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PDF Organizer Demystified: Explore The 5 Leading Tools With AI(Mac & Windows)

A PDF organizer or PDF page organizer is essentially any software application that can help you manipulate the pages of a PDF file, allowing you to rotate, remove, add, replace, or reorder them. Most PDF organizer tools can do the job reasonably well, but when it comes to the usability factor, there is just a handful of them that come out on top. Here, we provide a list of the best PDF organizer applications that you can use with a dedicated comparison.

Comparative Analysis of the Top 5 PDF Organizers

We will now be looking into a comparison of the top PDF organizers that you can find across Windows and Mac. To make your selection easier, we have outlined some important points that would help you in making a decision:

ToolPricingOperating SystemInterface(Difficulty Level)Available Organizing FeaturesRating
UPDFSubscription Plan: US$35.99/Year Perpetual Plan: US$55.99
(One purchase to use for 4 platforms)
Windows, Mac, Android, iOSEasyRotate
Adobe AcrobatMonthly: US$29.99/month Annual: US$239.88/yearWindows, Mac, Android, iOS, OnlineComplexDelete
Insert Rotate
Nitro ProOne-time License: US$179.99Windows, Mac, iOSMediumRotate
PDF CompleteOffice Edition 4: US$59.95WindowsOutdatedRotate4.0
PDF ExpertYearly: US$79.99 Lifetime: US$139.99Mac, iOSEasyInsert

The provided table has covered an overview of the discussed PDF managers and has provided insight into the features and systems they offer. With the details discussed, it is clear that UPDF excels across all departments, where it provides a minimal price under a coherent set of features with free access.

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Top 5 Easy-to-Use PDF Organizer Tools

#1: UPDF - The Best PDF Organizer With AI-Integration for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android

UPDF is a lightweight PDF editor with robust PDF organizer tools to help arrange your PDF pages and manipulate them in different ways. You can reorder, split, crop, rotate, delete, insert, replace, and extract pages from PDF. It also comes with features such as PDF editing, PDF reading, PDF converting, and OCR feature.

The UI is very modern and simple, making it an ideal tool for new users with no prior experience with PDF tools. The thumbnail view makes it easy to handle any size of PDF file, including very large documents. It's a multiple-OS product, which means you can download the PDF organizer on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android versions based on the system you're currently using.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Key Features

  • Edit PDF: Manipulate any content in a PDF file, including text, images, links, watermarks, background, etc.
  • Read PDF: A book-like PDF reading experience with handy navigation tools, bookmarking, dark mode, PDF search, and other features that make reading PDFs a natural and intuitive experience.
  • Organize PDF Pages: With UPDF, you can extract, replace, delete, add, reorder, and rotate PDF pages - a pro-level PDF organizer for Windows and Mac.
  • Convert PDF: Transform PDF to other file formats easily, and it supports the conversion from PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.
  • Protect PDF: You can set an open password or permissions password to a PDF document.

How to Use the UPDF's PDF Organizer

  1. Open your PDF file in UPDF.
  1. Click the "Organize Pages" tab on the left toolbar.
  1. Access all the tools you need to reorder, replace, extract, add, delete, split, and rotate PDF pages.
pdf page organizer
  1. It also has the feature to crop PDF pages. You need to click the "Crop Pages" icon on the left. And use your cursor to crop the page, or set the margins.
crop pdf page for mac updf

As a powerful PDF editor, UPDF doesn't skimp on advanced PDF editing features. Take advantage of this desktop PDF organizer tool to modify, add, or delete existing content within your PDF pages. You can also use this robust PDF tool to view and read PDFs in a natural manner.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

You can also learn UPDF from other websites' reviews, such as Phandroid.

Video Tutorial on How to Use the Best PDF Organizer - UPDF

#2: Adobe Acrobat DC

Although Acrobat DC is a powerful PDF editor, it also has a PDF page organizer feature to help get your PDF files in shape. Offering an impressive range of PDF organizing and management tools, this desktop software allows you to rotate, reorder, insert, and remove pages. These features reside in the Organize Pages section of the Tools menu - let's look at how it works.

PDF organizer, Adobe Acrobat

Other Features of Acrobat DC

  • Create, Reader, View, and Edit PDF
  • PDF Protection
  • Annotation Tool
  • Organize PDF Files and Pages
  • Create, convert, fill, and sign PDF forms
  • OCR to convert scanned PDFs to editable or searchable PDFs
  • To and From PDF Conversions
  • Other Advanced Tools: Color Management, Print Production (Pro DC only), Preflight Tools (Pro DC only), etc.

Using the PDF Organizer Function in Adobe Acrobat DC

  1. Open the PDF file.
  1. Click on Tools and select Organize Pages - you can also select Organize Pages in the sidebar menu on the right.
  1. Use the secondary toolbar to extract, replace, split, insert, or add pages.
  1. To reorder pages, drag the corresponding thumbnail of that page to its new position and drop it there
  1. Save the file to preserve the changes

#3: Nitro PDF Pro

Nitro PDF Pro is another robust PDF organizer and editor with a host of basic and advanced tools for PDF management. It is only available for Windows and iOS devices, but the company purchased PDFpen and PDFpenPro a while ago to expand its portfolio into the Mac space. Nitro itself is a versatile PDF handling utility with a very MS Office-like UI that makes it easy for first-time users to get the hang of the software.

PDF organizer, Nitro Pro

Other Features of Nitro PDF Pro

  • Create PDF: Convert other files to PDF or combine several files to create a single PDF
  • Edit PDF: Full PDF editing capabilities
  • File Conversion: Convert PDF to other formats such as MS Office files, images, and other formats
  • OCR: Scanned PDFs can be converted to searchable or editable files
  • Electronic Signature and Digital Signature: Create signatures, apply them to documents, and send files for others to sign (with tracking and confirmation)
  • PDF Security: Password protection, redaction, digital signature validation, etc.
  • Forms: Create and edit XFA forms, and fill and sign PDF forms
  • Annotate PDFs: Collaborate effectively with others with extensive tools for commenting, reviewing, feedback, and notes

How to Organize PDF Pages (Rearrange) with Nitro PDF Pro

  1. Open the PDF file
  1. Click the Pages tab in the left sidebar navigation panel
  1. You will see a Pages pane, where you can select and drag a page to a different position in the document
  1. Save the PDF file to your desktop

Tip: Select multiple pages by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on the pages you want to choose.

#4: PDF Complete

PDF Complete is another Windows-only application that comes with a built-in PDF organizer function. The software is available in two editions - Corporate and Office - and both of them have the PDF page changer utility included in them. This function allows you to insert, delete, reorder, rotate, and extract pages, as well as combine PDF documents. Let's look at some of the key features of the advanced Office edition of PDF Complete:

PDF Complete Office Edition Key Features

  • Create PDF: Generate PDF files from other applications, a scanner, or other file types
  • Edit PDF: Edit images and text in an editable PDF file
  • Annotate PDF: Add text boxes, comments, and other markups
  • PDF Organizer: Combine files, manipulate pages, extract pages, etc.
  • PDF Protection: Passwords, e-signing, redaction, etc.

How to Move Pages with PDF Complete

free pdf organizer pdf complete
  1. Open the PDF file
  1. Scroll to the page you want to move and right-click it
  1. In the contextual menu, select Move Pages
  1. Select the page or a page range using the radio buttons in the Move Pages dialog
  1. Input the destination page number where you want the selected page or pages to be moved to
  1. Click OK to save your changes, then save the file

#5: PDF Expert - PDF Organizer for Mac

After showcasing two Windows-only PDF organizer tools, it's only fair that we review a Mac-only utility. There's also an iOS version, but we'll focus on the macOS variant of PDF Expert for the purpose of this article. PDF Expert is a versatile PDF editor with loads of functions and a very native Mac interface that makes it easy for Mac users to sink into the PDF experience seamlessly and naturally.

PDF organizer, PDF expert

Other Features of PDF Expert

  • PDF Creation
  • PDF Editing
  • Annotate PDF
  • Merge/Combine PDFs
  • Fill and Sign Forms
  • PDF Optimization
  • Extract PDF Pages

How to Use the PDF Organizer Feature in PDF Expert

  1. Open the document in PDF Expert for Mac
  1. Go to the grid view by clicking the appropriate icon on the top left
  1. Choose the page you want to move (use Shift to select multiple pages)
  1. Drag and drop the page(s) to the new location in the document
  1. Save the PDF to the desired folder location

Which PDF Organizer to Choose?

After introducing the top 5 PDF organizers for Windows and Mac, you may wonder which one to choose. When comparing the tools, it is easy to find that UPDF wins in all aspects. It has the lightning speed to open and load PDF files and you can rely on its high performance. With a cost-effective price, you can organize your PDF pages in a good way. You can also use this tool to edit, convert, OCR, protect, and share PDF documents. Click the button below to try it for free!

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