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Top 10 PDF to TIFF Converters in 2022

Many companies and professionals use pdf data extraction or manipulation with thousands of documents daily, and some store and edit images for their professional gigs. A lot of time is spent transferring and converting their files from their devices to computers for editing or extracting data from hundreds of files per hour. In these particular cases, if they don't have any efficient tool like a PDF to TIFF converter, it is unsuitable for their business and its longevity.

Therefore, this article discusses the 10 best PDF to TIFF converters free and paid, enhancing your productivity ten folds.

Part 1: Best 10 PDF to TIFF Converters

Before we discuss and explore different features and options of the best PDF to TIFF converter on our list, let's overview all the essential aspects.

ProductCompatibilityPriceOutput FormatsTop Features
UPDFWin, Mac, iOS, 
and Android
Word, Excel, PPT, 
CSV, Image(JPG, 
GIF), Text, RTF, 
View, edit, convert, 
annotate, create, protect, 
crop, split, organize PDF, 
share PDF via link
NitroWin, MacWin: $179.99
Pro- $179.99
Word, Excel, PPT,
 Image, Rich Text
Create, edit, create, fill and manage forms, security and encryption, markup and annotate, edit PDF files, IT deployment and management
Foxit PDFWin, Mac, iOS, 
Android, and Linux
Plan for Pro+:
Word, Excel, 
PPT, JPG, etc
View, read and print; collaborate and share; annotate, fill and edit forms; protect and sign PDF across devices; customize and deploy
Adobe Acrobat Pro DCWin and MacStandard:
Word, Excel, PPT,
CSV, Image(JPG, 
GIF), Text, RTF,
Edit: edit and compress PDF, add comments, recognize text, combine files, split PDFs, convert to PDF and back to other formats, Export to popular formats
PDFelementWin, Mac, 
Cloud, Android, 
and iOS
Word, Excel, PPT,
Create and edit PDFs like Word, convert and organize from any device, sign all PDFs and more
so all devices
$15 .58/ mo
DBK, DJVU, Word, 
HTML, Text,
and rich format,
 PDF, Excel, XPS
Web-based document converter, super simple, web-based online tool, safe and SSL secure, cloud-based, access on any device
PDFchefWin, Mac, iOSLifetime $39.95
yearly $29.95
Merge and split PDF, 
Word, PPT, Excel, JPG
and other image files
Merge and split PDFs, export to other formats, 
pdf2tiff Win$570Merge and split PDF, 
Word, PPT, Excel, JPG, 
sign and print
Scan and store, configure output, folder, and subfolder monitoring
AvePDFWeb-basedFreeTIFF, Image files, 
Office files,
SVG and more
Hyper level of compression, conversion of multiple formats, batch processing, OCR, repairing, web optimization
ZamzarWin, Mac, online only on mobile devices$9/Basic
CSV, DjVu, doc, 
eml, zip, mpp,
and a lot more
Convert 100 formats, online and offline tools, popular conversion options, supports hyper compression


UPDF is a delightful yet universal productive PDF converter tool that can convert all major files into PDF and is a fantastic PDF to TIFF converter. The best thing about this PDF to TIFF converter online is that you can access it on all devices, and none of the features is compromised.

updf converter


  • Universal app, accessible across all devices
  • One-stop solution for all PDF problems
  • Edit text and modify images with intuitive UI
  • Editing, highlighting, and more
  • Stylized annotation process, which never gets dull
  • Super intuitive UI allows editing and re-arranging any aspect of the PDF file
  • OCR functionality is surprisingly fast and accurate
  • Work with all your PDF documents on the go
  • Convert different formats to and from PDF with ease
  • More than a million users trust UPDF
  • All in one solution for individuals and enterprises
  • Very stylized, which makes it interesting
  • So many options for a single app
  • Mobile app is as intuitive as the other desktop apps
  • Online PDF to TIFF converter has fantastic options


  • Some pro features aren't the same across different platforms
  • Might be overwhelming for a new user

2. Nitro

Nitro is a powerful and affordable PDF to TIFF converter free tool that will change your work process and enhance efficiency. By using Nitro, you are unlocking your Greater Productivity will make your work go faster. Nitro is available on Windows and Mac and can offer you enterprise solutions.

nitro converter


  • All the popular file formats are supported, which can be converted to and from
  • Primarily known for its PDF to TIFF converter download on your devices
  • All your files can be password locked and encrypted
  • All the editing options available to edit PDF files with ease
  • 68% of Fortune 500 are customers and trust Nitro
  • Enhance the digital transformation of your workflow
  • Increase your productivity by paying less for more features
  • Allows you to pay for 20 licenses at once great for companies


  • Individual licenses aren't available, so they are not suitable for individual customers

3. Foxit PDF

If you are looking for a powerhouse solution for your PDF to TIFF converter software, then Foxit PDF is your answer. Foxit is always working hard to be the innovative leader in the market for PDF products helping workers and professionals worldwide to enhance their workflow. Let's read more about what makes Foxit PDF great.

foxit pdf converter


  • All major platforms supported, including Linux
  • Every editing option and what you require to form a PDF to TIFF converter is there in Foxit, and more
  • Make and fill forms in Acro forms and XML form Architecture with great ease
  • You can read PDFs anywhere, and on any device you own
  • Excellent annotation and editing features that allow you to collaborate with others and share your work in real-time


  • There is no PDF to TIFF converter online free, so you have to download an app to use it on your device
  • Some advanced features are only available with their pro version

4. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

The latest Document Cloud functionality is what makes Adobe Acrobat Pro DC one of the best PDF to TIFF converter online in our books. The DC function enhances working with teams and collaborating from anywhere. One of its strongest suits which enterprises love.

adobe acrobat pro pc converter


  • Students get 65% off and excel at their work and assignments with this fantastic and special offer
  • Create, convert, edit, sign, and share/print your PDF documents
  • No more need for online PDF to TIFF converter solutions as you can enhance your productivity by converting PDF to TIFF with Adobe's help
  • Cloud functionality enhances the collaboration of teams across the globe
  • Document review has never been this easy
  • Full functionality for mobile devices


  • Some users have experienced slow startup
  • Sometimes transferring text to Word removes formatting
  • Integration of cross-device work needs improvement

5. PDFelement

PDF editing and printing should be easy, and the more features it includes, the more cumbersome it becomes. This is where the most accessible PDF to TIFF converter free tools lack the most. The Wondershare PDFelement is none of that and the easiest fully fleshed PDF software you were missing.

pdfelement converter


  • Works on all major platforms and devices, even on web browsers
  • Full functionality of editing tools like Microsoft office
  • Best organization of any app
  • PDF to TIFF converter download this tool on mobile devices to experience the best OCR
  • Students, parents, teachers and working professionals, everyone can easily use all its features
  • Easily extract data to most formats that you are familiar with
  • Much cheaper compared to Adobe


  • Not a lot of customization options when converting PDF to TIFF
  • Some UI options, like drawing your signature, need polish
  • Still some issues with filling and editing forms

6. Convertio

Convertio is an amazing PDF to TIFF converter online free tool you can use on any device through their web browser. Being entirely online makes it an excellent choice for those users who intend to use PDF converting and editing occasionally. A great tool if you want to convert your PDF files to TIFF documents.

convertio converter


  • The tool has a great OCR tool built in on the website
  • Works on any device that has a browser and internet connection
  • Security is paramount, and all your files are deleted after 24 hours
  • Can easily integrate with most cloud services with this PDF to TIFF converter
  • Drag and drop of files extracted from links are supported for the best PDF to TIFF conversion
  • Straightforward working without any ads
  • Built-in OCR functionality


  • Free version allows up to 100MB per file converted

7. PDFChef

Enhance your productivity with PDFChef by Movavi, which lets you stay productive due to its support on the most popular devices. You can easily access your PDF to TIFF converter online and work from anywhere, anytime. The more you work with PDFchef, the more you will be productive and fall in love with it.

pdfchef converter


  • Enhance your PDF editing to the next level with a comprehensive set of tools
  • Easy access from anywhere and any device to Cloud-based work
  • The online PDF to TIFF converter feature allows documents to be processed quickly with their innovative design of the app and features
  • Streamline all your PDF documents
  • Multiple languages supported that enhance the productivity of your teammates
  • Allows you a great range of formats you can convert your PDF into after working on them


  • Pricing is a bit on the high end
  • For the moment, support for only native PDF files

8. pdf2tiff

Another superb PDF to TIFF converter software that you can use online and download their app for free to enhance your PDF works. PDF2TIFF is designed to convert all your PDF files with the highest quality in mind without compromising. The app uses AI to process the parallel conversion of many types of files.

pdf2tiff converter


  • A simple PDF to TIFF converter software that can convert multiple PDFs into TIFFs which requires minimum effort
  • The best thing about this tool is that it is portable, meaning you can carry this tool on a USB and use it on any device
  • Friendly user and intuitive UI allow you to convert many documents with ease
  • An efficient software that will process your documents and doesn't require too many resources from your computer


  • Still not a feature-rich tool compared to many others on this list

9. AvePDF

AvePDF is a Web-based PDF to TIFF converter online free that can do many of the same functions that a fully fleshed-out app or software does online and can be accessed from a browser on any device. Let's look into its unique features like OCR, web optimization, converting PDF to TIFF, and much more.

avepdf converter


  • Free online PDF to TIFF converter
  • Conversion is possible to many popular formats like Image and Office files, SVG and more
  • Hyper level of compression, which can help you optimize your apps using the latest MRC technology
  • Highly secure browsing experience with one of the strongest encryption tech
  • Batch processing, OCR, repairing, and web optimization are many great features for such a lite online tool


  • Hard to edit because it was initially meant to exchange formats for keeping the integrity and quality of documents exchange
  • Extracting information from some PDF files is difficult

10. Zamzar

Zamzar is a PDF to TIFF converter free if you are looking to convert your files on most systems. If you are a company that works day and night with data handling, then you must have all pdf to tiff tools at your disposal. Zamzar is the answer because it supports over 1200 types of files you can convert your files to.

zamzar converter


  • Supports bulk conversions with lightning speeds
  • Allows the user to also convert files of other types into each other
  • Gives you a choice to choose the web version or the desktop app
  • The PDF to TIFF converter download app has recently launched, which you can download for free
  • Easily convert files from URLs
  • Supports a whopping 1200 types of conversion format
  • Developers can also use their APIs to enhance their apps


  • Max size allowed is only 50 MB per file
  • Unfortunately, no OCR availability like other similar online tools

Part 2: Which is the best PDF to TIFF converter?

So until now, we have discussed the 10 best PDF to TIFF converters, where some were purely PDF to TIFF converters online while others gave you the option to download them on PC or other devices. Each one of these PDF to TIFF converter software and tools presents a lot of helpful features to enhance your productivity and ease your handling of PDF documents all day. So, which one should you choose if you had to pick one?

For the sheer number of new features added and regular updates introducing better QoL features with each patch, we strongly recommend UPDF as our winner. Not just that, with one of the most competitive prices and the most beautiful UI, UPDF is for the people by the people and will be your one-stop solution for all your PDF needs. You can download it for a trial.

converte pdf using updf

Part 3: FAQs about PDF to TIFF converter

1. Can I Convert a PDF to a TIFF File?

Yes, you most certainly can. Any user can easily do this because PDF, though mainly used as a document file that includes images, still acts as an image file and because TIFF is a Tag Image File Format that can hold high-quality images. There are a lot of online as well as offline tools that you can use to convert your PDF to TIFF converter software required. Converting to a TIFF document benefits those who regularly work with HQ images and want to edit when needed.

2. How do I Convert a PDF to TIFF for Free?

The conversion process depends on your tool or software for PDF to TIFF converter free. Many paid tools either give you a limited number of conversions for free every day or give you the option to try out their tool for a limited number of days. Furthermore, you can use a PDF to TIFF converter online free to convert your documents.

3. What is the Difference Between TIF and TIFF?

Both are the same and used for the tiff/tif files or Tagged Image File Format. Since this extension was developed recently, it has caused issues when saving to older file format systems like the FAT. This is because FAT can only write 8 characters after the dot due to naming convention 8.3. therefore, the last f was removed from TIFF when saving in FAT, and therefore tif was born.

4. What is the Purpose of TIFF?

The main purpose of TIFF is to store HQ images to avoid any loss during saving on different file formats before editing these pictures. This format is the most popular among photographers who use this format to store all their RAW photos before working on them.

5. Why are TIFF Files So Big?

The primary reason TIFF files are large is that they use lossless compression, meaning none of the detail gets lost, unlike JPG or other formats that lose data after compression. TIFF files are as large as they need to be, and no matter how often you use PDF to TIFF converter, no data is lost.


As you have seen throughout this article, PDF to TIFF converter is huge among document handling companies that deal in PDFs and images all day, every day. Their workflow is enhanced immensely based on the tool or software they use. This is why UPDF is one of the best options for PDF to TIFF converter software for all your pdf and tiff needs. Now let's download it for a trial!

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