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Learn More About EPUB Format and How to Convert Your PDF File to EPUB

Do you want to publish your first digital book but you are not sure which format you should use? Or maybe you are in the process of writing your piece and getting yourself organized in advance? Either way, this article will be useful for anybody who wants to explore the world of digital eBook formats. If you want to learn how to make your eBooks more flexible and readable across various devices, keep on reading.

We will explain everything you need to know to successfully format your digital book. After you're done with this guide, you will definitely be able to convert your PDF to EPUB format and release your book without any issues.

EPUB: Ideal Format for Adaptable eBooks

What is the best format you can choose for your eBook? This may depend on your specific needs. There are many formats available out there to choose from, such as MOBI, Amazon Kindle, PDB, EPUB and many more. Our dedicated UPDF team conducted in-depth research on one of them. Thus, today we will introduce you to EPUB.

EPUB stands for electronic publication and is a digital eBook file format. It's known for being very flexible as it is designed for reflowable content. It can easily adapt to different screen sizes, making it easier for people to switch devices when they want and continue reading. EPUB files have great support features such as adjustable font sizes and resizable images. Thus, they provide a convenient reading journey.

How to Convert PDF to EPUB Online with Convertio

Now that you know what EPUB is, it's time to learn how to convert PDF to EPUB for free using one of the softwares available online. Let's dive into the process and explore the steps of converting the files by using Convertio.

  1. Go to this page to access the Convertio PDF to EPUB Converter.
  2. After the page opens, you will see the options shown below.
pdf to epub convertio
  1. Click "Choose Files" and select the PDF you would like to convert.
  2. Once your file is uploaded, click "Convert".
pdf to epub convertio upload file
  1. Wait for the file to be converted to EPUB. When the action is completed, it will say "Conversion completed" on the website.
  2. Once your PDF has converted, you can download your eBook in a new format by selecting "Download".
pdf to epub convertio download file

How to Convert PDF to EPUB on Your Desktop with PDFelement

You can also convert your PDF to EPUB by utilizing a desktop software called PDFelement, providing you with an alternative and cost-effective solution.

Follow these simple steps to convert PDF to EPUB format:

  1. Download the software on the PDFelement website.
  2. Once the software finishes downloading, open it on your desktop.
  3. Now select "Convert".
pdf to epub convert pdf element
  1. Choose the file you would like to convert and choose Epub format from the dropdown and then tap "OK".
pdf to epub pdf element output format
  1. Wait for the file to convert and locate it on your computer.

Unlock the Power of Your Digital Documents with AI-powered UPDF

We want you to make the most of your PDF documents, therefore, let's now delve into the features and benefits of our UPDF software. If you are a person who works a lot with PDFs, this section will be definitely of interest to you.

UPDF is an AI-powered PDF converting tool that is full of editing features designed to help you organize your PDF files. The user-friendly interface of UPDF provides you with flexibility and ease of use, making sure that all the tasks can be accomplished effortlessly.

Although UPDF does not support converting PDF to EPUB format or converting PDF to DjVu. But it can convert it to other famous formats. Our tool is packed with useful features to enhance your PDF converting experience. Download it to explore how great it is.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

pdf to epub updf

Top UPDF features include:

  • Editing your PDF: fonts, images, colors, links, watermarks, background, header, and footer 
  • Annotating PDF: highlighting, underlining, text box, sticky notes and more
  • Compressing PDF to save your device storage
  • Converting PDF to Word, Excel, CSV, HTML, XML, PDF/A or PowerPoint
  • Converting PDF to/from image files such as PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF and TIFF
  • Creating, filling, and signing PDF forms

What is more, our UPDF has the most powerful AI assistant that is able to summarize, translate, explain, or even rewrite your content. Forget about spending hours on editing your files. This feature will help you complete your work faster, making you more productive and time-efficient.

Our product emphasizes cost-effectiveness, providing powerful PDF converting capabilities without breaking the bank. Try UPDF for free now or if you are ready to explore all the features, you can use our UPDF Pro exclusive discount to get you started.

Take Your Digital Files to The Next Level

We hope that our research about EPUB files and converting PDF to EPUB has equipped you with the knowledge needed to navigate the world of digital eBook formatting. If you are looking for PDF converting software that will help you format, convert, edit, and annotate your documents with powerful AI assistance, UPDF is the right tool for you. We encourage you to explore the potential of UPDF and read a more objective review of UPDF on PHONEARENA.

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