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How to Separate Scanned Documents? (Free Way Included)

Now, you never need to use the whole scanned document and you want separate it but cannot find a perfect solution. No worry, here, you can learn how to separate scanned documents in both free and paid ways here with the detailed guide.

Part 1. How to Separate Scanned Documents in PDF With UPDF?

UPDF is the PDF editor everyone needs to separate their scanned PDFs most easily and quickly since it is packed with performance and intuitive features. The Page Organization section in UPDF gives you complete control over individual pages in the document and what you do with them. You can extract pages from a PDF, insert pages, and rotate and reposition pages according to the requirements.

On top of everything, you can separate PDF documents with UPDF into multiple documents. You can create an individual document for every page in the PDF or separate the document into different parts having your desired number of pages. You can also replace or delete pages from PDFs, and to enjoy all these features, you need to download UPDF for free.

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1.      Open the PDF file and go to Organize Pages in UPDF

Double-click your PDF file, and it will open in UPDF when you set it as your default PDF viewing tool. It will be in Reader mode, and you need to go to page organization mode. For that, you will navigate the cursor to left pane and select “Organize Pages.

how to separate scanned documents

2.      Click Split and Split PDF into desired sections according to page number.

Here, you will see thumbnails for all PDF pages. So, click Split from the top and select the number of pages that you want to split the PDF into. After specifying the number of pages per document, you will click Split, and it will take you to the browse option, where you need to specify a folder to save parts of the scanned PDF separately. For example, if you have a 9-page PDF and you want to divide it into 3 parts, select 3 pages per document and split.

how to separate scanned documents

Other Advanced Features:

Since UPDF is a complete solution to your PDF needs, it not only brings page organization and document splitting features but packs even more features. Some of the best features from UPDF include:

  • Summarizing text in a PDF or translating it with UPDF AI
  • Syncing all your work files across your devices with UPDF Cloud
  • Editing your PDF existing links, texts and images per your requirement.
  • OCR with 99% accuracy for multiple languages
  • Interactive PDF form preparation
  • Cropping scanned pages
  • Adding watermark, background text, etc.

You can also use UPDF to convert your PDF documents into other forms and to share them with ease. For all these features, you need to download UPDF for free, and some features require you to purchase the pro version.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Part 2. How to Separate Scanned PDF Pages With Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is a well known PDF editor in the market and most of people who want to edit PDF know it. It not only works on PDF documents with text but also supports working on scanned documents. With Adobe Acrobat, you can split PDF documents into multiple individual files, allowing you to distribute the whole contents into different parts.

Along with the PDF splitting feature, the organize PDF section comes with many other features like rearranging pages in a PDF, adding new pages, rotating or deleting existing pages with a few clicks. So, if you want to separate scanned PDFs with Adobe Acrobat, you may follow the steps below:

1.      Click Tools and then select Organize Pages

Open the Adobe Acrobat software on your PC and click Tools. There, you need to locate and click the Organize Pages option. Acrobat will now ask you to select a file from your PC, so select the scanned PDF that you want to separate.

how to separate scanned documents

2.      Click Split and split according to the desired page count

Now click Split from top bar, set the pages to split the scanned PDF into different parts, and when you are done specifying separation settings, click Split. Acrobat will now create separate PDF document from that one scanned document that may be saved on your PC.

how to separate scanned documents

Part 3. How to Separate Scanned PDF Pages Online Free with PDF2Go?

If you are looking for an online solution that is also free, then you may go with PDF2Go. It is a web-based tool, meaning that it will work on any device, and it comes with multiple PDF features, including splitting your documents. Although it is free and works online without any installations, it comes with some problems.

The biggest problems include slow file uploading and the website taking too long to process the PDF documents. However, if you don’t have any issues with slow loading and processing, you may follow these steps on PDF2Go and separate scanned PDF documents:

1.      Open PDF2Go Split PDF and upload your document

Start by going to the PDF2Go website, and there you need to locate Split PDF option under the Edit a PDF File section. Once you find and click it, you will go to the file uploading page. Here, you can select the scanned PDF from your offline storage, and while it uploads, it may take some time, so you must wait while the tool uploads and prepares your PDF for separation.

how to separate scanned documents

2.      Select the automatic splitting method or split manually

PDF2Go provides some automatic and manual splitting methods. To separate all pages into individual PDF documents, you can click the Split All button on top. Otherwise, click Save As and select the Optional Settings.

For manual separation, click the Purple Scissor button on the page that will end with a part of the PDF separated from the original one, and it is shown with a red dashed line. Click Save and then download the different parts on your PC. This way, you can separate 1 PDF document into multiple sections in one go.

how to separate scanned documents

Part 4. Which Method is Better to Split Scanned PDF?

With the basic intro of all 3 methods discussed, you might be confused about which one to pick. UPDF packs a great experience, and Adobe is also powerful, while PDFD2Go is free and works online. So, here we have compared these 3 tools in this table containing different features and information that you must know. Have a look at this table, and selecting the best one will become very easy for you:

Split Scanned PDF Pages
Edit Scanned PDF (OCR)
Delete Scanned PDF Pages
Insert PDF Pages
Replace PDF Pages
Extract PDF Pages
Crop Scanned PDF Pages
Price$29.99 annually$239.88 annually$78 annually
Limitations to Uset Available OnlineComplex Interfacet Available Offline

The comparison table clarifies that UPDF is the best choice among all the options. Although there are some overlapping features, the overall feature set offered by UPDF is much bigger. Moreover, it is significantly cheaper and brings a polished user interface over computers and smartphones. So, if you want to separate your scanned PDF pages, you may download and purchase UPDF and start right away.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Part 5. FAQS About Separating Multiple Scanned Documents

Q1. How to Separate Multiple Scanned Documents?

To separate multiple scanned documents, you need to use the UPDF combine and split features. Open UPDF on your computer, go to "Batch" > "Combine" to upload all scanned documents to combine them into one. Then, Open the combined PDF in UPDF, click "Organize Pages" > "Split" to seperate multiple scanned documents.

Q2. How to Scan Multiple Pages into Separate PDFs?

You can scan multiple pages into separate PDFs using the following steps:

  1. Open the scanning software and change the scan settings to save every scan as a PDF
  2. Scan pages, and when you want to separate them from others, save them.
  3. Repeat this process for all pages.

Q3. How to Scan Multiple Pages to One PDF?

To scan multiple pages to one PDF, you need to use UPDF. Here are the steps to scan multiple pages into one PDF document:

  1. Scan the first page by tapping “+” > “Scan” in the UPDF on your mobile phone.
  2. Choose to scan more pages and scan all the pages this way.
  3. Tap download to save all pages into one PDF

Now, you have multiple pages scanned as one PDF document.

Wrapping UP

Knowing how to separate scanned documents can be crucial at times. It is because sometimes the whole scanned PDF document can be huge, and using that will not be the best choice. So, you can separate the document into your desired portions for better efficiency and convenient usage experience. Here, we have two methods for you to separate scanned document on iPhone and Android devices.

To ensure you get the best PDF separating and overall editing experience, you must go for UPDF. Download it for free and explore all the different features, including page organization.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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