How to Replace Pages in PDF in Seconds: 2 Swiftly Ways

In the process of creating or editing a PDF document, you may find that you need to replace some PDF pages with new content. Considering how hard it can be, this guide will look at 2 simple straightforward ways to replace pages in a PDF.

The Best Tool to Replace Pages in PDF

The best PDF tool that you can use to replace the pages in your PDF document is UPDF. This PDF editor is easy to use and you can use it to create, edit, annotate, convert, OCR, and organize PDF documents in numerous ways. One of its best features is the PDF management tool, a feature that allows you to replace PDF pages, add new pages, delete them, rotate them, and even reorder them. Try UPDF through the below button.

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replace pages in pdf

Method 1. How Do I Replace Pages in PDF?

Below are the steps to replace one page in the PDF with it:

Step 1. Go to Page Management Mode

By clicking the "Open File" button, you can select the PDF file you want to edit from your computer.

Click the "Organize Pages" tab on the left toolbar, and you can enter the page management mode. In this mode, you can manage your pages easily.

replace pdf pages

Step 2. Replace PDF Page with Another

Click to select the page of the current PDF you want to replace, and you can also select multiple pages by holding the "Ctrl" key.

Click the "Replace" option on the top toolbar, and choose another PDF document from your computer to replace it.

replace pdf pges

Video Tutorial on How to Replace PDF Page

If you're still confused about the instructions, we also prepare a video for you. Watch now to learn and then download it to try!

Method 2. How to Replace PDF Pages by Removing and Inserting

To replace pages in PDF, you can also try to delete the unwanted page first, and then use the insert option to insert the new page.

Follow these steps to remove and insert PDF pages:

Step 1. Remove Unwanted Pages

First, get UPDF from the below button.

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Supports macOS 10.14.6 or later100% secure

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Open a PDF in it and then enter the page management mode, you can select the pages you want to delete, and then click the "Delete" icon on the top or press the "Delete" key to delete the selected pages.

remove and replace pages in pdf

Step 2. Add New Pages from Other PDF Files

In the "Organize Pages" mode, you can click on the "Insert" option on the toolbar. Now you can select the "Insert" > "From File" option, and then select any other PDF file from your device storage to insert it into your PDF file.

insert pages for replacing

UPDF Can Do More than Replacing Pages in PDF

The organizing PDF feature of UPDF comes with lots of options, making UPDF a highly efficient PDF organizer. Besides removing a PDF page or adding pages to the PDF, you can also extract, replace, reorder, rotate, or split PDF pages. You can access all of these features in the "Organize" mode of UPDF. Want to know more about them? Hop on below!

  • Extract PDF Pages: It also enables you to extract pages of the current PDF to create a new PDF. It's one of the incredible handy features of this software.
  • Reorder PDF Pages: Reordering PDF pages is extremely easy with UPDF. Just drag the page to the destined location and organize it. You can also crop pages in UPDF if you need to.
  • Rotate PDF Pages: With UPDF, you can rotate a PDF page either clockwise or counterclockwise to organize your PDF the way you want. You can hold the "Ctrl" key on the keyboard to select multiple pages.
  • Split PDF Pages: Want to split a PDF into multiple small PDFs? UPDF got you covered! Select the "Split" option in the Organizing mode, enter the number of pages for each resulting split PDF file, select the storage destination, and click Save. That's it; you are done! You can try it from the following button.

Download UPDF now to unlock and try the above-mentioned amazing features!

Supports Windows 7 or later100% secure

Supports macOS 10.14.6 or later100% secure

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100% secure

However, keep in mind that this tool can do so much more than just replace pages in a PDF. It is a complete PDF editor with numerous different tools for different functions, including the following:

  • It has features that make it one of the best PDF readers in the market, with extensive annotation features to help you guide through the reading experience.
  • You can use it to very easily edit the content on a PDF document. You can edit the text in any PDF as you would on a word processor like MS Word. It also allows you to edit the images in various ways including resizing, repositioning, and even cropping.
  • The advanced annotation tools help you add text highlights, notes, text boxes, shapes, and lines to your document.
  • You can convert scanned PDF documents into searchable and editable PDF documents with the amazing OCR feature.
  • The conversion feature allows you to convert PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, XML, Text, etc.
  • You can add a password to your PDF document to protect it.
  • You can do PDF AI chat with its AI assistant, including asking it to summarize, translate, explain, rewrite, and more.

Advantages of UPDF

UPDF comes with many advantages, making it an all-in-one solution for all your PDF-related problems. Some of these advantages are listed below.

High-Efficient Page Management

UPDF efficiently does PDF page management. You get too many options to organize your PDF pages better and make your PDF presentable.

Quick Operations

UPDF is a quick and highly efficient PDF tool. It doesn't indulge users in a long series of complex steps to perform a function. You can do so in simple and easy quick steps with the user-friendly interface of UPDF.


It has broad compatibility. You can enjoy editing, annotating, organizing, or converting PDFs as many as you want on UPDF.

Attractive Interface

UPDF has a delightful, vibrant, attractive, user-friendly interface that makes working with PDFs fun. It's far better than those PDF tools with a dull interface.

Affordable Price

UPDF dominates over other PDF tools for being efficient and affordable simultaneously. You can enjoy editing, annotating, organizing, converting, or sharing PDFs by buying either of the two affordable pricing plans, i.e., the Subscription Plan of $29.99 annually and the Perpetual Plan of $49.99 for the whole life which is completely cost-effective when comparing with Adobe Acrobat offered $239.88 per year. It also lets you convert 2 PDF files for free per day to any of the 14 formats available.

Bonus: UPDF provides a limited-time offer: users can purchase UPDF Pro and its AI add-on feature of up to 60% off!

Why not download and try it for free now?

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Situations that You Should Replace Pages in PDF

After introducing how you can replace pages in a PDF, we thought we'd examine some of the reasons why you would want to do that or the benefits of doing it.

The first big reason to replace the pages in a PDF document is a small mistake in the content on the pages you'd like to replace. You may be ready to send a document for publication only to notice that there are some mistakes in the content on some pages. In this case, replacing the pages would be preferable to dismantling the whole document.

It is also possible that some of the content on the document has become irrelevant. For this reason, you may want to update the content, and replacing the PDF pages is better than starting over.

Whatever the reason, you can follow the best ways above to replace the pages in a PDF document.

FAQs on Replacing Pages in PDF

Can I replace certain pages in a PDF?

Yes, it is easy to replace certain pages in a PDF if you have proper PDF software. With UPDF, you can simply go to the "Organize Pages" mode, click the "Replace" option, and select the PDF file to replace your current page.

How to replace PDF pages in Adobe Acrobat?

Here are the instructions on using Adobe Acrobat to replace pages in PDF: Run Adobe Acrobat on your computer, and go to "Tools > Organize Pages". Select a file to open, select the page range, and then click the "Replace" button on the top menu.

How to replace pages in PDF for free?

Many online tools have the page organizing feature, however, when I upload my file to iLovepdf, I find there is no option for "Replace". I can only add, rotate, delete, and reorder pages with iLovepdf.

Final words:

PDF format is becoming more and more favorable for workplaces. Replacing PDF pages on any document doesn't have to be a complicated process and with the solutions, we have looked at above, the process is straightforward. More importantly, UPDF can help you replace and organize PDF pages efficiently. Try it now!

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