How to Convert PDF to HTML on Linux

Converting PDF to HTML makes the files easy and possible to work with. There are several offline and online tools you can use to convert PDF to HTML. You can use Poppler-utils to convert PDF to HTML on Linux. However, you can also use the UPDF Converter which is the best program suited for this job. This article looks on how to convert PDF to HTML on Ubuntu using the two methods.

How to Convert PDF to HTML on Linux with Poppler-utils

It is easy to convert PDF to HTML on Linux. There are different ways that you can do it. One of the simplest and most effective ways to convert Linux PDF to HTML is with poppler-utils. Here are the simple steps for you to follow.

Step 1: Install poppler-utils

The first thing for you to do is to install poppler-utils. You can get the package through Ubuntu's standard repository. After the installation, you need to have superuser privileges. If you do not have them, you need to seek help from your system administrator. To start the conversion, let's assume you have a PDF file, example.PDF with 20 pages. Here are the different options you can use to convert your PDF to HTML.

Step 2: Convert PDF to HTML

Option one to convert PDF to HTML on Linux

First, you see the basic command that you will be able to convert your PDF file to HTML. Now open a terminal in the directory where you have saved or stored your PDF document.

pdf to html linux
linux pdf to html

This creates HTML file – f.HTML in the current directory. The issues with using this method is that the resulting HTML does not retain text formatting.

Option two to convert PDF to HTML on Linux

You can use the following method that helps retain the text format.

pdf to html ubuntu

In this method –c usually generates a more complex HTML.

Option three to convert PDF to HTML on Linux

This option also retains the text formatting. The HTML document is generated as a single file.

convert pdf to html linux

The new HTML file f-HTML.HTML is generated and it contains all the pages. –s generates a single HTML document with all the pages.

Option four to convert PDF to HTML on Linux

You can also select all the pages you want to convert to HTML.

linux convert pdf to html

When using this method –f<int>begin from this page

-I<int> end at the page number


pdf to html linux

In case you want to convert your PDF document starting from a particular page to the end of the document you may have to skip –I option. For example, the following will convert the example.PDF pages starting from page 6 to its end.

How to Convert PDF to HTML if You're Not on Linux

If you want to convert PDF to HTML if you are not on Linux, you need to use UPDF Converter. This is a tool that has become popular due to its immense features that make it easy to convert PDFs to other formats. It supports Windows and Macs.

The software can help convert PDF files into other formats such as PDF/A, MS office documents, HTML, rich text and others. What sets it apart from the competition is its accuracy and speed in which it does the conversion. It has an easy-to-use interface; thus, no learning curve is involved before you can start using it. The tool also has security features that ensure that your confidential documents are safe since the files are never shared with unauthorized parties. It is robust enough to ensure that it can convert up to 200 PDFs at the same time. Besides, UPDF Converter has OCR or optical character recognition that helps convert scanned PDFs into other editable versions. With this feature, you can expect high level accuracy conversion.

Step 1. Import the PDF document

Import the PDF document you want to convert by either dragging and dropping them into the converter or click "Add Files" button to upload them into the conversion queue by uploading from your storage device.

linux pdf to html

Step 2. Select Output Format as HTML

On the right side you find the formats panel. Choose the format you want and, in this case, you pick "HTML". If you would like to set the page range of the PDF conversion, click the three vertical dots setting next to each of the PDF document. Set page range on the panel on the right.

pdf to html ubuntu

Step 3. Convert PDF to HTML

After choosing HTML, click "GO" to begin the conversion. You are then asked to choose the output folder for your HTML file. After you select the output folder, the PDF document is processed and converted to HTML document. You can get the file under the set output folder.