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Convert PDF To Google Slides and Vice Versa: Mastering Conversion On Windows and Mac

Converting PDFs to Google Slides and vice versa is a valuable skill for professionals, educators, and students alike. Whether you need to transform a static PDF into an interactive presentation or convert a Google Slides deck into a shareable PDF, mastering this conversion process can greatly enhance your productivity and flexibility. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to seamlessly convert PDFs to Google Slides and Google Slides to PDFs on both Windows and Mac platforms, ensuring you have the tools and knowledge to handle these tasks efficiently and effectively.

Part 1. How to Convert PDF to Google Slides

You must be wondering how to convert a PDF to Google Slides; UPDF is an answer to your question as this tool not only converts PDF files into Google Slides (.pptx format) but lets you edit them as well. This impressive PDF converting tool offers a smart-looking interface that is easy to navigate as it does not contain tech phrases. UPDF comes with some exciting exclusive features that make the editing process of PDFs easy and fun. Its impressive processor doesn't crash while dealing with a massive workflow, so you can edit or convert PDF files without worry. You can download it and convert PDFs now for free.

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pdf to google slides converter updf

Steps of Converting PDF into Google Slides with UPDF

Want to learn how to convert a PDF presentation into Google Slides for editing? You can easily convert PDF into Google Slides with UPDF by following this simple steps:

Step 1: Open the PDF File

Download UPDF from the official website and launch it on your computer. Now open the PDF file you want to convert, then click on the "Export PDF" icon from the right-hand side of the interface.

Step 2: Select the Conversion Format

Afterward, select the "PowerPoint" format from the given options. Once you choose the format, a pop-up window appears from where you can change the settings according to you, like enabling the page range.

select the conversion format convert pdf to google slide

Step 3: How Do I Export the PDF as Google Slides

After adjusting all the settings, click on the "Export" button and then select the destination folder to save the Google Slides file. Shortly, the conversation will be completed.

convert PDF to google slides

Step 4. Upload to Google Drive

After converting your PDFs to a .pptx file, you'll have to upload it to your Google Drive in order to make it a Google Slides. To do it, simply go to your Google Drive, and click New > File upload to upload the converted file. After that, you can open it with Google Slides.

upload Google Slides

Part 2. How to Convert Google Slides to PDF

Similar to converting PDF to Google Slides, it is also very simple to convert Google Slides to PDF, by utilizing the built-in export feature of Google. Follow the steps below:

  • Open the Google Slides that you want to convert to PDF.
  • Click on "File".
  • Choose "PDF Document" from the drop-down list of Download.
convert Google Slides to PDF

Part 3. The Best PDF Converter for Windows and Mac

UPDF is an impressive PDF converter tool available for both Windows and Mac devices. It offers valuable features and a smoothly running processor that makes editing easy. This tool enhances productivity by letting you convert PDF to Google Slides as per your demand. We'll discuss some key features and advantages of UPDF that make it one of the top choice PDF converter tools.

Other Key Features of UPDF

  • Annotate PDF Files: Huge PDFs are usually difficult to read, so, therefore, readers tend to add their annotations for better understanding. UPDF lets you annotate your essential professional or academic PDF files with some exciting tools. You can add comments, stamps, stickers, shapes, signatures, and more! You can add text to make the PDF more understandable so you can directly focus on the essential parts without wasting time.
  • Edit PDF Files: With UPDF, you can easily edit your PDFs by editing text, images, and links for a better approach. With the simple interface, editing PDFs has become a piece of cake as it's easy and quick to implement. For adding a link to the PDF, you can either select "Link to Page" or "Link to Web" according to your need so you can easily land where you want by clicking the link. Moreover, you can edit the font style and color of the link to make it stand out from the PDF.
  • Insert Watermark: Academic PDF files such as academic papers or exclusive studies tend to get stolen, which is why a watermark has become necessary. UPDF lets you add a watermark of your choice to your PDF files to make them exclusive and hard to steal. With this excellent PDF conversion tool, you can easily set a watermark in the form of text, image, or PDF. Awesome, right?
  • Organize a Proper PDF File: UDPF has a cool feature where you can organize massive PDFs according to your needs. You can add, split, delete, rotate, and reorder PDF pages as per your understanding. This feature saves time if you're dealing with massive boring academic notes and want to only focus on the essential parts. You can make your PDF by organizing a PDF file to make it look easy to understand.

Advantages of Using UPDF

  • Impressive Processor: If you work daily with heavy PDF files, then UPDF should be your first choice. Its smart processor offers a speedy process that can deal with huge size PDF files without an issue of a system crash. Cool, right? It saves your time and makes the editing process easy and stressless. UPDF is a fast and reliable tool that ensures the safety of your PDF files along with accelerating the process.
  • High Compatibility: UPDF offers high compatibility compared with other PDF convertors. It's compatible with all the devices and systems of Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.
  • Easy and Smart Interface: Unlike other PDF converters, which consist of complex tech language, UPDF comes with an excellent and easy-to-use interface. The eye-catching interface makes your PDF converting process simple and up to the mark.
  • Valuable Features: UPDF offers valuable features to simplify PDF editing. It provides editing, annotation, watermarks, signatures, and much more tools to let you have complete control of your PDF files. 

If you are interested in the above features, you can download UPDF by clicking the download button below.

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Part 3. Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I Paste a PDF into Google Slides?

No, you cannot directly paste PDF files into Google Slides. For that, you need a PDF conversion tool to convert the PDF file pages into images. For that, UDPF is an ideal choice because it can convert the pages of a PDF file into high-quality images.

2. How Do I Convert a PDF to Slides?

You can convert PDF files into slides with the help of a PDF conversion tool such as UPDF. This exciting tool offers some valuable features that make the conversion process smooth.

3. How Do I Convert a PDF to Google Slides on a Mac?

You can easily convert PDF files into Google Slides on Mac with the PDF conversion tool UPDF. This fabulous tool offers some exclusive free features that aren't easy to find in other tools. You can perform 5 free converts with the UPDF converter tool.

4. How do you upload a document to Google Slides?

You can upload a document to Google Slides in a few simple steps, which we will mention below:

  • Step 1: Go to the Google Slides website from the browser and click on the "+" icon to create a new blank presentation online.
  • Step 2: Now click on the "File" option from the top toolbar, then click on "Open" from the given options. A small pop-up window will appear. Select "Upload" from the given categories and directly upload the required document.

5. Which Type of File Can Be Imported into Google Slides?

Google Slides only allow a few types of files to be imported, such as you can only upload PPTX, ODP, and PPT files into Google Slides.

6. Which is Better, PPT or Google Slides?

PPT (PowerPoint) is a software offered by the well-known Microsoft for creating presentations. At the same time, Google offers Google Slides. Google Slides is a cloud-based platform where you can make your presentations online; you can easily connect it to your Gmail or Google account. In Microsoft PowerPoint, you can install the desktop version of the software to work offline without any issues.

In both software, PowerPoint and Google Slides, you can easily create a professional-looking presentation with unique features such as editing, inserting charts and graphs, and different types of fonts. You can also collaborate with your team to make the work more efficient. With Google Slides, you can access your presentations from anywhere, while with PowerPoint, you need to carry them with you in a USB. If you need easy access, then Google Slides is the best option, and if you have internet issues, then you must choose PowerPoint for creating a presentation.

7. How Do I Access Google Slides?

You can access Google Slides easily by going straight to its official website. Search for Google Slides and go to its website immediately to make an impressive-looking presentation.

8. Can I Use Google Slides Offline?

Yes, you can access Google Slides offline as well. You can move to the offline version on the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser, but ensure that your device is connected to the internet before switching to offline mode. Also, download the Google Docs Offline Chrome extension to access the offline version. The offline Google Slides version lets you view, edit, and create presentations.

Wrapping Up

Sometimes presentation files in PDF format require a PDF conversion tool to get access to make edits on them. UPDF offers a reliable and speedy running processor that converts PDF to Google Slides so you can easily make edits. It also has many key features that give you total control over editing PDF files. The easy-to-use and eye-catching interface is a plus point that puts UPDF on top of the competition. So, whenever you need to convert your PDF into Google Slides, UPDF will surely help you out.

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