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The Most Powerful Tool to Split PDF Documents Online and Offline in 2024

Splitting a PDF involves separating one or several parts of a PDF document from the original. You can use various online and offline tools to split a PDF. An online relies on an internet connection while an offline tool does not. Unlike other tools people use to split PDF files online, UPDF is a perfect on-the-go tool as it works offline. In this article, you will learn more about this powerful app as UPDF thoroughly researches it, so read to the end and download UPDF to experience its limitless possibilities.


How to Split PDF Online

You can use different tools to split PDFs online, one of which is Smallpdf. Its features consist of convert & compress, organize, view & edit, convert from PDF, convert to PDF, and sign & security.

Here are the steps on how to split PDF Online using Smallpdf:

1. Go to the Smallpdf website.

2. On the top menu bar click the "Tools" button.

3. Click the "Split PDF" button under the Organize category.

split pdf online smallpdf

4. Choose the file you want to split.

5. Indicate the number where you want to split the PDF. For example, split after every 10 pages. Or you can customize where to crop.

split pdf online smallpdf

6. Click the "Split (X PDFs)" button on the top right concern.

7. Now you can "Download", "Export", or "Share" the file.

The drawbacks of using online tools

Online tools have some drawbacks, so most people prefer offline tools. Here are some of the cons of using online tools.

  • Internet Connectivity Issues. There are times that we experience internet or network connectivity issues. It can affect our work, which can cause delays. With an offline tool, you just need to connect to the internet for system updates.
  • Server Outages. Sometimes, online tools conduct maintenance and experience technical errors, and when these happen, you will lose some of its essential features that will affect your work productivity.
  • Distraction. The notifications and other messages you will receive online may distract you from what you are doing. If you use an offline tool, you can disconnect from the internet and focus on your current task.

How to Split PDF Files Offline

UPDF is a tool where you can edit, read, annotate, convert, and organize documents saved as PDFs. One of its popular features is organizing a PDF. In this feature, you can insert, replace, extract, split, and rotate a PDF. It splits PDF offline to easily break a document into multiple files and find specific information. The tools used in splitting PDF online only work when there is an internet connection, while UPDF can be used anytime.

Here are the steps to split a PDF File offline using UPDF:

1. Download UPDF and try it out.


2. Click the "Open File" button.

3. Select the file to split and click the "open" button.

4. On the left panel, click the "Organize pages" section.

5. Click the "Split" button at the top.

6. Specify the number of pages you want to include in one document. Then, you will see the number of documents that will be created.

7. Click the "Split" button

8. Select the location where your files will be saved.

split pdf online updf

It's simple and easy, right? Even if you are not a "techy person," you can easily split a PDF offline based on the number of pages you want to create. With other tools, you need an internet connection to split PDF to PDF online, while UPDF can be accessed anywhere. From its user interface to the simplicity of splitting a document, UPDF is the best tool you will love and can always count on. So, download UPDF now and see the magic it brings to your PDF documents.


Splitting PDF Document Online vs. Offline Method

There are two ways to split a PDF document, and these are online and offline. When using online apps or websites, their performance highly relies on the internet connection. In contrast, on offline apps, such as UPDF, you must connect to the internet when downloading and installing updates.

FeaturesUPDFOther Online Tools
US$48 - US$84 yearly
Dependency on InternetWorks offlineDependent on Internet
Device / System CompatabilityWorks on Mac, macOS, iOS, and AndroidWorks on Computer and Mobile
InstallationSimple InstallationNo installation
AccessibilityIt can be accessed anywhere, even without an internet connectionNeed an internet to access
ReliabilityIts functions will not be affected if there is system maintenance, as it works offline.During maintenance or updates, some of the functions can be affected.

From the price to the reliability, UPDF is the best for splitting a PDF document. Here are the benefits of using UPDF:

1. Low Cost for perpetual use.

2. It works offline.

3. Works on multiple devices.

4. Simplicity of using it.

5. Fast and easy installation.

6. Can be accessed and used anywhere.

7. It is reliable around the clock.

8. It has a lot of functions.

Aside from splitting and organizing a PDF file, it has a lot of functions. Upgrade to Pro to enjoy more functions and do more things with your PDF document. Our users and high-authority media sites trust us, give UPDF great reviews and high-star ratings, and recommend it to others. We also got awesome reviews from How-To-Geek, groovyPost, and TechAdvisor.


In this article, we discussed using online and offline tools to split a PDF. Online tools have some drawbacks, and that is why most people prefer offline tools. After comparing the features and processes of online and offline tools, we discovered that offline tools are much better from their price to reliability. One of the best offline and all-in-one tools is UPDF. Upgrade to Pro to explore more of its extraordinary features that will enhance your experience and get a big discount. So, if you want to save time, money, and effort in managing your PDF file, download UPDF now.

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