How to Convert PDF to HTML Online

Do you want to convert PDF to HTML online? You may want to do the conversion so that you can do edits or use the files in other ways. It is not hard to do the conversion because there are many online tools available. The most important thing is to know the most efficient tool to use in the process. Continue to read the article to understand how to convert PDF to HTML online and the best converters to use.

How to Convert PDF to HTML Online

There are several PDF to HTML converter online tools you can use. All you need to do is to know the one that can work more efficiently depending on your conversion needs. For instance, you can use CloudConvert. This is an online converter tool that applies highly advanced conversion technology that ensures that you get exact files like the original.

The tool ensures high level data security since your files are not shared with third parties. It features a powerful API that enable for custom integrations with your application. With CloudConvert you can easily adjust most conversion types depending on your needs, for instance, setting the quality you need among other options. In addition, the tool usually supports all document, audio, video, image, archive and presentation formats. You also enjoy using the tool, since you do not have to download any software. You can also format a batch of PDFs at the same time. However, this does not mean that it is the best, but just an example of one of the tools you can use. It is and easy to use tool with just two steps.

Step 1: Upload PDF files

Upload the PDF files you want to convert from PC, Google drive or drop box. You have the option to upload one file or several files.

Step 2: Convert PDF to HTML Online

After uploading, then click convert. The converted document is displayed on your screen for you to download and safe.

Top 5 PDF to HTML Online Converter

1. TalkHelper PDF Converter

This is one of the best online PDF to HTML converter that can convert any PDF into HTML within a few seconds. With the tool, you can convert several PDF files into web pages at the same time. Besides, you also have the option to extract specific pages or page ranges from a PDF file into HTML file. Even if your PDF documents have images, the converter carries over them into the final HTML. The online tool also allows you to convert PDFs to other editable formats such as text, word, excel and others. It features an inbuilt OCR supporting 36 languages and supports both scanned and native PDFs.

2. SodaPDF Online Tool

Adobe acrobat is another great online PDF to HTML converter, you can use both offline and online. With the tool you can convert single HTML pages or several pages according to your requirements. This is made possible since it supports batch and partial conversion. The tool is suitable to handle both scanned and native PDFs with its inbuilt OCR. Before you do the conversion, this converter lets you edit the PDFs to more customized web page output. Adobe Acrobat supports password protected PDFs, retains layout and formatting, provides editing options and has a robust OCR that allows for accurate conversion.


This is an open source, command driven and free online PDF to HTML converter that uses modern web technologies to convert PDFs into HTML.  The tool ensures high level accuracy is achieved during the conversion process. It also ensures that the output is highly optimized to match web pages. Text, fonts, figures and all formulas are preserved. The tool also allows you to output HTML files with inline CSS to integrate elegant themes. It also ensures consistency and enhanced user experience without additional plugins. Pdf2HTMLEX provides publishing options, flexible HTML output options, offer outputs HTML documents small that PDF files and also retain the original formatting and layout.

4. SmallPDF PDF to HTML Online Tool

SmallPDF is another great PDF to HTML converter that supports both scanned and native PDF documents because of the OCR feature. The tool also allows you to customize PDF layout size to meet your specific needs. With the tool you can extract the specific page ranges or pages you require other than converting the while PDF file. SmallPDF also enables you to encrypt PDFs into HTML without a lot of stress. It supports both batch and partial processing of the PDFs. In addition, you can also use the tool with password protected PDFs and allows layout customization.

5. Zamzar PDF to HTML Online Converter

Zamzar is an online PDF to HTML tool that allows for quick conversion of PDFs to different formats of HTML including HTML, HTML4, and HTML5 with only three simple steps. You just need to add your PDF documents direct from URL or from local storage, choose your preferred HTML format and then do the conversion. If the PDF has images, the tool generates compressed file containing all the HTML documents for easy download. The inbuilt OCR allows for faster and more accurate conversion of your PDF to HTML files. With the tool you can convert PDFs directly from URLs and also compress the output for faster downloads.

Disadvantages of Using Online PDF to HTML Converter

Using PDF to HTML converter online tools has several disadvantages. One of the major disadvantages is that you cannot do the conversion offline. You must have internet connection to convert PDF to HTML with the online tool. The other limitation is that the security of your documents may be compromised by hackers. As you upload private files on the web, it is also easy for unauthorized parties to access them. Some of the online tools also offer substandard results whereby the resulting HTML files are not similar to the original PDF documents. You may have to do a lot of manual corrections afterwards. Besides, you are also limited on the size of PDF file to convert. Thus, you may not be able to convert large files with some of the online converters.

To avoid all the disadvantages, it is good to use UPDF converter which is the best tool to convert PDF to HTML. This is a powerful tool with ability to convert PDFs to several editable formats. Regardless of the number of PDFs you want to convert, it does the job within a few seconds. It has a simple interface that makes it easy to understand. You just need to add the files or drag and drop the files into the tool and convert them.

The tool also has an inbuilt OCR that allows you to convert scanned PDF to HTML and other formats too. This feature supports 23 languages and allows you to do the conversion more accurately and quickly. Thus, you get HTML with features similar to the original PDF. You also like UPDF converter becaise of its ability to convert even password protected PDF documents. The tool also allows for batch conversion with a single click. You can convert up to 200 PDF files simultaneously within a few seconds. Its security features also make the tool safe to use since your files cannot be accessed by thirty parties.