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How to Convert PDF to Text Fast

How do I convert PDF to text? It is a great hustle when it comes to converting PDF files to rare file formats like text. But fortunately, we have several options available that make these conversions easy for us. Do you know about any tool that could be used to convert PDF to a text file? We have something great for you, probably the best tool for all types of conversions. Do not miss the treasure, and let's dig in together.

The Best PDF to Text Converter

The internet is flooded with multiple tools that offer you to convert PDF to text. The choices are massive that users often get confused in figuring out the best one. Do not worry; we have already done this thing for you. The best PDF-to-text converter is none other than UPDF.

Yes, that is true. When we claim it to be the best, it is, and its features are proof of it. UPDF is undoubtedly the power pack deal that offers its users a wide variety of options and comforts.

convert pdf to text file

Some of the distinguishing features are listed below:

  • When it comes to PDF conversion, you can easily convert your PDF to txt, RTF, word, excel, CSV, ppt, HTML, XML, and image (png, jpg, BMP, tiff, gif).
  • It has the advanced OCR feature to help you turn scanned PDFs into editable formats.
  • It can protect PDF documents with a password.
  • It allows you to edit the texts and images on PDF documents.
  • It is easy for you to add a link, watermark, and background to PDF documents.
  • There are many annotation tools available for you to review PDF documents and collaborate with others.

The perks that you will enjoy using UPDF are:

  • Fast processing, as it converts files quickly and adequately.
  • Time-saving facilities; as it offers an intuitive interface.
  • It provides consistent formatting and accurate conversions.
  • It is an all-in-one PDF solution and you can get all the PDF-related features in it.

How to Convert PDF to Text

Converting PDF to text using UPDF is relatively easy. You do not need to have any technical knowledge or anything else. If you have this program on your device, you can get the conversions done within a few clicks. For your ease and convenience, we have listed the steps below.

Step 1. Import the PDF document

The first step is to open the file. To open the PDF file, you want to convert to text, click on the "Open File" option. A pop-up window will appear from where you can select the desired file. Moreover, you can use the drag-and-drop option to add or upload files.

convert pdf to text free

Once you have uploaded the PDF file that you want to convert to text, click the "Export PDF" icon to open the converting panel.

convert pdf to text free

Step 2. Select Output Format as Text

To select the output format, click on the "Text" option from the formats panel on the right side of the screen.

free pdf to text converter

Step 3. Convert PDF to Text

Once you have selected the output file format, click on "Export". Select the folder you want to save the output files. The converter will process and convert your PDF to text format within a few seconds.

convert pdf to text

Video Tutorial on How to Convert PDF to Text

How to Convert a Scanned PDF to Text in 2 Ways

Do you have a scanned PDF document that you want to convert into text? We have prepared two distinct ways that you can try while using UPDF, which are provided as follows:

  • First Way: When you want to convert a scanned PDF to an editable PDF document, you should choose the first way with the OCR tool to recognize all the texts.
  • Second Way: If you want to convert a scanned PDF to a Text file format, you should choose the second way with the "Export PDF" function.

First Way: Converting PDF to Text Using the OCR Tool

Step 1: Access the OCR Tool in UPDF

As the scanned PDF opens on the screen, proceed to the "Recognize Text Using OCR" button on the right side of the window.

convert scanned pdf to text

Step 2: Select Document Type for OCR

As this opens a menu on the front, select "Searchable PDF" in the "Document Type" tab and proceed to set the parameters of the OCR tool.

pdf to text

Step 3: Set the Layout of the PDF Document

For the "Layout" tab, you need to set the option to "Text and pictures only", "Text over the page image", or "Text under the page image". For the advanced settings of the layout, click on the "Gear" icon and check the option of "Keep text and background colors."

turn pdf to text

Step 4: Define Other Important Parameters for Perfect OCR

Next, define the "Document Language" out of the 42 options available in the list. Set the appropriate "dpi" value of the "Image Resolution." If you are unaware of the resolution, you can select the "Detect Optimal Resolution option."

convert pdf to text

Step 5: Perform OCR and Convert Scanned PDF to Text

Define a proper "Page Range" over which you want to apply the OCR. Once done, click on "Perform OCR" to lead to saving the new document location. Set a name and location for the converted PDF file and click "Save" to start the process. In this way, you will get a fully editable PDF file, and you can edit all the texts and images directly in the PDF document.

convert scanned pdf to text

Second Way: Converting PDF to Text Using the "Export PDF" Function

Step 1: Set Output Format as "Text"

With the scanned PDF opened on UPDF, you must proceed to the "Export PDF" button on the right panel. As you select it, a list of different formats will appear across the protruding menu.

Look for the "Text (.txt)" format in the menu that you want to convert the PDF into. As a new window opens, you must specify some important parameters.

pdf to text

Step 2: Turn on OCR

For the parameters, define if you want to include OCR conversion within the process. If so, turn on the option of "Text Recognition Settings" and select a "Document Language" that you want to detect in the process.

pdf to text with ocr

Step 3: Convert Scanned PDF to Text

Provide a "Page Range" as appropriate, and click "Export" to convert the PDF to the text.

Following this, you can set the name and location of the converted file across the File Explorer window. Click "Save" to conclude and execute the conversion process.

free pdf to text converter

Video Tutorial on How to Convert PDF to Text

If you want to watch the video to learn the instructions on converting PDF to text, you can check the following videos.

How to Convert PDF to Text on Windows

How to Convert PDF to Text on Mac

After explaining how to convert PDF to Text with UPDF, you can learn that if you want a stable and accurate conversion, UPDF is your best choice. Free download and start using it today.