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Best Methods to Delete Pages in Foxit and Its Alternative

It is sometimes necessary to remove unwanted pages from your PDF files. This is because having unwanted pages can disturb the overall storing, sharing, and management of your PDF document. Therefore, with the help of PDF tools, managing PDFs becomes very convenient and efficient. As a student or a professional, having a tool with features such as a Foxit to delete page saves time and resources.

In this article, we will uncover how to delete pages in Foxit using its document organizing tools and its perfect AI-powered alternative. After going through this article, you can easily make your PDFs more manageable and shareable.

Part 1: How to Delete Pages in PDF with Foxit PDF Editor?

Foxit PDF Editor has various editing tools and features that allow users to make changes to their PDF documents. The organizing tools include extracting or deleting pages to make these documents more shareable. It is a professional tool for content creators or those who frequently share PDF files. Therefore, the following is a step-by-step guide on how to professionally delete pages from PDF Foxit without manually deleting one page at a time.

Step 1. After downloading the Foxit PDF editor from the website, import the PDF file, and a main interface will appear. Here, click the "Organize" button on the top custom toolbar. Once you click this button, it'll display various organizing options. Then, click the "Delete" page icon, and a small screen will appear.  

foxit delete page tap on delete icon

Step 2. Once the small pop-up screen of "Delete Pages" appears, you can choose the range of pages you want to delete. Moreover, there is also an option to preview the pages that are to be deleted. After that, click on "OK," and Foxit will delete your selected number of pages.  

foxit delete page specify pages to delete

Part 2: How to Delete Pages from PDF with Foxit Online?

With the help of Foxit Online, deleting pages in a PDF document has become a simple and straightforward task. If you want to organize, remove, or customize your PDF file, you can do so just by clicking a few buttons. The initiative interface of Foxit Online has multiple PDF editing features and tools that seamlessly remove unnecessary pages. Foxit deletes pages with less effort, so let's explore the steps on how to do so.

Step 1. Open Foxit on your devices, hover over the "LOG IN" option on the top bar, and click "PDF Editor Cloud." Afterward, log in to the website with your email and personal information to access PDF editing tools.

foxit delete page choose pdf editor cloud option

Step 2. After signing into the Foxit PDF Cloud, upload your PDF document by clicking the "Organize Pages" button under the "Quick Tools" section on the main interface window. There, you can access page organization tools like deleting, reordering, and rotation.   

foxit delete page choose the organize pages tool

Step 3. When the main window appears, hit on the "Organize" tab present on the top custom toolbar. On this tab, select the "Delete" icon, and a small screen of "Delete Pages" will appear. Decide your page range or choose from odd or even pages in the "Delete" option. Later, save your changes by clicking "OK".

foxit delete page use the delete tool

Part 3: How to Delete Pages in PDF with Foxit PDF Reader

It is not possible to delete pages in Foxit Reader from the PDF document. However, this tool can help you view, annotate, fill, and sign your PDF files across multiple platforms. Foxit PDF Reader is integrated with an AI assistant feature that helps increase productivity and streamline the document process. Moreover, this OpenAI tool can assist you with document summary and document rewriting.       

Furthermore, Foxit Reader provides an excellent viewing and printing experience that is available on Windows, iOS, web, and Linux. In addition, you can access cloud services where you can collaborate with others by sharing and storing PDF files. Therefore, if you want to delete a page in Foxit Reader, you can try doing it with Foxit PDF Editor and Foxit Online.  

Part 4: How to Delete Pages with UPDF

One of the best ways to delete pages from your PDF files without any completion is the use of UPDF software. UPDF is an excellent alternative to the Foxit delete page tool that professionally addresses all your PDF page organization needs. Users can delete pages by setting up a custom page range. Moreover, it is equipped with a wide range of PDF editing tools that you can use to convert, annotate, manage, and edit your PDF file.

You can also convert your PDF document into any other format like Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Along with that, UPDF can easily cut down a few pages, making the document more concise and significant. The pages in the PDF document can also be rotated, split into, cropped out, or extracted from the files as well. Now, let's look at the following steps that'll guide you on how to delete pages from UPDF:

Step 1: Upload PDF File after Accessing UPDF

Before deleting pages in PDF, you may need to download UPDF by clicking the download button below. Once you install UPDF software from the website, import your PDF file on the main homepage. After uploading, click "Organize Pages" from the left-side tool panel. Here, you can access multiple page organization options like split, replace, and delete options.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

foxit delete page organize page updf

Step 2: Choose Page Range to Apply the Deletion Option

After accessing this organization window, click the "Select Pages" option to add the page range to delete PDF pages. Furthermore, you can also choose odd, even, or all pages from the "Suggested Page" option. When you have finalized all the deleting pages options, click the "Delete Pages" icon on the top custom toolbar. By doing so, you will be able to delete pages using this efficient page organizer.   

delete pages with windows

With UPDF, editing and organizing your PDF has become immensely easy as it solves all PDF-related problems. To try out all these features, click the "Free Download" button below. Also, choose to upgrade to the UPDF Pro version to take limitless benefits from its organization features.   

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Part 5: Compare Foxit and UPDF

There are a number of PDF editor tools and software that industries can utilize to manage their PDF documents. When it comes to choosing a PDF organizer, you may face complications regarding its tools and features. For this reason, this article will discuss a direct comparison between Foxit and UPDF. These two tools have their benefits and advanced editing tools, so read through the following table to see the comparison.

MetricUPDFFoxit PDF EditorFoxit OnlineFoxit PDF Reader
Platform SupportWindows, Android, Mac, iOS,Mac, iOS, Windows, AndroidOnlineWindow, Mac
Page Organization
Delete Pages
Easy to Use
Fast Processing

The above table clearly illustrates the benefits of Foxit and UPDF PDF organizational tools, and the results speak for themselves. UPDF has more features in comparison to Foxit, and it allows users to work through their PDFs with ease. Learn more about how UPDF is more recommended than Foxit by reading through the following benefits:

  • UPDF supports various extraordinary features that Foxit does not possess. These include stickers, adding text to PDF, conversion options, advanced OCR, and other AI tools.
  • The UPDF PDF tool is more cost-effective, and you do not need to spend a lot to access its advanced AI features and editing tools.
  • If we look at the usability of UPDF and Foxit, UPDF has far more diverse and extensive usability on various platforms.
  • Users are most likely to pick UPDF because of its intuitive and easy-to-use interface options. This tool clearly displays all the tools for organizing and editing PDF files.

If you want to learn more about the UPDF, head over to UPDF review on XDA website for more information. You can learn more objective reviews about UPDF features and tools from this website.   


To conclude the article, we have learned that the "Delete Pages in Foxit" feature has made life simpler for professionals. Throughout this article, we have also learned about different ways in which you can carry out this operation. All these methods will let you reduce the size of your documents more easily to make them shareable and manageable.

When it comes to PDF organization, UPDF is far more suitable and recommended than Foxit. So, without wasting any second, hit the "Free Download" button to access all its PDF organizational features for a lifetime.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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