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How to Open a PDF in Word on Mac: Your Simple Solution (macOS Sonoma Supported)

Can you open a PDF in Word on Mac? If you have ever attempted to extract info from a PDF document by pasting it onto MS Word on a Mac, you probably found it very easy to do so, as it requires simple copy and pasting.  However, the issue with this is that you will most likely lose formatting. What alternatives do you have? Well, worry not, because if you were wondering how to open a PDF in Word on Mac, we have come up with the perfect solution.

How to Open an Embedded PDF in Word on Mac

If you wish to access a PDF document in MS Word on a Mac, you must first attach the PDF file to the Word doc. We will list down the steps you must take to attach the PDF file and then open the embedded version of it on your Mac.

  1. Position your mouse where you want the PDF file placed in the Word document.
  2. Head on to the 'Insert' option, and then click on "Object."
  3. Select the "Create from file" option once the "Object" dialog box opens.
  4. After that, select the "Browse" option, and find and choose the PDF document you want to be embedded.
  5. Click on the "Display as Icon" option, and unselect the 'Link to File' option. If you want the icon changed, you can do that as well.
  6. Click on "OK" to wrap it up, and you are all done.
how to open a pdf file in word on mac

Once you have done all these steps, you will see that the PDF file is placed within the content and can be accessed with the PDF viewer you have installed. Pretty straightforward, right? If you were under the impression that this is a complex task, you were mistaken. If you wish to add more than one PDF doc, repeat the same steps and add as many as you want.

How to Open PDF as Word on Mac

Converting a PDF is the easiest way of opening and editing it on MS Word on a Mac, and to help you do so, there are several converters available. Preview is pre-integrated into the Mac. However, it does not support conversion to Word. As a result, we diligently did our research to present an excellent alternative to you all, and it is the UPDF for Mac, which allows users to choose between a range of formats such as PDF to Word, PDF to Excel, PDF to PPT, and more.

Using a competent PDF converter with a uniform layout, reliable conversion, and data protection to secure your personal information is critical. There are several advantages to converting and editing PDF files in MS Word on a MacBook. First and foremost, The PDF gets customizable - you obtain editable content in a suitable format in the Word document. The best part is that you can be confident that the formatting, including tables and fonts, will remain unchanged while using UPDF.

Step-by-Step Guide to Open a PDF as a Word Document on Mac by Converting

Using UPDF is very straightforward and necessitates a few simple steps regarding how to open a PDF file in Word on Mac easily. Read ahead as we will be listing all of them down.

Step 1. Simply drag the file you want to convert from your PC to the UPDF interface. Or you can use the "Open File" button to do the same opening task.

Once your PDF document is added, click the "Export PDF" icon.

Step 2. Choose the conversion format, which will be located on the pop-up window, and choose whichever one matches your requirements. In this situation, you need to choose the "Word" option.

choose word document

Step 3. Click on "Export". The destination dialog will open, and you can save it in the preferred location. In a few seconds, the converting process will finish. Now you can open the PDF in Word format on Mac.

export word format

Final thoughts: We hope that this article answers the much-asked query "How to open a PDF in Word on Mac," and now you are well-versed on how to do so. We highly recommend checking out the UPDF app for Mac as it is quick, provides flexibility, and ensures that the format remains unchanged.

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