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Top 5 Secure and Fast File-Sharing Apps for All Platforms

Sharing files is important to spread knowledge, show the quality of work to others, or collaborate on projects via virtual settings. Meanwhile, for sharing files, you need an excellent yet reliable platform that supports file sharing convincingly and without disruptions. This article will discuss 5 popular file-sharing platforms for your Windows/Mac/iOS/Android platforms.

Part 1: Top 5 File-Sharing Apps Across Devices

In order to establish modern communication concerning digital collaboration, file sharing is crucial to connect in a meaningful way. Meanwhile, if you're looking for the best file-sharing app, you'll be amazed to see several platforms making decisions difficult. Here, you'll find 5 top choices to get started:

1. UPDF Cloud

With UPDF Cloud, take control of all your PDF documents across devices and platforms. This cloud file-sharing application allows users to be more productive in their workflows using a cloud storage option that offers quick file syncing. Henceforth, users can access their essential business or personal documents anytime, anywhere, without worrying about data loss or threat.

file sharing app updf cloud

UPDF Cloud is a seamless way to collaborate on essential teamwork projects with effortless file sharing for businesses that operate virtually or provide remote settings to their employees. With multi-layer encryption embedded, UPDF Cloud provides a safe environment for your documents.

Key Features

  • UPDF Cloud allows users to sync PDF documents easily and you can access the files anytime, anywhere. Users can also share the PDF via a link easily.
  • UPDF allows users to edit PDFs through text rewriting or changing font style and color. Link editing and image editing can also be done.
  • UPDF enables users to organize their project's PDF by means of adding, deleting, replacing, rotating, extracting, splitting, or re-arranging PDF pages as needed.
  • With the UPDF annotation tool, users can make their documents more interesting by adding comments in PDF or highlighting and underlining text. Adding text boxes and sticky notes is also among the options.
  • Users can also convert their PDFs into multiple file formats, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, CSV, and more. With batch processing, convert several files in a single time.

2. Azure

Known as a cloud computing platform from Microsoft, Azure file share offers users a dedicated platform to develop, manage, and access applications globally across the internet. Using Azure's futuristic tools, you can apply AI functionalities to your applications or make them more modernized using IoT solutions. You can also deploy databases and virtual machines or scale apps in the cloud ecosystem.

azure file share

Key Features

  • Azure has trusted cloud infrastructure with Microsoft data centers in almost all regions. Hence, users will experience a maximum server uptime ratio in their networks.
  • With Azure Synapse Analytics and Azure Stream Analytics, experience unlimited analytics insights of your streaming data.
  • The presence of strong DDoS protection helps to keep your important resources safe and secure.

3. Google Drive

Google Drive is a popular cloud file-sharing platform that allows users to share and collaborate on documents, videos, and images via a cloud storage facility. Simply upload your files, then copy and share the link with your friends and colleagues, and they can easily view your work. For virtual working spaces, Google Drive is a perfect solution as it connects managers and employees through a shared file network with restricted settings.

google drive file sharing app

Key Features

  • By keeping the files in a starred folder, you can mark them as more important. This way, you can easily find important files in one place.
  • With 15 GB of free storage, store and share your all-important files in a simplified way and with greater convenience.
  • Third-party integrations like Google Docx, Google Sheets, and Slides can make your working environment more productive. 

4. Dropbox

Bring everything to one place with Dropbox file hosting service, which is your trusted shared cloud storage facility. This platform automatically synchronizes the uploaded files, which allows you to access them on any device, anytime and anywhere. With basic storage of 2 GB, store your closest videos and images, including important business documents, without hassles.

dropbox file sharing app

Key Features

  • Dropbox allows you to scan documents or images and ultimately convert them into PDF documents as needed.
  • You can easily protect your file content by means of the watermark, as well as restrict access through shared link control.
  • Upload large files and easily share them using the provided link. This way, you don't need to face file size problems on various social media channels.

5. Slack

Make your file sharing simple and hassle-free with Slack, the ultimate file-sharing and storage network for users worldwide. Apparently, this cloud file sharing allows users to create channels that incorporate people sharing the same goals, e.g., team members. Thus, users can share documents, videos, and images within the channels. Moreover, all participants, irrespective of their locations, would be able to access shared media.

slack file sharing app

Key Features

  • To share, you can drag and drop your files into channels or even add them using third-party tools like Google Drive.
  • With the automatic synchronization for the uploaded files, Slack allows you to access your documents or media items on any device.
  • By utilizing Slack Connect, ensure a perfect collaboration with other companies through dedicated communication channels by sharing real-time messages and files.

Part 2: Comparing the Top 5 File Sharing App

All the discussed file-sharing platforms are unique in their own kinds, except for leveraging a common attribute which is file sharing and storage. Let's find the distinct features in a more visualized way:

ProductSecuritySpeedEase of UseCompatibilityOverall Rating
UPDF CloudHigh-Profile EncryptionFastExcellentWindows, Mac, iOS, Android5.0/5
AzureSecureMediumGoodOnline, Android, iOS4.5/5
Google DriveNot strong secureMediumGreatWindows, Mac, iOS, Android4.5/5
DropboxNot strong secureMediumGreatWindows, Mac, iOS, Android4.6/5  
SlackSecureSometimes SlowGreatWindows, Mac, iOS, Android4.4/5

If you want the best file-sharing app for your documents, go for UPDF Cloud. This cloud storage offers all the premium document management tools such as Edit, Convert, Annotate, Organize, OCR, Insert, Watermark, and Form Filling. You can get all the tools you need in one place and access the edited file from any device.

Part 3: The Criteria for the Best File-Sharing App

Are you searching the internet to find the best file-sharing app, and now you are confused while deciding the right option for yourself? For your assistance, discover some top factors here that totally transform decision-making:

  • Speed & Efficiency: The platform must be fast and efficient to handle, manage and execute file uploading and sharing process in an interruption-free environment.
  • Data Security: There isn't any compromise on data privacy. Therefore, an excellent file-sharing app must be fully secure with proper security protocols and encryption intact.
  • Instant Synchronization: It's essential for a file-sharing app to have a cloud storage facility enabled that also offers instant file synchronization.
  • All-time Availability: Sharing files shouldn't be restricted to a specific time or moment. Thus, a good file-sharing app must be available 24/7 without disruptions or breakdowns.

Part 4: FAQs on File Sharing App

1. Is there an app to share files across devices?

With UPDF Cloud, you can easily share files on different devices. Simply log in and upload your PDF files on UPDF Cloud, then log in through the same credentials on another device to access your documents.

2. What is the safest way to share files?

The safest way to share or transfer files to other devices is through UPDF Cloud. After all, this PDF facility comes with multi-layer encryption technology that keeps your documents totally secure while also preventing data loss.

3. What is the easiest way to share files?

The easiest and most convenient way to share files is through UPDF Cloud because it comes with real-time synchronization to allow you instantly access files on different devices.


File sharing is an ideal way to stay interactive through means of document collaboration with other people. Meanwhile, you can opt to share Google Drive storage or via other file-sharing platforms as needed. In response, this article discussed the 5 best file-sharing apps with cross-platform support. You also learned about UPDF Cloud, which is a next-level file-sharing tool backed with extraordinary cloud support.