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Finding the Top 5 PDF QR Code Generators

Ever found the need to quickly share bulks of information or link to a webpage most simply? In the digital era of connectivity, QR codes emerge as a versatile solution to the problem.

These cryptic codes seem to hold the accessibility to bounties of information. Whether it is marketing or educational purposes, they have become an uncalled necessity. But with a myriad of QR generators in the market, how to choose the right one?

No worries, because today's article is ready to explore the 5 QR code generators for PDFs. Let's introduce you to the best QR generators available.

Part 1. Top 5 PDF QR Code Generators

We have sifted through the web and found you the 5 best QR generators. Each of these boasts unique functionality and an amazing user experience.

Here, let's start with our most favorite application:


UPDF is our top pick as a QR code generator for PDFs. It is a perfect combination of strong interface and functionality. The incredible interface, allows even novices to seamlessly create custom QR codes. It boasts a wide suite of other PDF tools that allow effortless editing, conversion, and PDF sharing. Don't miss the deal and take a chance to try it out!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

pdf qr code generator UPDF


  • Swift QR code generation.
  • Seamless PDF editing, annotation, and conversion.
  • AI-Integrated PDF tool.
  • Encryption-based PDF Protection.
  • OCR integrated.
  • Cloud Storage.


Starting from US $35.99 annually


4.4/5 - as per G2

Or watch this video below, to learn about more exquisite features of UPDF:

UPDF is also AI-integrated, offering effortless workflow and time management. With the app currently at a whopping sale of 61% off, it is your chance to get it now! Just one purchase and you can access the application on all devices: Windows, Mac, Android, or iPhone. Don't miss the deal and take a chance to try it out!

2. Adobe Express

Adobe Express is part of the popular tech giant, Adobe Acrobat, with versatility and functionality as two known features. It offers a seamless QR code generation for its PDF documents that can be tailored to the user's specific needs. The feature is completely free to use and can be customized to match the branding as well. It offers free QR templates and an option to add a call-out to your link. Adobe proves to be a reliable solution in the crowd of QR code generators.

pdf qr code generator Adobe Express


  • Generate and customize QR code links.
  • Add call-out to QR code.
  • Expertly designed templates.
  • Download QR in image or desired file type.


  • Available for free



QRFY is a dedicated QR code link generator that seamlessly blends workability and functionality into one tool. It offers a range of document types for which QR codes can be created. Moreover, users have a free hand to style and customize the appearance of their links. QRFY even offers the possibility of adding your logo to the code. Users can either download their QR code or easily print it on paper. This tool offers easy and workable QR codes, at the convenience of a few clicks!

pdf qr code generator QRFY


  • Seamless QR code generation.
  • Wide types of file input.
  • QR code tracking and monitoring.
  • Style and customize code link.
  • Add the brand logo to the link.
  • Unlimited scans.


Available as a free tool.

Premium starts at US $ 21.67 annually.


4.6/5 - as per G2.

4. ME-QR

This is another very comprehensive QR code generator that empowers seamless PDF file access. ME-QR offers a range of file inputs including the PDF format. Just upload your file, name your QR, select a content category, and hit Customise & Download QR! In three basic steps, you can easily generate a QR code link for your file. The simple interface offers unparalleled ease of use for everyone.

pdf qr code generator ME-QR


  • Simple and Intuitive Interface.
  • Variety of file input formats.
  • Categorize your QR codes.
  • Styling and customization options for QR codes.
  • Trackability report for QR links.


Available as a free tool.

Premium starting from US$5.75/ month.


4.4/5 - as per Trustpilot

5. QR Code Chimp

And the last QR generator tool that made it to our list is QR code Chimp. In the realm of QR code creators boasting of their properties, this app is a functional, reliable, and user-friendly option. The ability to convert different formats to QR links meets the diverse needs of users. A very basic interface makes its usage easy for less tech-savvy and professionals alike. One standout feature is white-label branding that improves consumer's trust and reliability in your product.

pdf qr code generator QR


  • Create QR codes for free.
  • Customise code links with logo.
  • Simple intuitive interface.
  • Offers advanced analytics.
  • Good Download resolution.


Available as a free tool.

Premium starting at US$ 6.99 per month.


4.8/5 - as per Capterra

Part 2. What Makes a Good PDF QR Code Generator?

We discussed some of the best QR code generators. But, you must be wondering, in a realm of apps, how to choose the right QR code generator.

A few things that you should note in our app are:

1. Versatility

Many apps in the market offer limited features for a hefty price. On the contrary, you can find very versatile options that allow much more than just QR code generation. Assess the value for money and the array of features it offers.

2. File Compression

QR codes can store data up to 4000 characters of text. Since very big files cannot be converted to QR codes, your app must offer swift file compression. Make sure to check if your application offers additional features like this.

3. Types of QR codes

There are over 30+ QR codes available, from individual to codes that meet professional requirements. See what options you have while generating a code.

Based on the criteria, we have compared our top 5 PDF QR code generators:

 FeaturesFile CompressionPrice
UPDFEdit and annotate in a Word-style formatReorganize pages.Create and customize QR codes.Share documents via links or emails.Free-hand and electronic signatures.AI-integrated.US $35.99 annually
Adobe ExpressSeamless QR code generation. Personalize link.1000 expert designed templates.Add download link to QR code for PDF.Download in any file type.Free to use
QRFYCreate QR links.Customize the design and frame of the link code.Picturize the QR code with brand logos.Complete QR code monitoring.Dynamic or static QR linksUS $ 21.67 annually
ME-QRUnlimited creation and scanning of QR codes.Multi-user access.Styling and customization of code.Analytics for codes.API integrationUS$5.75/ month
QR Code ChimpCreate static and Dynamic QR codesPre-designed QRs available.3D QRs.Offers Google Analytics for each QR code.Digital Bussiness Cards.US$ 6.99/ month

Part 3. What is a QR Code for PDF?

A PDF QR code, in simplest terms, is a coded link that redirects you to a certain PDF. They are similar to barcodes, with a white and black mosaic appearance. QR codes can store all sorts of PDF files, numbers, web links, and even invitations.

The code shares the link, while you can choose to share any content in your PDF file. By simply scanning it you can access all types of PDF files or other files like brochures, flyers, catalogs, etc.

Over 30 types of QR codes are available that cater to different personal and professional needs. After generating a code, make sure to test it and see if it redirects to the correct file.

Part 4. Benefits of Using a PDF QR Code Generator

QR code generators are specific apps that help effortlessly create QR links for PDFs and other files. However, do they hold any significance?

Here are a few reasons why you need a PDF QR code generator:

1. Convenience:

QR code generators are a fast way to create QR links for your documents. With just a few clicks you can create easy shareable links for your files.

2. Trackability:

A few apps dedicated to creating QR codes offer analytics and tracking reports. These features enable users to monitor the popularity of their products. By tracking the performance of each QR code link, including the number of scans and their respective locations users can judge the popularity and demand.

3. File Accessibility:

QR code generators aid in increasing the accessibility of a file. By creating a scannable link, people from any part of the world can easily access your document.

4. Security

A few QR code generators offer add-on features like link security to avoid data breaches. They aid in maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of the PDF files without the code being accessed by everyone.

So, now you know why a PDF QR code generator is necessary? They offer convenience and maintain integrity of your documents.

Part 5. FAQs about PDF QR Code Gegenrator

1. What is a PDF QR code generator?

A PDF QR code generator is a software tool that helps create codes for your files. It creates cryptic appearing codes, that on scanning redirect your phone to a linked website.

2. Is it free to use a PDF QR code generator?

Yes. Many apps offer free PDF QR code generation. Some more versatile apps include QR code generation as part of their feature set, often offering it as an add-on alongside other listed features for a fee.

3. Is it safe to use a PDF QR code generator?

Yes, most PDF QR code generators with a credible background are safe to use. Make sure the website/app is legitimate to avoid scams.

4. What is the best PDF QR code generator?

A tool that checks the boxes for functionality, and versatility and boasts of unique features is none other than UPDF. The application is an all-one solution for all kinds of PDF demands. It can seamlessly create a QR code for any PDF.

5. Can I set an expiration date for the PDF QR code?

Yes. UPDF QR code generators allow users to set a link expiration date. After the set time the files linked with code become inaccessible and invalid. But, not all QR generators offer this feature. Make sure to check if your designated tool is compatible with the feature or not.


And with that, it's a wrap! Today's article has explored the 5 best PDF QR code generators in depth. We've also provided a concise overview of key features to consider when selecting the app. While each application on our list has its unique strengths and weaknesses, we would suggest trying out UPDF.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

UPDF is a one-stop solution for every PDF need. From the most complex to the basic problems, it will solve them all. The user interface is exceptionally user-friendly, ensuring even beginners can navigate it effortlessly.

To learn more about UPDF, you can go through UPDF's review on the high authority website: HowtoGeek.

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