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How to Convert a PDF Image to Text with OCR

When would you need to convert a PDF image to Text with OCR? Let's assume you have an image-based PDF or a JPG that's been converted into a PDF. Now imagine that there's some text in the image that you want to extract - but that's impossible because you can't edit the text inside an image file or an image-based PDF. The only way to do this is to use a PDF image to text converter that offers OCR functionality to recognize and extract the text. You can also do this online, but the best way is to use a secure offline utility - one that works on both Windows and Mac computers.

The Best PDF Image to Text Converter with OCR

Introducing UPDF, a cross-platform desktop application for Mac and PC that can convert PDF files into numerous editable file types including PDF image to text, PDF image to Word, etc. The conversion can be done with or without OCR, but when you have a PDF image, then you need to use the text recognition module to extract the text content so you can use it elsewhere, edit it in a word processor, and so on.

What Can UPDF Do? Key Features

  • Convert PDF to over a dozen different editable file types including MS Office files, images, HTML, text, PDF/A, XML, CSV, and more.
  • Maintain the original formatting of the source PDF file in the output file.
  • Secure environment to keep your private and confidential files safe at all times.
  • OCR capability to recognize text in images and extract it to an editable text file.


  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Batch Process to save a significant amount of time for heavy workflows
  • Convenient OCR settings for language, page range, etc.

How to Convert PDF Image to Text in Windows

Step 1: Add/Import the PDF File to the Conversion Queue

Drag and drop the PDF image into the UPDF interface to import it or you can click the "Open File" buttons can be used for the same purpose.

convert pdf image to text

Step 2: Enter into Export PDF Mode

Once the scanned PDF is imported on UPDF, follow it up by clicking the "Export PDF" option in the top-right corner.

convert pdf image to text

Step 3: Convert PDF Image to Text

A small window will be displayed on the screen as soon as you click on the "Export PDF" option. Choose the output format as Text from the menu options.

convert pdf image to text
Convert PDF with UPDF

Finally, hit the "Export" button at the bottom - the file will be converted as saved in the folder you just choose and displayed on your screen. Double-click it to open it with the default Text editor.

convert pdf image to text

​​How to Convert PDF Image to Text on a Mac

Step 1: Install and launch UPDF

Get and Install the UPDF for Mac from the Mac App Store. Launch the UPDF and open the PDF image that you want to convert to text.

updf on mac app store

Step 2: Select export formats

You will see the "Convert” icon on the top right panel of the UPDF interface. Click on it and it will show you a list of formats. Now, select the “Text” format to convert your PDF image to text. You can choose Rich Text Format(.rtf) or Text (.txt) from the list.

convert pdf to text
convert pdf to text

Step 3: Turn on OCT button

When you click on the “Text” format, a pop-up will appear. Now, enable the “Text Recognition Settings”. Next, click on the “Export” button and your PDF image will convert to text.

ocr settings
ocr settings

Click on "Export" button and your conversion will be saved in your local folder. Your scanned PDF or image is successfully converted into searchable text.

Video Tutorial on How to Convert PDF to Text on Mac

How to Convert PDF Image to Text Online

There are many online OCRs out there. I can take one for example to explain how to convert PDF image to text. But the steps for different tools are different. You can learn by yourself. SodaPDF is a great online tool for PDF conversion, compression, file management, and other tasks. It's easy to use and quite powerful in terms of OCR conversions. You can directly access it on a modern browser on any connected device. Here's what the process looks like:

Step 1: Upload the PDF Image File

Go to the SodaPDF OCR page and upload the PDF file using the Choose File option or with a drag-and-drop action. The conversion will happen automatically.

pdf image to text online

Step 2: Preview and Download the Text File

After conversion, the file will be displayed on your screen, where you can perform other actions such as adding more text, selecting text portions, etc.

Click the disk icon on the top-left corner of the browser tab to Download the file to a local folder.

Final Thoughts

SodaPDF Online is no doubt a powerful utility to convert PDF images to text with OCR, but a lot of users avoid online services as a rule due to potential document security issues when uploading and downloading files. The site itself is secure, but your files may be compromised in transit. If you're dealing with confidential client information or internal company documents, it's better to use an offline tool such as UPDF. It supports both Mac and Windows and offers a native experience on both platforms. Moreover, there are numerous conversion options, advanced OCR capabilities, batch processing, and many other features that make it one of the best cross-platform PDF converters on the market today.