tab" option by navigating into "File" and press the "Open File" button to import your combined PDF. Once PDF is imported, click the "Save as Other" icon from the screen's right side. After this, select the "Save as PDF/A" option to choose the destination folder. Finally, click "Save" to export the PDF/A file to your device.

batch convert pdf to pdf a

Part 6: More Information About this Robust Batch PDF Converter

Apart from being a best-in-class PDF editor, manager, and organizer, UPDF is also an excellent PDF converter. After all, it allows people to effortlessly convert their PDFs into different file formats without worrying about document layout. Moreover, the platform is fast and efficient, so your PDFs will instantly be converted into different file formats.

Interestingly, UPDF also allows PDF batch conversion, which will save you valuable time. Hence, you can batch-convert PDF to Excel, batch-convert PDF to Word, or batch-convert PDF into any file format. Meanwhile, with its simple and colorful interface, you will not face problems navigating functions.

Powerful and Optimized Features of UPDF

  • Advanced OCR Technology: With advanced OCR technology, UPDF can convert paper-based documents into readable, editable, and searchable PDF documents. It supports more than 38 languages which you cannot find in any other PDF tool.
  • PDF Annotation: To make your PDFs more appealing, UPDF annotation allows adding sticky notes, strikeout text, text highlighting, underlines, or signatures. This will help you make your documents more structured.
  • Editing PDF: You can also edit your PDF by rewriting text or changing font style or size. There is also an option to add watermarks or change the PDF document's background color. Moreover, you can also edit the links and images of your document.
  • Organize PDF: If your PDF is in the wrong format, you can organize it using UPDF. So, you can add, delete, split, extract, and rearrange the PDF pages. This is quite helpful for people who are working on different types of eBooks or whitepapers for their cryptocurrency projects.
  • AI Integration: UPDF AI has numerous features that make reading and comprehending PDF documents easy. It has a summarized feature to summarize the length of page content and get the key idea of the file. Moreover, you can translate the PDF content into another language without the need for a separate translator. Even the technical terms can be simplified with the help of the UPDF AI tool's explain feature.


Batch convert PDF is an important facility when you have multiple files and need to convert them into different file formats. Meanwhile, in this article, you found ways to batch-convert PDFs into different files and batch-convert different files into PDFs. Meanwhile, you learned about the UPDF PDF batch converter, the best PDF conversion tool currently available. We recommend downloading UPDF by hitting the Free Download button below. But if you upgrade to UPDF Pro, you can unlock exclusive features at an incredible 60% discount to streamline your workflow.

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