How to Be More Productive? Finding Some Perfect Answers.

Productivity is a secret and influential ingredient of success. Whether running a big enterprise or a student, nothing can help you if you are unproductive. You can do more work in less time with a higher productive ratio. Above all, productive people are known to be healthy in both physical and mental health. There are uncountable benefits of being productive for one person alone.

If you also want to be successful but don't know how to be productive, this article is for you. Here we will discuss the implementable tips for being productive. You will also discover a tool - UPDF to increase your output with less input. You can download it first to try.

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Part 1: Why It Is Important to Be Productive?

Before learning how to be more productive, you must know the hidden advantages of productivity. You must be wondering why it is really important to be productive in life. The understated points will help you to know about the importance of productivity:

  • The Accomplishment of Goals: When you are productive, you will likely accomplish your goals in minimum time and effort. It helps you to complete tasks efficiently and escalates your sense of accomplishment.
  • Improved Stability: Being productive paves the road to success, which makes you stable in many aspects, such as financial terms. Earning promotions and managing your finances better is one of the precious outcomes of productivity.
  • Time Management Skill: This skill is one of the most crucial components to meeting every goal in life within the timelines. Productivity ensures that you focus on the needed tasks and get the work done without losing a bit of your time.
  • Growth and Advancement: If you work on a 9 to 5 job but cannot focus on your side hustles, you will greatly regret this. Yet, productivity helps you do better in such a way that you can also do side hustles for your growth and advancement.
how to be more productive

Part 2: Is Busy the same as Productive?

Being busy and being productive are truly two different concepts. Being busy means that you are surrounded by uncountable tasks and working under pressure. On the other hand, being productive means, you are achieving meaningful goals along with minding your mental health. Moreover, if you learn about how to be more productive in life, you will see the only person getting benefits from this, are you?

The busy person is likely to counterpart burnout, stress issues, and irritability. It leads to unsatisfactory outcomes even after trying so much. Yet, productivity helps you to improve focus and concentration and work with an optimized workflow. Productivity is like a hidden strategy to do much more than you can imagine without compromising your self-care. Thus, being productive is more helpful and advantageous than being busy.

Part 3: Is Being Productive the Same as Tracking To-Do List?

Productivity is a lifetime skill that few can master. While learning about how to become more productive, you may come across questions like whether it is the same as tracking your to-do list. Productivity ensures that you are accomplishing the necessary and valuable tasks before anything else. It is responsible for driving you to task completion. On the other hand, a to-do list helps you to measure how much work you have done.

It also helps in prioritizing tasks and using time effectively. You can use an exclusive tool like UPDF to write down a list of things that you have to do. At the same time, your skill of productivity helps you ensure that you complete the written task within the given timelines. A simple tracking list cannot help you if you lack productivity. To further clarify, a productive person uses resources and time in a beneficial way.

You can track and organize tasks with a to-do list and then break down larger tasks to achieve more milestones with less hassle. Thus, it is essential to have a sense of productivity along with a to-do list so you can adjust your strategies with time management. For increased efficiency, improved health, and financial stability, you need to be more productive.

UPDF offers three beautiful and free daily planner templates for you. You can use it to plan your day. After downloading the templates, you can use UPDF to customize the edit the templates easily.

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Part 4: How to Be More Productive at Work?

None of us can run from work. Whether you want to be financially stable or wish to save lives, work is compulsory. In this section, you can learn about the answer to questions like how to be productive at work. So, let's dive into the tips that can help you to be more productive at work:

One Task at one Time

If you are multitasking, do you think that it will lead to desirable results? For example, if you are working on a blog, chatting with your friend, and watching TikTok, it will likely mess up the main task, which is blog writing. To be more productive at work, you need to work on the most important task first. Moreover, go with the formula of one task and one time so you will have good results.

Find Your Way to Work

Many employees copy their seniors, but not all methods are for everyone. Maybe a person can write better if they are listening to music, but that does not mean you will also write better with music. The music can sometimes be a distracting element. Thus, find your way to work and never compromise that way.

Read Productivity Books

Books like "Eat that Frog" and "Deep Work" never fail to astonish readers with their skillful solutions. Invest your spare time in reading productivity books and techniques. One thoughtful approach can change your whole situation of productivity work. Thus, explore and find what suits you the best.

Work with Productivity Software

There are several types of productivity software on the web. For example, a time tracker, reader, health tool, and more. You can use these tools to be more productive at work. Yet a productivity tool with the most recommended is UPDF for Windows and Mac. With this top-notch tool, you can note your exercise time, write follow-up charts of your walking steps and do many more things.

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Above all, you can also write reports and summaries of your favorite books. It also helps you to make a digital vision board. You can collect the images of places you want to visit and create a vision board that allows you to stay motivated. Have a look below to know what other things that UPDF can help you with:

Edit PDF

When you write quotations and favorite dialogues to stay motivated, it does not just end here. You can enable editing and add as much text as you want in a PDF. Thus, it is a never-ending digital journal for you. Moreover, you can also copy the link of the site and paste them into UPDF so you can access them with ease when needed. In addition to this, it also allows you to insert, rotate, extract, and crop images.

how to have a productive day edit pdf

Convert PDF

If you are working on a sheet containing entries and elements, you can also convert it into other formats. UPDF supports a vast array of formats for the ease of users. Moreover, you can convert a PDF document into several formats, such as MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, HTML, XML, and more.

 It also supports the Rich Text format, which is a very convenient thing for users. One of the best things is converting multiple files simultaneously with its batch convert feature.

how to be productive at work convert

Organize PDF

If you have large PDF files with many illustrations, it can mess up the document's layout. To cater to this issue, you can use the organize feature of UPDF. It helps you to manage large files by inserting and deleting pages. You can also rotate and extract the pages of PDF with it. Other than this, it also lets you split the large PDF files as per their page ranges. You can also merge small PDF files to create one final document.

how to be efficient at work

Annotate PDF

If you are reading your favorite book, you may encounter a need to highlight important points. With UPDF, you can add several types of annotations in a PDDF, such as highlighting and underlining. You can also strikethrough unimportant text and add comments in a PDF. Above all, it also lets you add several types of stamps and stickers to make PDFs more illustrative.

how to stay productive annotate pdf

Part 5: How to Be Productive at Home

During the time of COVID-19, people started to panic because they didn't know how to be productive at home. Most people face several problems, like obesity, because of a sedentary lifestyle. Most people still don't know how to be productive while staying at home. In this section, you will learn practical tips to help you stay productive at home. Have a look below to find these tips below:

Do Self Readings

You can discover half of the world with book readings. If you want to enhance your productivity at home, it is one of the most effective ways. Buy books and novels in your favorite genre and get started; set deadlines to finish the book by Saturday. After this, write a self-report about that book. It can escalate your reading and writing skills.

Screen Detox

In this era of digitalization, people lost their sense of looking at the natural beauty of this universe that gives calmness to the mind. Get yourself out of that screen and go for a walk with your friends and family. Even if you cannot go outside, arrange dinners with your loved ones and chat about life. You will notice how much the screen detox can calm your mind.

Set Goals

Before the start of the week, set goals that you wish to achieve. Write how much money you have to save, where you need to go for a trip, and on what day you have to clean the house. This will help you to stay away from boredom. Moreover, you will also know the pending tasks, which will help you eliminate procrastination.

Discover Productivity Tools

You cannot be productive without productivity tools. In your spare time, learn about the most expressive and dependable productivity tools. For example, UPDF helps you to write the upcoming tasks so you can meet your deadlines. Moreover, this productivity tool allows you to achieve all kinds of goals with minimum effort.

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Part 6: Tips to Stay Productive at Study for Students

Do you want to know how to become more productive at studying? In this section, you will discover some life-changing tips that can help you to stay productive while studying. Look underneath to find these tips:

Set Timetables

You cannot be productive if you don't know how much time you should invest in studying. Make a proper timetable, write everything down, and also schedule breaks. With a good time, table, you will not face stress and burnout issues. Moreover, at the end of the day, write down whatever topics you have covered in a day.

Prevent Procrastination

Procrastination is a killer of success. Always work on prioritizing takes first so you can prevent yourself from procrastinating. Try to start 5 minutes earlier, and you will see how these 5 minutes change your productivity skills. Moreover, dedicate your time and energy to the task that has some role to play in your career.

Tune Out Distraction

While studying, you need to get rid of every distracting factor. Have a paper and write down whatever comes to your mind while learning. By this, you can do these tasks after completing studying alone without getting distracted. Furthermore, find your best hours to work and see if you are a night owl or an early bird.

Use Productive Text Tools

Productive tech tools like note-taking apps, project management apps, and planners can help you a lot. Yet, you can find all the productivity features in one tool, which is UPDF. It can help you in project management, cloud storage, taking notes, and planning day.

Moreover, it is an easy-to-use tool, so you don't have to worry about anything. You can also use UCloud to save and synchronize your files and to access them easily. With the help of UPDF, you can add numerous types of annotations to a document. It lets you highlight and underline important points and strikethrough unimportant points. You can also add text and comments in a PDF.

Furthermore, adding personalized shapes is also possible with UPDF. If you want to make a PDF file less boring, you can add several types of stickers to a PDF. Keeping in this in mind that student needs a cost-friendly, UPDF also offers a 50% discount to all students. You only have to contact the support team and provide all your details to avail yourself of the discount.

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Part 7: How to Have a Productive day in Life?

If you want to know how to stay productive every day of life, then this section will significantly help you. Look below to learn the tips that can help you regarding this issue:

Take Breaks

It is preferred not to work for too long without taking breaks because it can cause mood swings and mental stress, which can impact your life badly. Mandatory breaks are necessary, such as going for walks or watching an episode of your favorite series.

Exercise Regularly

Working without exercise can make you fat and leads to a sedentary lifestyle. That is why it is essential to exercise regularly. Investing time in your health is also a part of staying productive in life.

Manage Time

Make sure you are not completing a task worth one hour in 4 hours. Manage every second of your day and plan the upcoming day in advance. It also enhances your time management skill.

Give Yourself Rewards

At the end of the month, track your progress and give yourself a reward for staying productive. It can keep you motivated, and you can have your most desired things in your hands as a reward. 


In this article, you have learned how to have a productive day in every domain of life. All the tips listed above are easy to follow, so you don't have to worry about anything. Moreover, you can exercise regularly, manage time, schedule a day, and eat healthy meals to stay productive.

One of the best tools that can help you stay productive is UPDF. You can also learn about the features of UPDF from the above discussion.

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