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How to Convert PDF to AI With and Without Adobe Illustrator

PDF is the widely used document format across daily-life sectors. After all, it maintains your document's original layout and orientation even when you open it on different devices. This is the reason most visual platforms export designed art, portraits, mosaics, and Picasso are saved in PDF format.

Meanwhile, if you're looking to edit and enhance the designed PDF through Adobe Illustrator (AI), you need to convert PDF to AI. For this purpose, this article will tell you about different ways and a powerful PDF tool that converts PDF documents into multiple file formats.

Part 1: How to Convert PDF to AI with Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a leading graphic designing tool comprising various editing functions. This way, you can enhance the visual quality of your designed art in a creative way. Moreover, Adobe Illustrator is also a top PDF-to-AI file converter that makes your designed art more special with increased use cases. To know how to convert PDF to Illustrator through the software, follow the simple steps here:

Step 1: Open Adobe Illustrator on your computer and import your PDF art design by clicking the "File" tab from the top-left. Continue to select the "Open" option from the drop-down.

Step 2: Adjust the settings from the available "PDF Import Options" panel and click "OK." Continue adjustment in the "Concert Color Mode" panel and click "OK" again.

Step 3: Click the "File" tab again from the top-left corner and select the "Save As" option this time. Set the file name and destination folder, and choose the AI format for the PDF file. Following this, press the "Save" button at the end.

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Part 2: How to Convert PDF to AI Online

While there is a huge need to convert PDF to AI files, several free online tools are available online. Meanwhile, a trusted option is the Online Converter. With this tool, you can experience PDF to AI conversions as best as possible. You can both upload your file or even add it through the link. The uploaded files aren't stored on the server, so your data is safe. To use this tool, follow the simple steps here:

Step 1: Launch the Online Converter website on your browser and continue to press the "Select Files" button to upload PDF files. You can also upload files through "Enter URL," "Google Drive," and "Dropbox."

Step 2: Once your files are uploaded, check if any files are still not uploaded. Press the "Add More Files" button if there is a missing file. Next, press "Convert" to begin the conversion process. Afterward, click on the "Download All" button once your designs are converted. You can also download individual images by clicking "Download" in front of them.

Part 3: How to Convert PDF to Other Formats with UPDF

UPDF is a PDF converter that's exactly what you need for all your PDF format conversions. The supported conversion file formats include .docx, .pptx, .xlsx, .csv, .rtf, .txt, .xml, .html, and images. All the document conversions are processed in a fast and quick way.

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Furthermore, you can batch convert multiple PDFs into a single format without hassles. If you want to batch-convert PDF into any other format using UPDF, follow these simple and easy steps here: 

Step 1: After launching UPDF software on your computer, click "Batch" from the homepage and select "Convert" from popular batch actions. 

Step 2: Click the "Add Files" button to import your PDF file. The supported formats include "PDF," "PNG," "JPG," and "JPEG." You can also import an entire PDF folder by clicking the "Add Folders" option from the drop-down of Add File.

Step 3: From the panel on the right side, set the file "Output Format," "Text Recognition Settings," and "Layout Settings" as per your requirements. If satisfied, click the "Apply" button from the bottom right, select the folder, and press "Save" to save your converted files.

Other Key Features of UPDF PDF Converter

  • Edit PDF text by changing font style, size, color, and margins.
  • Add watermarks to your PDFs with likes of text, images, and other visual properties.
  • Combine multiple PDFs into a single PDF for easy accessibility of important documents. 
  • With OCR, turn scanned PDF documents and images into editable and searchable PDFs. 

Part 4: Why Convert PDF to AI?

If you want to make your PDF illustrations more aesthetic, you may need to edit them using AI software. For this purpose, you need to convert PDF to AI. But this is so? Let's find more reasons:

1. Easily Editable

While converting PDF to AI format, you can explore a broad spectrum of editing functionalities. After all, AI is a complete editing tool that comes with different elements, including shapes, colors, text, lines, and other graphics. So, if you want to add customizations to your original PDF designs, it becomes possible with AI.

2. Vector Graphics

Files in AI are stored as vector graphics that are based on mathematical equations rather than pixels. The fact is vectors allow maximum scalability options without losing overall quality. This way, your design remains in optimal layout with consistent resolutions. Therefore, converting PDF to AI can help you enjoy the functions of vector graphics with resizing and element adjustment.

3. File Size Optimization

When you've large PDF files with high-resolution images and graphics, converting them to AI format may help compress the file size. Meanwhile, in doing so, the quality of the image won't get compromised or reduced. Thus, despite having a compressed file, you'll still be able to enjoy clean and sharp graphics. In addition, AI will allow further image enhancements.

4. Layered Editing

Layers supported by Adobe Illustrator allow you to work inside various elements independently. So, when you convert the PDF into AI, the original structure is retained, which makes it easy to edit and manage different components and elements within the design. This type of editing is extremely beneficial when you want to modify specific regions in a design.

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A majority of art designing files exist in PDF format. Meanwhile, using Adobe Illustrator is ideal if you want to make your designs more intuitive with next-level Illustrations. For this purpose, you need to convert PDF to AI. This article discussed several PDF to AI converters online to help you get started. Moreover, you also learned about UPDF, the best PDF converter.

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