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How to Convert PDF to OpenOffice? (Easy Guide)

If you want to open a PDF document with OpenOffice, you need to install a special software extension to make it compatible. However, an easier solution is to convert PDF to OpenOffice document since that preserves your original document content and formatting and allows you to use the full functionalities of OpenOffice document editing. In this article, we will discuss multiple ways of doing this conversion offline and online.

Part 1. Convert PDF to OpenOffice Doc with UPDF

For converting your PDF documents to OpenOffice Documents, you can use UPDF because of its wide range of conversion features. Whether you need to convert one document or multiple at once, UPDF can provide you with the best performance. Moreover, it works for converting scanned PDF documents to ODT format as well.

pdf to openoffice updf

During the conversion, UPDF ensures to maintain document formatting and content integrity so you do not lose any important information from the files. Below are the details about different ways of converting PDF to ODT with UPDF.

Way 1. Convert One PDF to One OpenOffice Word

The first method is for scenarios where you only have one PDF document that needs to be converted to ODT format. For such use cases, you may proceed with the steps below after you download UPDF on your PC or Mac with the help of the below button:

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1. Open the document in UPDF and click Export PDF

Double-click the desktop icon of UPDF on your PC to run the software. Now, hit the "Ctrl + O" keys on your keyboard and select the PDF file to open it. Click the "Export PDF" option from the right menu. Now select "Word" and follow the on-screen steps to save your converted file on the PC.

pdf to openoffice export

2. Open the converted Word file in MS Word and go to Save As

Locate and double-click the converted Word file to open in Microsoft Word. Now click "File" > "Save as." Select a location where you want to save that document.

pdf to openoffice open file in ms word

3. Save as OpenDocument Text

When selecting the location, a pop-up window will appear where you can edit the name and file type. From the "Save as type" dropdown option, select OpenDocument Text and click "Save."

pdf to openoffice save file

So, if you want the easiest and most reliable experience of converting PDF documents to ODT format, you may download UPDF and try the steps above.

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Way 2. Convert Scanned PDF to OpenOffice

Sometimes, you need to convert scanned PDF documents to OpenOffice format. Since the scanned documents do not have editable text, most methods may not work. The best solution in this case is using the OCR feature from UPDF with the following steps.

1. Open scanned document in UPDF and perform OCR.

Open the scanned document in UPDF Reader mode and navigate to the right menu. On the top of this menu, you will see the "OCR" button. Click it and click "Perform OCR". Now, UPDF will start processing that file.

pdf to openoffice ocr

2. Use the Export PDF feature on the OCR file.

After the file processing is complete and the scanned document is converted into an editable PDF file, it will save and open in a new tab in UPDF. Go to the right side menu once again and click "Export PDF" > "Word." Follow the on-screen steps to save that PDF document on your PC as a Word file.

pdf to openoffice export

3. Open OCR converted in MS Word.

Locate the file on your PC and double-click it. The PDF converted to a Word file will now open in MS Word on your PC.

pdf to openoffice open file

4. Save the file as OpenDocument Text in the desired location

Click "File"> "Save as" and select a location for saving your file, then click the "save as type" dropdown to select OpenDocument Text from the list. Now you can click "Save," and the Word file will be saved as an ODT file.

pdf to openoffice save as

With these simple steps, you can easily convert scanned documents to editable PDF and then to Word, which will be converted to OpenDocument Text format. Download and use UPDF to ensure your OCR gets the highest accuracy for multiple languages.

Way 3. Convert PDF files to OpenOffice Files

Converting multiple files one by one can be a hassle, and UPDF brings a solution to this problem as well. Using the Batch Processing features of UPDF, you can convert PDF files with one click and here are the steps to successfully do that.

1. Open UPDF and select Batch, convert

Double-click to open UPDF, and on the home page, click "Batch" to open UPDF Batch Process features. Now select "Convert" since we want to convert multiple PDF documents to Word files at once.

pdf to openoffice batch convert

2. Add all PDF files and convert them to Word.

Click "Add Files" and pick all the PDF documents using the browse window. Depending on the number of files and size of every file. UPDF may take between an instant to a few seconds to add all your PDF files. Select "Word" from the Output Format option and click "Apply”.

pdf to openoffice apply convert

3. Open each file in MS Word and use Save As

Individually open every converted Word document in MS Word and go to "File"> "Save As" or hit the "Ctrl Shift S" keyboard combination. Either way, you will go to the option where you select a location for saving your file.

pdf to openoffice open file

4. Select OpenDocument Text as the file type.

Click the "Save as Type" dropdown to select OpenDocument Text, and after selecting, you can click "Save." Repeat steps 3 and 4 for every file, and you will convert all of them from PDF to ODT format. Download UPDF and convert multiple PDF documents to a different file format with one click using this method.

pdf to openoffice save as

What Else Can UPDF Do for You?

Converting PDF to OpenOffice is not the only thing you can do with UPDF since it is a complete suite of PDF tools. Its extensive range of features include:

  • UPDF Cloud
  • OCR
  • PDF forms
  • Annotation and collaboration
  • Image and text editing
  • PDF organization
  • Page management
  • 2-way PDF conversions
  • Multiple sharing options, etc.

So, if you want to try these features while working with your PDF documents, you can download UPDF on your smartphone and computer. To unlock the premium features, purchase UPDF Pro at a discounted price today.

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Part 2. Convert PDF to OpenOffice Document Online

If you want to perform this conversion online, then the most reliable tool is Zamzar. It does require a stable internet connection to work, but it can work on any device OS, and you don’t need to install anything on your devices. Zamzar is an online tool that can convert thousands of file formats to thousands of other formats, including video, audio, document, etc.

However, suppose you are working with confidential documents. In that case, you must be concerned since you are uploading the file to someone else's server, and that may raise privacy or security issues. Anyhow, here are the steps for this conversion using Zamzar.

1. Open ZAMZAR PDF to ODT converter online

Go to any browser and open ZAMZAR PDF to ODT converter. It is essential to have a stable internet connection for this method to work.

pdf to openoffice zamzar

2. Upload your files and click "Convert Now."

Click the "Choose Files" button and upload your PDF file to the Zamzar website, and as the "Convert Now" button gets green, you can click it to initiate the conversion. As the conversion begins, you will see the progress bar under it.

pdf to openoffice convert now button

3. Download after conversion is complete.

When the conversion finishes, you will go to a new webpage, which will give you the download option. There, you can click the "Download" button to download the PDF converted to ODT format.

pdf to openoffice download file

Part 3. FAQS About PDF to OpenOffice

Q1. How to edit a PDF file in OpenOffice?

Open OpenOffice and click “Draw”. Now go to "File"> "Open". Locate the PDF from your storage and click "Open." No click on text to make it editable and edit it directly. Click the "Text" tool to add text anywhere in the document. Now click "File”> "Export"> ”Save” to save your work.

Q2. How to Open a PDF in OpenOffice?

Download the OpenOffice PDF Import Extension and install it by going to "Tools" > "Extension Manager" > "Add" > "Open." After installing this extension, click "File"> "Openv and locate the PDF file to open it.

Q3. How to Save an OpenOffice Document as a PDF?

After making all the changes to your OpenOffice document, you may save it as PDF by clicking "File"> "Export as PDF." Then, you can change the desired settings, click "Export," choose the location to save that file and click "Save."

In The End

Hopefully, now you know all the different online and offline methods to convert PDF to OpenOffice. If you want the best reliability and performance, then going with an offline version will be the best choice, and for that, you can download UPDF on your devices. It works offline and does not come with any privacy or security concerns since the whole processing is conducted on your device.

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