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Top 10 PDF to Word Converter Online for Free in 2023

The Portable Document File (PDF) format has become the de facto standard for sharing information in both professional and personal life. The file is easy to send and opens on almost any device. However, these files cannot be edited. There are genuine cases when you may need to edit a PDF file. The easiest way to do so is to use an online PDF to Word converter. Several online portals allow you to upload a PDF file, convert the PDF file to a Word file and allow you to download the same.

The Best PDF to Word Converter for Desktop

Using online PDF to Word converter has risks. It is important to consider a safe and high-quality alternative. UPDF is an industry-grade software that is available for converting and editing PDF documents. The software can easily be installed and has very pocket-friendly purchase plans.

UPDF allows users to convert PDF to any editable format. The software is extremely secure, and safe and ensures there are no data leaks. Further, UPDF results in a very high-quality Word file output. The layout and formatting of the PDF files are completely retained unlike the output of the online tools. It also allows you to easily annotate, protect, edit, and organize your PDF files.

pdf to word converter online

It also has the OCR feature to convert scanned PDFs to editable formats. It supports over 10 languages for the OCR. Furthermore, you can convert password-protected PDFs too.

In summary, while an online PDF to Word file converter does the job of conversion, it may not be the best and the most secure solution. However, UPDF is a more powerful and secure alternative that is emerging as a winning PDF to Word converter.

Video Tutorial on How to Convert PDF to Word

Risks of Using PDF to Word Converter Online

There is no doubt that using a PDF to Word converter online for free is extremely convenient and useful. It allows you to unlock a PDF file to editable formats. However, not many realize the inherent risks associated with these online converters even though most of these online portals promise data security and deletion. Some of the risks are listed below -

  1. Internet Connectivity - One of the major disadvantages of using an online tool is that you must always be connected to the internet. This may not always be possible especially when you are traveling.
  2. Data Leak & Security - In the age of data leaks and security breaches, it is obvious that you may be the victim of an unknown security issue when uploading confidential files onto the public cloud. Imagine you upload your bank details in a PDF document and the data is passed into malicious hands. This can be very destructive and insecure.
  3. Low-Quality output - While a lot of the online tools, promise high-quality results their free versions only offer subpar results.
UPDFOnline PDF Tools
InternetDon't need to connect internet to use it.You have to connect internet to use it.
File Size LimitNoYes
SecurityAll the files will be stored on your local storage, and you don't need to upload any documents to the internet.You have to upload your documents to the website.
StabilityHigh stabilityThe stability varies on the internet.

Top 10 PDF to Word Converter Online Free for No Charge

Here is a list of the top 10 PDF to Word converters online for free. These online softwares allow you to use PDF to MS Word online converter for no charge.

1. Smallpdf

Smallpdf is a simple PDF to doc converter online free. The website allows you to drag and drop the PDF files and converts the PDF file to Word in seconds. The converter works on all platforms and this converter has various servers in the cloud running the online PDF to Docx converter software. The solution is built in partnership with Solid Documents and offers high-quality Word document downloads. You can also perform other PDF-related actions on the website like rotating the file layout, deleting PDF pages, splitting a PDF document, merge multiple PDF documents.

pdf to word converter online

2. I Love PDF

This is a PDF to MS Word online converter that claims to provide a very high level of accuracy. This is a simple PDF tool built in partnership with Solid Documents. You can upload PDF files from your computer or from a Google Drive folder and request format conversion. Post conversion you can download the Word document to your computer. This tool also offers the capability to compress PDF files to reduce the file size. Using this software you can convert PDF documents to other formats like Excel, JPG and PPT as well.

pdf to word converter online free

3. PDF Converter

This is yet another PDF to Word converter online free. With a suite of other easy-to-use tools for merging and splitting PDFs, compressing and rotating PDFs, and deleting PDF pages, this free PDF converter frees you from the typical constraints of PDF files. This PDF to Word converter comes with a free trial. You can also sign up for a monthly, annual, or lifetime membership to get unlimited access to all tools, including unlimited document sizes and the ability to convert multiple documents at once. They also have a good support team to assist you.

pdf to doc converter online

4. Soda PDF

Soda PDF is a PDF to Word converter online free editable. When you try to convert PDF files or documents into editable Word files through a scanned file via your PDF application, every page of the PDF files will be saved as an image prior to conversion. By scanning these files using Soda PDF, the images of your document pages will be turned into a PDF.  Soda PDF is a slew of products for all of your DOC files or other document needs. Soda PDF also allows you to sign documents and protect your files using advanced security options like the addition of password protection to your files digitally or electronically. This helps you to save time and increase your productivity.

pdf to word converter online editable

5. PDF to Word (Nitro)

PDF to Word (Nitro) allows users to create, combine, edit, and sign documents in a simple way. This online tool boasts extremely fast conversion speeds. This PDF to Doc converter online converts any PDF to and from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The tool has an e-signature capability as well. Users can sign documents electronically without printing a single sheet of paper. The tool has both free and paid versions. The tool is used by several small and large organizations as well. To eliminate the need to fix any layout inconsistencies, Nitro Pro ensures to undertake PDF conversions that retain the original formatting to the greatest extent.

pdf to word converter online free editable

6. Online2PDF

You can easily use this online PDF to DOCX converter to transform PDF files into editable documents. With this converter, you can select particular pages, rotate PDF pages, reorder pages, split files, and much more. PDF protection applied to PDF files is removed automatically which makes this a powerful online tool. However, if your PDF file is read-protected, the correct password is required. Many other options can be defined, including but not limited to header/footer, layout, and compression. The online portal is very simple. Though it is not visually attractive, it is very intuitive.

online pdf to docx converter

7. EaseUS PDF Online

EaseUS also offers an online PDF to Word file converter that helps in converting PDF to Word, Excel, and more. With this free PDF online converter, you can convert PDF to Excel, Word, JPG, and more in no time. It even supports converting other file formats into PDFs. What's more? When converting PDFs using this online tool, the document formatting is also retained. The main pros of this tool are that it is safe and easy to use and that it deletes your documents from the cloud automatically. However, this tool does not offer live online editing tools.

online pdf to word file converter

8. EasePDF

With a fundamental and easy-to-use interface, the EasePDF is one of the best online PDF to Word file converters. With more than 30 online conversion tools, this suite can solve all your PDF-related problems instantly. This amazing fully online utility allows you to share the converted files before they are deleted automatically from the server. It also offers very safe encryption of files and the automatic deletion of uploaded files. Users of this tool often complain that it has so many features that it can be a bit overwhelming for beginners to use this tool.

pdf to ms word online converter

9. Zamzar

One of the best PDF to word converters online free has to be Zamzar. It is an online site that you can access from pretty much any device and will grant you access to several unique features. You can easily use this tool to convert images, documents, excel spreadsheets, and even PowerPoints to PDF files. Not only this, but you can take a PDF and convert it into one of those file formats too. This website allows you to execute all kinds of changes, conversions, merges, and splits to your digital documents while ensuring your data is safe and secure.

pdf to doc converter online free

10. FreePDF Convert

FreePDF Convert is yet another PDF to Word converter online free editable that will allow you to turn any PDF file into another file format in only a matter of seconds. It is full of unique features, such as file encryption and security to keep all your data safe, automatic file removal, and universal conversion to different file formats. It uses OCR technology to perform these powerful conversions and the utility is fully cloud-based. This implies that the website can be accessed via any browser and is compatible with pretty much every single device.

pdf to word converter online