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Understanding How to Summarize Text or an Article on Mac (macOS Sonoma Compatible)

Can I summarize the lengthy text on Mac? No matter for school or work, a concise version of a long article will always be useful to improve your efficiency. However, summarizing a long document manually can be difficult and time-consuming. To improve the ease and efficiency of this task, there are plenty of text summarizers available for Windows, however, what if you are using a Mac computer? Don't worry, this article will take a look at how to summarize text or an article on Mac.

How to Summarize a PDF on Mac with AI?

Unfortunately, the macOS built-in summarizing tool does not typically work for summarizing PDF files. So, if you have a PDF that you need to make more concise, you'll need to find a separate tool to do so. That's where UPDF AI can make your life much easier. Click on the "Free Download" button below to get 30 free questions and avail yourself of its unique features.

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mac summarize text updf ai

With the UPDF AI Summarize tool, you'll be able to condense 100-page PDFs and simplify complex data charts in only 30 seconds, saving you a ton of time and effort. The software's cutting-edge AI can achieve a deep understanding of the source text, allowing it to efficiently create summaries without losing or weakening the important points.

UPDF AI is a powerful AI assistant designed specifically to help users handle PDF documents. In addition to summarizing, this program allows you to translate, explain, rewrite, and ideate any PDF file that you're working with.

Step-by-Step Instructions on Summarizing a PDF on Mac

1. Summarize the Whole PDF on Mac

The process of summarizing a PDF file on a Mac with UPDF AI is very simple. All you'll need to do is follow the instructions below:

  1. Download and install UPDF on your Mac.
  2. Open your PDF document. With your chosen PDF file open, select the "Ask PDF" tab from the UPDF AI sidebar.
  3. Click the "Get Started" button to begin the process of UPDF AI processing and analyzing the source text.
  4. After only 30 seconds, UPDF AI will thoroughly summarize the entire PDF file.

Note: UPDF AI can also summarize a specific page of the PDF document. Type "summarize page 3 for me" and send it to the chat, it will recognize the page and only give you the summary of the page you asked for.

mac summarize text updf ai mac

2. Summarize a Portion of the Text on Mac

Note: If you only want to summarize a smaller portion of the text, simply select and copy those paragraphs. Then, type "summarize this: [paste the copied text here]" in the AI chat box and press "Enter". This will prompt the program to summarize only the entered text.

mac summarize text updf ai

3. Summarize within the PDF on Mac

Alternatively, the PDF summarizer for Mac can be accessed by selecting the content in your PDF that you want to summarize. This feature is available in the "Reader" and the "Comment" mode. After selecting the text, a floating toolbar will appear and you can choose the "Summarize" in the UPDF AI options.

mac summarize text updf summarize

How to Summarize Text on Mac with the Built-in Tool?

Perhaps the simplest way to summarize an article on your Mac is by utilizing a built-in tool. Fortunately, Apple's macOS comes with an effective service for this function, so there's no need to download or purchase a third-party application. This built-in tool works to remove as many unnecessary sentences and paragraphs from the source material as possible without losing the original message.

Instructions on Turning on the Summarize Feature on macOS

To summarize an article on your Mac with a built-in tool, the first step will be to turn on Summarize in macOS. To do so, simply follow these steps:

Step 1. Head to System Preferences and select the Keyboard menu.

mac summarize text keyboard

Step 2. Within the tab called Shortcuts, click the Services option from the menu on the left-hand side.

Step 3. Navigate the list until you find the Text section.

Step 4. Finally, click the checkbox to turn on Summarise. If you'd like, you can assign a keyboard shortcut to this option, which will allow you to use it quickly and easily in the future.

mac summarize text summarize option

Instructions on Summarizing Text on Mac in Pages, TextEdit, and Apple Notes

Once you've turned on the Summarize function in macOS, the next step will be to open the document that you plan on summarizing.

  • To use the built-in tool, you can open your document in Pages, TextEdit, or Apple Notes.
  • When you've got the document open, you'll want to highlight all of the original text, which you can do quickly by pressing 'Command + A'.
  • When the entire document is highlighted, you can either press the keyboard shortcut you've assigned to the Summarize tool or go to Services and then Summarize in your menu bar.
  • Next, you'll see a new window pop up with a newly summarized version of the document's text.

You will have a slider control available to manage the size of the summarized text; you can either have the tool eliminate single sentences from paragraphs or entire paragraphs. Once you're happy with the summary, you can confirm the changes, and you'll be all finished.

mac summarize text option

FAQs on Summarizing Text on Mac

Can I summarize the text on Mac?

Yes, it's simple to summarize text on Mac using either the macOS built-in tool or quality software like UPDF AI.

How do I turn on Summarizer on Mac?

To turn on the built-in Summarize feature on Mac, all you need to do is go to the Keyboard menu in System Preferences, then click Services in the Shortcuts tab. After that, find the Text section and simply click the checkbox to turn on Summarize.

Why doesn't my Mac Summarizer work?

If your Mac Summarize text tool isn't working, it could be because you haven't turned on the Summarize feature in the System Preferences. You can also restart your Mac to see if it works. If it still doesn't work, you can switch to the UPDF AI Summarize tool, which should solve the problem.


With excellent tools like UPDF AI and the macOS built-in Summarize feature, it's easier than ever before to turn long, verbose text into a concise summary that gets right to the heart of the subject. These tools can save students, educators, and workers in various fields lots of time and frustration when it comes to summarizing text.

However, if you seek high-quality output, go for UPDF for Mac. UPDF is an AI-powered PDF editor for Mac, offering features that will blow your mind away! Incredible user design, fantastic slate of AI capabilities, editing tools, and versatile sharing options make it the top PDF application. If you'd like to start summarizing text on your Mac with ease, consider downloading UPDF AI today. What's even better? You can upgrade UPDF with a time-limited offer now and unlock all the premium features.

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